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"For God so loved
the world, that He gave His only begotten
Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal live."

John 3:16

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with Me."

Revelation 3:20

"Let your character be free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, 'I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you', "

Hebrews 3:5

All verses quoted from
"The New Open Bible",
New American Standard.

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Crochet N More Prayer List



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If you have a prayer request email me "exactly"
what you would like posted for your
request and I'll add it to our prayer list.



"For where two or three have gathered
together in My name, there
I am in their midst." Matthew 18:20

I don't have a pray right now---but is there some way we can get something out to these people about the Angel for Hope so they can all receive an angel from this site? I think they all need to know there is hope out there for them. Thanks for listening Hugs Mary H.
From the Lady at Pig Hollow
I believe in Angels
Do you know someone that needs an angel?
Or would you like to be a volunteer angel?....visit
Moderator - AFH

I just read your prayer list There are so many people who are in need of
prayer. I ask the Lord to touch each and everyone. Lord you know all the
problems which are many. We need the touch of your hand on us, the healing
hand for all our problems lord , sickness , financial , grieving, .The
families who have lost loved ones in the war and the Soldiers who are
still there Lord we ask that you be with each and everyone let them feel the
love you have for all of us. I ask in Jesus name. Amen. In Christian love

I would like to pray for each one. Iknow the lord knows everyones requests and what their needs are. I pray the lord touches each and everyone.WE serve an awesome god. Hes always with us. we need to just have faith and whatever the lord decides we must accept. We love you lord we praise you. we ask in Jesus name Amen

A young man in Massachusetts named Reid needs a miracle. He is a wonderful, kind, gifted, giving 18-year-old who is suffering a relapse of Rhabdomyosarcoma, for which he has endured more than a year of aggressive surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The Lord spared Reid the amputation of the leg where the cancer was originally manifest. In April of this year, he was given a clean bill of health.
Then in June, Reid and his family went to Maine for summer vacation, as they do every year, and Reid spent his time teaching sailing to handicapped kids. A week to 10 days ago, he complained of pain in his chest. An MRI revealed 4 tumors in his lungs.
Now that the cancer has metastasized, Reid needs a miracle to survive.
He is wonderful kid: he was the valedictorian of his high school class and postponed going to Columbia University
because of his cancer treatments. While undergoing chemo, he enrolled in a nearby college to take
classes to keep pace with his class at Columbia.
Lord, please bless this young man and his family and keep them safe in the palm of your hand. And friends, please pray for Reid, if you will. He is on the side of the angels and it seems to me we can never have too many people like this (and that the world would probably be a better place if we had more of them). Thank you so much.
Merry Reymond

My name is Jeanine and I am a couselor. I have been helping others for over 12 years. I have a problem with poor hearing and ringing in my ears. Please pray for my hearing so that I can continue to help others. Thank you so much.

Right now our family has so many health needs. I know it's the devil himself
trying to make me loose faith in healing from God for them. Tim has the Gulf
War syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the 1st gulf war. Mike has
marriage problems. Katie has an awful problem with Migraines and her hubby
Stan has Polycystic Kidney Disease, Lisa has a problem with hand and forearms
going cold and numbness and if turns head, tries to passout. my cousin who is 71
yrs old, just found out he has a tumor in colon that is malignant, and his
health is not good because of a kidney transplant. Has to have Chemo and more
surgery. A close friend's(Geo.) job will be closed out and needs to find a job
soon. All 4 of our children and families are not church goers, so I've been
praying for a deep conversion for them, even though they all lead Christian
lives. My 2 sisters Monica and Mary both have numerous mental and emotional
problems. Also we just found out my hubby has a dementia beside his stroke problems
and post polio syndrone. also my father is looking at 100 yrs of age in a few
months, lives with me, is failing in health and I have been asking the Lord to
take him home quickly when his time comes not to suffer like mom did. Myself
may God give good health and strength to pray for those who need prayers and
that the Iraq situation turns peaceful so our kids can come home again. I know
this is a long letter, but I always believed when a bunch pray, it brings
healing. I have been healed of numerous heath problem because of prayer. God
Bless, Kathy.

Please pray for my daughter-in-law, Debbie who has cancer. Also a very dear friend, Joy Brown who has been given 2 to 6 months to live. She has cancer all through her body.
Thank you.

As I was reading and praying along with some of the prayer request this morning and realized there are so many people in this world that are struggling with pain and suffering. Some that will have to cope with living without there love one. I lost my husband when I was (10) weeks pregnant with my youngest daughter. I know what the pain on the inside of what it is like to cope without the one you love your partner. My youngest daughter has had many obstacles in her life that she has not death with in her mind.

Please pray for my youngest daughter, she is struggling with depression. She has MS and a history of depression. She is a very troubled young person struggling to survive; she is living in a fantasy world so she will not have to deal with the real world. She is headed for suicide or serious trouble.

May God Bless You

Could you please keep Eunice (my friend) in your
prayers? She is always in pain with bone and heart problems, even with a morphine
implant. And also her sister Shirley who is suicidal, and my daughter Lydia
who has an unknown neuromuscular disorder and is having some problems now.
This is a big order, but I thank you for listening!!!!!!! Suzy


Just one more note - A prayer request, for a suicidal sister of my crocheting friend, has been answered!! Some great changes have been made in her life through moving, and she is happier than she has been for years. God surely
does work miracles!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for your time. Suzy

Please stand with me for financial and healing victory. The devil is trying
to wear me down by continuously attacking my finances to the point of me not
being able to meet my living expenses and obligations. I had to file
bankruptcy February 2004 (to keep a roof over my head), because I was laid
off my job following the "9/11" attacks (almost three years ago now).

Now, even my bankruptcy status is being threatened, because of lack of
funds. I am, currently, working through a temporary agency that is under
attack because of health reasons, now.

I have faithfully tithed and given offerings, I think that's one of the
reasons I have come under such heavy attack. So, thank you for standing
with me for victory in my finances and health.


Please pray for Steve C.
He's in a coma and needs prayer.
Also please pray for his family.



Steve is out of the coma and doing much better.
Thanks so much for your prayers... please pray that
for him to be happy and healthy.

I am Janie Cordle. I have 3 grown children whom are saved. So am I . about 3 years ago they lost their father in a shooting. He was saved. I need your prayers for my daughter and her little 7 yr, old daughter. She was married to a child molester and had to divorce him because the babies Daddy had him investigated. He lured my daughter from the internet to the southermost part of the country and later we found out about him. He is still trying to turn my daughters head and is accomplishing it. Please remember this situation that our Lord will take care of this matter soon and my granddaughter will not be harmed. This man will get out of prison next June, maybe before. Thank You God Bless You

Please pray for BERNICE SIMMER.
At this moment she is on her way to the operating theater for
an operation on a large tumor in her stomach.
She was trying to get over two hip operations
she had within the last few months.


July 9, 2004

Dear God, please help my brother-in-law, Allen, find a wife who loves as much as he loves....a companion who cares as much as he cared for my sister before she passed from cancer straight into your arms and into your glory.....a friend, the kind of friend he is to his kids, his family and his church. Give him courage Lord and send him the right person. Please pray for Allen, who is 45 years old, a widower, gorgeous and very lonely. Thanks.


Please pray for my cousin Jessica, who is 5. She is having seizures daily and unfortunatly they have not yet found a cure. She is a strong little girl but needs all the prayer she can get. Also, pray that her family stays strong and never forgets that although they are questioning, why her?, God has a reasoning and purpose for everything. Thank you all and GOD BLESS!

Samantha L.

I would like for you to offer a prayer of Thanksgiving. This picture is of my grandson and the hunk of asphalt that came through the window of his humvee and landed on the seat beside him.

Josh and Asphalt Rock

Thank goodness it missed him. It weighed almost 10 lbs. Again, thanks for the previous prayers for his safety. Sincerely, Elaine Stickney, Garden City, KS.

Health, help and healing for Karol and Ned Barnett

Thank you

My father, Dave Melchior, had a massive heart attack on wednesday, and
is slowly recovering, but he requires open heart surgery in a few weeks
so please say a prayer for him. Thank you.

From his children,
Jesse, Kelly, David

Please pray for my mother, Janet Herold, to be healed of cancer.

I would like to have people pray for my niece, Nicole. She has Chroen's disease and her mother died in July from complications of Chroen's disease.

Nicole is in kidney failure and has lots of faith but can always use prayers and God's angels beside her.

Thank you.



Nicole is doing much better......No more surgeries for now! She may go home in a day or so and she was able to see her 3 yr old and her 7 yr old yesterday because the bacteria in her blood are not at a contagious level anymore.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God and to you for your prayers.


We have had a relapse....After 5 weeks in the hospital and 3 surgeries on her kidneys, Nicole was able to go home for 1 night but returned to the hospital the next day....She is in intensive care with pancreas and heart troubles due to fluid problems. Tomorrow is the anniversary of her mother's death one year ago and this 29 year old daughter and mother of 2 small children is fighting for her life.....They are all such strong Christians and they need your prayers now. Thanks...... M


We still need all of your prayers! It is working! God is by her side. I saw Nicki this morning.....They took her off the respirator at 7:30 AM. They were worried about her breathing but it seems she is doing O.K. I'm not sure you are aware, but prior to this, she had spent 5 weeks in Baptist Memorial and she underwent 3 kidney surgeries..... She has Chroen's disease like her mom, my sister.....Well, Thank God they did the kidney surgeries because her kidneys finally are working at 55%! It is simply a miracle!!!

She is still in critical condition and all prayers help.....but she is fighting.....She is only 29 years old and has a 3 year old and a 7 year old.......and, her forever faithful father sits in the waiting room and sees her every 4 hours like clockwork! What a man.....we should all be so blessed to have someone like him in our lives! He was the best husband that a woman could ask for and took care of my sister like no other could.....until she passed. And, he lost his father 6 months later to the day. The day Nicole had surgery was a year that my sister passed and it was hard.....but this family is strong and we are all sticking together....for her, for each other and for her babies. Prayer is the answer! Thanks



Lisa, Good News! Nicki sat up this morning and her recovery is simply a miracle and all of the prayers have made it happen. We were told that she wouldn't be able to sit up or breathe on her own for a couple of weeks and she sat in a chair this morning and spoke to her Dad. I know her Mom's spirit was sitting on her shoulder and God's right hand was on the other. Thanks to everyone. I will try to take time at lunch to pray for all of those who are in need. I prayed on the way to work this morning and listened to my sister's favorite song: "I can only imagine".



Nicki is kind of "down" today....but not out....I wanted to share this little prayer with others in their time of need. We need to pray for strength and guidance:

In this time of need in my loved one's life, may I empower my loved one with love as I open my heart to all the love you constantly supply me.

May I remain compassionate and mindful without losing my self to worry and doubt.

Please grant me energy to encourage a life that is full of joy, love and support for my loved one without pressure or control.

Help me to overcome my limitations so that I might encourage my loved one to be all that he/she was created to be in a healthy body with a joy filled mind.

I have done the best I can to be there for him in his time of need in the hospital and have tried to calm his fears....

I now allow you to work through me to create the highest and the best for my loved one and my family.

I release any concern and place my loved one's precious health and his spirit into your hands. I trust you will give me aid with my own health at this strange time.

I am open, alert, and available for all possible good to flow into my loved one, my life and the health and life of my family.

I give thanks knowing all is well because you are by my side and that of my loved one.



She is still having some problems after 15 days in ICU but hopes to be taken off some of the machines soon......We couldn't have done it with out prayer and God's intervention.



Nicole went into a regular hospital room this morning after 17 days in ICU! Thank you for praying and adding her to your list. She had a few setbacks this morning and was upset because she is now an insulin diabetic....but we will deal with all of that.....and, my Mom, Nicki's Grandmother, had a heart attack night before and had heart surgery yesterday.....if you could ask your wonderful praying group for a little more, please.....Thanks - Maggie

Please have your wonderful group pray for Leaha ...a teenager who has only known about her own Chroen's disease for 2 months....the steroids have put her in a tailspin...her poor parents are going crazy with hasn't been good. She has no will to do anything......she just lays around and sleeps. She is dealing with deep depression and fear for her future. She desperately needs your prayers and a miracle to get on with her life. Thanks prayer group.


Friends, please ask God to restore strength to my legs. Many blessings to you.


I would like to have Jessy Klien in our prayers. She has had an accident.
Laurie V.

I know that so many have terrible and much more serious problems that ours
but could I ask for prayers for my sister-in-law who underwent surgery
yesterday. Please pray that they got all the cancer and also pray for my
nephew that everything will work out well for him and his children.


Please pray for Bob and Evelyn A. He is in cardiac care if he pulls through he will have lost his truck because he cannot be cleared to drive anymore they were owner -operators and have no other living .Please pray he gets his disability before they lose their home.And please pray to give Evelyn strength to make it through this time on friday she also lost her brother to a car accident things just seem to be snowballing on them they really need some help and emotional support .Thank You
Martia Neher

Please pray for Jordan Hughes.
He is a 20 month old - he had a tumor on his brain. Last week they did
surgery on him and they believe that the tumor was cancerous. They were
able to remove it all except for a small portion. Pray to give the little guy
strength and also for the doctors and his family.

We are moving from one town to another and would welcome prayers for us in finding a new home for us. Thank you.
Liz D-M

Please pray for my friend, Melinda, who will be having a mastectomy soon. Pray for a speedy recovery and that she be permanently free of cancer.


Melinda is home and doing well.
The cancer is gone and no chemo is needed.
Praise be to God!

May I ask everyone to please include my mom & our family in your prayers. We just found out my mom has cancer & only has between 3 & 6 months left with us. We watched my sister die from this awful disease several years ago & I just hope my mom does not suffer like my sister did. I am having such a terrible time coming to terms with the fact I will have to say good-bye to my mom way to soon. I am very close to both my parents & hope I can keep strong for both of them as they are use to me doing. This is going to be a difficult time for all of us & I would appreciate any help I can get with your prayers. Gratefully Yours...Jan

Please pray for my brother Roger Morris, he has lukemia, please pray for
a healing, I am his sister, Betty we are from Cleveland, Tennessee.

God bless you, and have a nice day!

I am at my wits end. I try to live a Christian life. I have been taking
care of my mother and my aunt for the past six years, since it was their
wish to never be placed into a nursing home. I have given them their
care freely (not excepting one penny, 24 hrs a day, seven days a week
with only a few breaks now and again, with help from my two daughter's
and two sons) with love and devotion, but now I'm under suspicion of
wrong doing. I have done everything I can think of to keep them in the
best condition possible since they have been in my care. They have
never been sick, or had any other complaints, nor have they had any
major medical problems while in my care.

I don't understand. It feels like my world is turning upside down and
every good thing I have ever done is being turned against me.

Please pray for my aunt, my mother, my husband, and the rest of my
family. Please pray for God to give me strength to get through this and
for God to prove the good care that my aunt and mom are receiving. I am
afraid that if they have to go into a home, they will wither and die.

Thank you for your help and prayers.

In Christian Love

Rilla Heslin

For my daughter Sabrina and her unborn child. She is 33 weeks pregnant and having sonme trouble. Not real serious trouble but I just do not want it to be born too soon. And for my husband John to come to accept Jesus as his personal saviour. He is not saved and I worry about his soul.

Sharon H.

Hello, my name is Frances. I would like to request prayer for my cousins, two of them have cancer, one has macular degeneration in her eyes, and all 3 have emphysema. Also pray for me, for my back problems, that God will heal all of us. God bless you, and all the others who have requested prayer. Thank you Frances

My request for prayer is for Darrel Barns and Arthur Bauman who are stationed in Iraq with our Armed Forces. Please pray that they may return, safely.
Gwen Willeford

My cousin Ali (16) jsut passed away from the evil cancer that invaded her body 4 years ago. I prayed for her health and now I pray for the ones she left behind. Her family is having a real hard time for she ws so young, wise, beautiful and sweet. Please pray with me for the surviving family and friends left here without here. THANK YOU this means the world to me and the rest of our family. ANJ

My husband needs prayer about a legal matter. he has been falsely accused. he is a pastor about to start a new ministry. the devil is really fighting


Please pray for a good & full recovery for my Daughter who had major
surgery on Mon Ap. 26. I would also appreciate prayers for my friend
who is having back surgery on May 14. Thank you. Joanne

My husband John has not accepted Jesus as his saviour and I am worried about his soul.
Sharon H.

Please pray for two of our friends who are very ill.Thank you.
Claire & Bob Kemp

Please pray a prayer of thanksgiving
for the the favor and funding of the Think Jesus Project.

Dear Good and Wonderful Prayer Warriors, I am requesting prayers for my brother-in-law John. He has a serious disorder known as, Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding affliction. He holds on to everything, cannot throw anything out. His poor wife Susanne is going crazy, because this junk and stuff is all over the lawn, and the neighbors are complaining, and also the township has fined him, but he still keeps on with the hoarding. His brother, my husband, had the same sickness, and you people and your prayers CURED him, through the mercy of God. Now, can you please do this for John. I believe in miracles, because a miracle happened for my husband, thanks to your prayers. Men are outside in our yard cleaning up more of the mess, as I write. An on-going miracle. Now we need to fix John :)
Thankyou. Yours In Christ, Margie. I Love You All.


Dear Wonderful Prayer Warriors, Several weeks ago, I requested prayer for my brother-in-law, who was afflicted with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to keep everything, and could not throw anything out. Well, you Warriors went into action and believe me a miracle has taken place. My sister-in-law told me her husband has
almost everything cleared out!!! She is amazed, and also wants to thank you all for your powerful prayers. Halleluiah!!! Yours in Christ. Margie. I love you all. May all your prayers be answered in a powerful way.

Hi, Please pray for me, my marriage is in serious trouble, due to my ill health in the last few years my husband doesn't understand,he thinks or,so he tells me its all my fault that I don't care about the bills, I've pushed myself to where I no longer can push myself, the DR. says this is it to slow down, but when the $ seems tight, my husband blames me. And says I don't care! I accecpted Christ when I was 8 yrs old, I am at a loss, I have no $ coming in, and can not live at the home that I thought was mine with out any $ coming in, to much stress. I have cornary heart disease. I married him for the rest of my life, but not to be a burden to him. I just found out 2 months ago that 4months after we were married the home that we bought together is not mine, He didn't put my name on the deed on purpose, because he didn't want to loose another house, his ex-wife got the last one he owned, I just had surgery last month and the day before I was to go back to work he jumped all over me in front of his kids about me not carrying about the bills, he is able to do things with his friends there's $ for that? He has never handled my illness very well, I was diagonsed about a year after we were married, and now that I can't work at the jobs I am trained at or experienced at. I no longer am good to him. It just seems that the $ is more important, I have made mistakes in this to and have asked God to forgive me, to my knowledge he has not filed for divorce yet, I have not either but don't feel I should give everything I got to someone who doesn't care for me, just the money I can make, he made sure I had to sign the morgages to be responsable to pay for this, but he says he is not putting my name on the deed. I have given this to God, I just can't deal with much more. I really need patience, his guideness. It just seems like there is no hope on my husbands part to want to save our marriage, he knows my blood pressure has went to the roof, but he doesn't call or ask me how I am? I talked to a lawyer on this he says I have grounds for a divorce on gross neglet of duty and extreme cruelity. But is that what God wants? This is the 2nd marriage for both of us, we have no children together, mine are all raised, he has 2 that he and his ex are still raising, she has custody of them. I also found out he left everything basiclly to his kids if something happens to him, and I would be out in the cold. Please PRAY for me. Only God has the Right answers. thank you
Please pray for GOD's will to be done in my marriage. We have broken up and are now living apart. Only he can fix this whole mess. Thank You


Subject: Urgent Prayer Request!!

There is an urgent prayer need for a God-inspired business, anointed and established to further the Kingdom of God and bless literally millions of people across this nation and beyond. Satan and his forces are trying (in vain) to defeat this work of God. Please pray that the enemy will be defeated in his purposes and the doors of opportunity will be swung wide open; eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts receptive so that the Kingdom will be furthered through this work. Specifically, pray for this company, known as “TEN”, as often and however the Holy Spirit leads you. Please pass this urgent prayer request along to anyone you know who would lift this Godly work in sincere and fervent prayer. God bless you!!

Please pray for a friend who is having emergency
open heart surgery today 4/21/04. Thank you!
Another friend's daughter is dying of cancer she is only 30. Please pray for her family and her.
Claire & Bob Kemp

I'm asking not for myself, but for my sister. She's just recently become divorced from her husband of almost 20 years. She suffered through this marraige, trying to keep it going for the kids' sakes. Her husband could have his good days, but they were few and far between. He's bipolar and depressed, but he's not your normal bipolar - his manic episodes are periods of anger and rage, not excessive joy. He was verbally abusive, non-responsive emotionally (very distant), and VERY rarely intimate. My sister is a very sensitive person and loves to love and care for others. She's had to deal with numerous health issues also, such as fibromyalgia, severe migraines, repeated abdominal surgeries, and most recently major cervical surgery to repair a congenital abnormality where her brain stem was being pinched between the base of the skull and her 1st cervical vertibrae. She was put in a halo and was supposed to wear it for 6 months, but it penetrated the skull and went into the lining of her brain and became infected. She is now in an aspen collar/brace which is almost more restrictive than the halo. She is very financially strapped and has no idea what she can do for work as her doctor told her she will never be able to be a physical therapist again. On top of all this, she has 3 kids, of which (the 16 year old) is also bipolar and depressed like his father, and a 14 year old daughter who, we just found out, has been into smoking, trying pot and binge drinking. She's had problems with her insurance since the surgery on her neck, and she is unable to do even basic tasks since she cannot pick up anything more than 5 pounds and can't even take a shower - she has to sponge bathe and can't even do that by herself. This bothers her almost more than anything else because she's always been such an independent person. My family and I are praying for her and helping her as much as we can, which is difficult as she's in the midwest and we are in the east. I am fearful of how much more she can take without breaking. I wish there were more I could do. I'm reaching out here as a last resort, as I and my sister are private people and don't like to talk about our personal lives. PLEASE, PLEASE, pray for her. She has a very strong faith in God, but I don't know how much more she can handle. THANK YOU and God bless you in return.

Please pray to heal my broken relationship with my fiancé. I can't seem to function properly or eat right. I'm very fearful. Thank you.


Hi my name is Lisa and currently I am watching a man suffer with great anxiety about his life. It is a terrible thing to see. Just like a child he needs someone to care for him. My boyfriend (his roommate) takes that job on, therefore he is suffering also. My self, Ive just been diagnosed as Bipolar and he cares for me as well. This is not making it any easier for any of us. Im close to losing my job and have no income. I have faith that GOD, Bryan, Steve and Myself will all pull this together. God is beside us I know and we just need to be reminded of that sometimes. Please keep Steve in your prayers and all else will fall into place with GODS help. HE PROVIDES FOR ALL!!!

Please Pray for our friend and co-workers "Z" who could not make it to work today because of serious cramping. The pain she is going through is echoed throughout the many friends and co-workers she touches on a daily basis.


My name is Bill and I'd like to respectfully request that you assist me in
praying for a swift and complete cure from my long-standing case of mercury

Hello, God Bless..... this prayer is for two woman, frist is Ruthie Q.
who has heart problems and now they have discovered a tumor. the second
is for Durain who has cancer all through her body and is in hospital.
Thank you and God Bless you, Teresa

My son Kerry has reflex sympathetic dystrophy. He has a spinal chord stimulator which helps to keep his pain levels under control, the present on
is not functioning and is to be replaced on Monday March 22, 2004. Please pray for God to be with the surgeon as the old one is removed and the new one implanted. The scar tissue removal to remove the old one worries me more than the placing of the new one.Christ be with the surgeon and all while my son is in surgery and with my son as he heals, Kerry is 18 and has RSD since he was ten.
Sheila M.


Please pray for my family. I lost my job in November and I have been unable to to find employment. Since I have back problems which make it make me unable to lift or stand to long. And now my husband has found that at 41 he is going blind with Macular Dystraphy, which is a young mans version of Macular Degeneration. Since he drives for a living this has thrown us into financail tail spin. Pray that he is healed if its GOD's will. And also pray that I can find a job that has medical insurance. Since that is one of our major concerns. Trying to maintain some form of medical insurance. Thank all of you for lifting us up.


I have breast cancer and will be operated on and would like you to pray for me that I will be cancer free and the operation will be a success. I am 63 years old.

please pray for harmony in the home and family of my eldest son, it is always like a war zone with children fighting and screaming at each other and my son and his partner forever shouting at each other and the children, i know they love each other but they need help in coping with their lives together.
god bless you

Please pray for Christopher to pass Anatomy.
Carol Rippey Massat, Ph.D.

God Bless You All....please PRAY for my brother-in-law, Hector, who is scheduled for surgery tomorrow in California. He will be getting cancer surgery and we pray to the Lord God that ALL of the cancer is completely removed from various parts of his body, In Jesus' Name, we Pray. Also, please pray that he survives the surgery and that God returns him to his wife, my sister, Susie and their children and grandchildren, so that he may have many more healthy years to live and enjoy life.

I PRAY that God blesses each and every one of you in the world who needs God's help in one way or another. We all need the light that God offers to us, that he extends to us every second of every day, all we need to do is REACH OUT TO HIM and HE'LL hold and protect us from harm and evil. Amen.

Please pray for me, Patrick Yu, I am extremely sick and I am permanently
disabled. I'm 21 and live in Elmhurst, Queens, New York. I'm suffering
intensely. I've been doing poorly academically and socially. I also hope
that I can win some type of prize or attain some type of great achievement
so that I can still be an example or model to others.

please pray for my family!!we have moved out of state and are trying to buy a home. we have put 22 thousand dollars down on the home and it is none refundable. we have not secured the loan yet. are ficos are too low and need to come up by 40 points, help, pray we cannot afford to losse the money. i am working part time and my husband does not have a job yet. please pray for favor. please pray for restoration of my family and most of all my marriage. thank you very much pammy....

Please pray for my husband and me to be able to get a loan for our land. We have been paying for the past 4 ½ years to the original purchasers of the land and now they are in financial difficulties and need the property out of their names. My husband and I both have bad credit due to divorces and have not passed the length of time for the credit history to be eliminated. We have worked so hard to build a home together and at every turn I have been hospitalized with heart problems (heart attack, stents, etc.). We would appreciate the extra prayers as we try to establish a loan in our own names for the remaining balance of our land.

Thank you so much!


i have a friend who is only 23 years old she was dignosed with lukemia in her 5th month of pregnancy and had to under go bone morrows and blood transfusions and chemo. because of the meds she was taking, we believe that is the cause of massive migraines and back pain. nothing takes away the pain this month she delivered a healthy baby boy. she also has a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter who has c.f. the drs told her she will be lucky to have 5 more years... God can do great things.. now she is back in the hospital for more tests and chemo, she has to stay for a month because it would be high risk to be home with the daughter with c.f. the family are christians and believing in God for a marical she has the faith to stand on . please keep the family and her in prayer to stand firm in the promises of God. that we are healed by his stripes. God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow....
thank you. Deb from mi. 2-5-04

A Prayer for my 2nd couson Clinton Ford, he is unresponsive at this time, we need nothing short of a miracle. If it is in God's plan pray that he will breath on his own tomorrow when they take him off of the ventilator.. God bless. Debbie

Please pray for me (Pam Schad) that my application for rental assistance be approved. I am living on disability and my budget is stretched to the breaking point. Thank you ahead of time for your thoughts and prayers.

Please pray for my husband John who as been diagnosed with Colon cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes and Liver. That Jesus will give us a miracle cure. Also for help for him and our family to get through the difficult times ahead. In God's name we pray. Lord hear our prayer Amen.
Louise R.

salvation for seth garman and marcelo villegas

deliverance from strong occult curse and oppression over the body and
life of mimi galdi to be broken and lifted off

supernatural financial blessings for the villegas family

victory in legal matter and appeal

permanent employment for mimi galdi

healing for anamaria from diabetis

Mimi Galdi

Please pray that God delivers a miracle to cure my son Kyle of his autism. I am a child of God and know that my faith is being tested. But I also believe that God will deliver a miracle to Kyle.

Thank you for praying for Kyle.

Please pray for my brother. He is 39 years old and has been
on dialysis for 2 ½ years. he is in need of a kidney donor.

Please say prayers for:

My older son, Nick, who just had major surgery to correct a urinary problem,
and who is recovering nicely but can always use a little divine intervention
to keep his spirits up, and to pray that this surgery never has to be done

My husband, Francis, who is always SO tired from working so hard and
traveling so much, and who shoulders his burdens so well, even with his high
blood pressure. It's difficult to have children still so young when you're
about to turn 50, which he will do this summer. Give him the strength to
continue carrying on, and to not let the daily struggles get the best of

My friend, Heather, who has had to have a hysterectomy at a very young age,
and is having difficulty dealing with the emotional consequences. She had
endometriosis so bad it was killing her, so it had to be done, but as much
as she can reconcile it reasonably, it's emotionally she's still having a
very tough time of it. Help her to see the light of her other possibilities.

And, finally, please say a little prayer for me, as I will have to go in
sometime this year and have a hysterectomy done myself, as my endometriosis
has gotten to the point where, at age forty, I can't tolerate it any more.
I've been debating, avoiding, and denying, and it's time to just bite the
bullet and get it done. Then I'll have the energy I should have for my
family and friends. Help me to have the strength to be brave enough to have
it done. :)

Thank you all, and God Bless everyone.
Angie :)

I am requesting prayer at this time for our good friend Dee who has lost her father recently with a long illness. Also that the Lord provide me with the next best job he would have me do to bring him glory, preferably working at home with my computer as a telecommuter in word processing or home typist. I have a strong background for secretarial experience and use my computer skills wisely. Also, may I please have prayer support for my dear husband Tom, who is working extremely hard with painful knees under new management at his firm. Thanks to everyone in my family of believers. Ruth :-)

Please pray for or friend David and his family. His mom Helen was diganosed with cancer a tumor in her stomach about 1-1/2 years ago and now she is in a lot of pain, and he's worried these are her final days. To add to his worries he lost his job in December to lay-offs. I would like to pray to make him strong to go thru a very difficult time in his life. Also would like to pray for his mom Helen, sister Carole, brother Stephen and Noah, to help them thru this very difficult time.

Every prayer is heard.
Thank you all and thank you for making this prayer site.

I lost my job, a God calling profession because a fellow
worker made false accusations against me. I lost my
calling in life in helping others in a christian store.

Please pray for my dearest Bryan. He is going through and extrermely difficult time. I love him dearly and can't bear to see him in so much pain.


2003 was an extremely difficult year for me and my family. I was in a major motor vehicle accident in April. Broke both my legs, crushed my right heel, fractured my C2 in my neck as well as two of the lower lumbar vertebrae. The Lord in his infinite wisdom kept me alive and I am NOT paralyzed. He has work for me yet to do apparently. I was in halo traction for three months and in a wheelchair for four months. I am currently walking with a cane, thank God. My first grandson was born three weeks after my accident, happy and healthy, Thank God. My oldest son had an accident with his younger brothers' truck and rolled it on it's side (trying to avoid a dog lying in the road), Thank God my son walked away with no injuries. His younger brother has had six accidents this year - most of them minor, however, the most recent one involved a tree - Thank God he walked away with only a broken nose and broken hand. He will be better. God and his angels have definitely been working overtime where our family is concerned. Please Thank God for all he has done for us.

I am currently asking for a prayer for my brother-in-law who has been diagnosed with colon cancer and liver cancer that the chemo will keep the cancer at least maintained if not shrink the tumors. My family is praying for a miracle as he has three young children who truly need their father around. Thank you

In God We Trust,
Michelle D.

Please pray for all prisoners and their families, for my husband wayne to turn to the Lord, and for his transfer, for financial assistance for myself, for employement for myself, for my in-laws jean, lauren, mike, for all thier needs

thank you and God bless you,
Desiree Wager

Remember us in your Prayers~ I got an Aunt, that is in a rest home that needs your prayers she almost died on us, Her body quit making B12,She was in Hospital for 4 weeks. She cant walk right now because what went down on her. Shes so down! Ler Name is ( Judy Gunnell ) It sads me so much to see her that way, I know God Is going to touch her and make her whole again~~~
God Bless~
Vicki Mashburn

Sharon & Jason
Our friends, Sharon & Jason Combs are expecting their third child in August, 2004.
Please pray
that Sharon has a wonderful pregnancy and an easy birth. Thanks!


Please pray for my mom who was just diagnosed with chronic meyloma leukemia on December 12th. She has spent 8 days in the hospital. She received 4 units of blood and 1 unit of platelets. She had a bone marrow biopsy but, we won't know the results until January 12th. She is only 63 years old and has so many other health problems. She also has diabeties, congestive heart failure and serious problems with her eyesight. The doctors don't know what her vision problem is caused by. Her diabetes is constantly fluxuating. She has lost alot of weight and is on so many medications. Please pray for her and her doctors and her family.

Deborah Dixon

Lisa, Please ask your readers to pray for my husband Ed. He has MS and is battling major depression. He attempted suicide on Aug. 10. Thankfully, the Lord God returned him to us. His condition is still poor and his depression is once again rearing it's ugly head. Also pray for my son Earl. He is 15 and his is autistic. He also has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, tumors and seizures. He is very self abusive at times, and I pray that the hitting will go away, as well as the seizures and the tumors. My 14 yr old daughter Emma was just diaganosed as bipolar and is on meds. My 18 yr old son Jesse is my lifeline. I had to quit my job to care for my husband and our finances are really poor. Jesse is trying to help, both with his dad and baby rother and by working. Pray that God will bless this young man bountifully. Please pray for a turn around in our circumstances soon. Respectfylly, Beth Lynn



AND AGAIN I SAY,...............................amen.




Bree Anderson,
Lakeland, FL.

yes i ask for prayers that my 27 yr old son will get over his depression-he has been hospitalized for it-- and may GOD help us( his fmly, to see this thru-- and also for my son-- to have the strength --foe what lays ahead of him--
i ask this IN JESUS NAME!

and ty
donna from iowa

I would like everbody pray for me I am having surgery on Wed. 3 at 7:30am to repair a ( December 3rd) hernia and to remove an abdominal wall mass pray that everything will go alright and a speedy recovery Thank you
Ann Craig

My Mother died suddenly on November 21st. My family and myself would like prayers said for her speedy entry into Heaven. Also we could use prayers to help us over come the loss. Thank You and God Bless All.

Nicole from Ontario, Canada

Please Pray for my grandson, Joshua Michael Witt, who is a medic in Baghdad. Thanks. Sincerely, Elaine Stickney

I would like prayer for my son and daughter in law. They are mixed up in
a religion and are so deep in it they can't see that things are not
right. I pray that God will open their eyes and lead them out of there.
It is somewhat like a cult. The so call Pastor was a drug dealer and is
suspected to be dealing now. Please pray that they will see the light.
Also for protection for my granddaughter, that God will protect her from
the evil that she is surrounded by.
Thank you

I humbly present this request for prayer. It is this, dear people, please pray that my husband Carl will take pride in his home and grounds....he is a "junk" collector, he has things laying all around the property, it looks horrible, and I hang my head in shame. I do what I cando, but if I throw anything out, he retrieves it back. He will not throw anything out! Oh God! help me please. The garage is loaded with things we will never use or need, he refuses to clean up the garage as well as the grounds.Also, our house needs repairs, we have lived here for 12 years, and he has done next to nothing to maintain this house and grounds that God has blessed us with. I feel, this behavior is a direct insult to our Father God. I am exasperated, frustrated and beside myself, to get this man moving and taking pride in his/our home. I need a miracle. I have given up with pleading, begging, screaming for him to get busy. We can afford to hire some men to do some of this work, but he blocks me on that idea too. Please, please, please, I need your helpful prayers, good people. I would hire the men myself, but he controls the money. And not only that he doesn't trust workmen he doesn't know (they might rob us) So as you can see dear prayer Angels, this is a tall order, but I trust in the Power of Prayer. God Bless You All. Thankyou for your blessed and powerful efforts.
Love and Blessings to All, Margie in New Jersey.


Dear Beautiful Prayer Warriors of God, I had a request for prayer and the prayers from you to God is working miracles. Things are happening in my home and my husband....I mean it is just amazing! He is starting to do work on the home....and he is sorry for letting it go for so long. He has begun to get busy....Please pray for him, that he keeps on. Your prayers are powerful. Thank you and I know God Blesses and answers your prayers...I have proof! I pray for all of you that your lives will become even better and blessed in every way. Blessed and Merry Christmas! Margie of New Jersey.

I found your website on an internet engine search and request that you share my prayer requests with your church members.

I am under satanic attack after my husband filed for a divorce. I love him very much and would like to ask you to please pray I Corinthians 7:10,11/Ecclesiastes 4:9,10,11/Malachi 2:15,16 and Hebrews 1 3:4 over our marriage. May we be protected by God's hedge.

We are in major debt and I am unemployed. Please also pray for me to obtain a job.

Gary is addicted to alchohol and cigarettes and I myself is addicted to cigarettes.

I appreciate your prayers very much in these areas.

Thank you and God Bless,
Kimberly Bonnet

please pray for my mom,. her special intentions

Please pray for my husband who is battleing depression and addictions,
Pray for my 9 children to be strong and filled with the love of God, to be healed from anger and resentment.

for my 16 year old son who is angray with the world, his dad, with God, please send him a friend or a girlfriend, someone who will help him see things in a better more positive way. that he is healed of all anger and has a major tolal conversion.

Please, also we need work, there is no work in sight right now, we have 9 children and a house and over our head in debt. please pray for us

Please pray for Steve, mary kay and their new baby, he also desperately needs work,

For our most precious Pope, John Paul 11
Please for all you out there who need prays may Our Father in heaven answer 'them and send love and healing to all. through the intercession of Mary our most Holy mother and her chaste spouse, saint Joseph


Please keep the people of Wooster, OH in your prayers. We are trying
to recover from the devastation that occurred in our city due to a
tornado that ravaged our area on Wednesday, November 12, 2003.
By the Grace of God, no one was killed and we had only few people
injured. As time goes on, the numbness is wearing off and we are
now starting the healing. I am asking you to please for us to allow
our Loving Brother, Jesus Christ, to heal us in these dark times and
that we remember that we are never alone. Thanks be to God.

Susanne Yoders
Wooster, OH

Hello I would like prayers for my sons knees both of them suffered hurt knees from football this season and a special prayer for a friend ANNE who has just found out she has breast cancer Thank all of you ladies! Gods Peace and Love

Charlotte from Michigan

Please add Edora Broom and her family to your prayer list. She has Cancer
and radiation did not help her. Her daughter is asking us topray for a
miracle and that she will be cured. I would also like to add my grandson
James Velasco as he has nephrotic syndrome and at this time he is currently
out of remission. Thank you for adding us to your prayer lists.


Thank you for all your prayers for all the people in such need of it.
Yesterday, I learned that my brother has a reoccurring prostate problem. It is causing him so much pain. please ask God to put his healing hands on Michael and heal his body.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Love, Peggy

Please pray for a young couple who are having difficulties at the moment.
That they may sort everything out to the benefit of their two wonderful
children. Only God can find the way forward for these two people.

Hello & thanks to all the prayer warriors! I have a prayer request. I have
had nine back surgeries. Any day now, I will be having a "Spinal Cord
Stimulator" implanted. I am so scared! I had the trial Stimulator, where
they put the wires inside your back& it was so painful! They do all this
while you are awake! It really did help my back pain! With the implant, I
go through the same thing with the wires, but this time they will implant
the disk in the "high' cheek of my butt. All this will be done while I am
awake!the disk looks too big to put there! It stresses me out so much to
think about it! Please pray that it won't be so painful this time. It takes
over 3 hours to do this & that is a long time to be hurting from what they
are doing! I know that God is the Great Physician! I know He will be with me
through it all! That is the only reason I can go through it. Thank you for
your prayers, everyone! Anita

please pray for my Mother she needs it real bad right now she went through triple by pass and that was 5 month ago and now she is going in and out of her head they Dr said she is just like a kid again and it is breaking our hearts just looking at her.she is 70 years old her name is Erma Crain and she needs Gods help right now.
thank you so much
her daughter Kathy

thank you for all your prayers for my Mom .She went to be with our lord

on the 10th of november . please pray that all of us 5 girls can make it through
these holidays without her it is so hard.
love and prayers to all that need it

My family and I along with several thousand of our mountain neighbors have been evacuated from our homes and beautiful communities. Thousands of acres of forest are burning or have burned. We are all under a lot of stress/pressure by living in shelters or in someone else's home.
My prayer request is that our Lord Savior will give us the emotional strength to survive until we are back in our homes.
God Bless us all


Please pray for my wife Mary. She Multiple Myeloma Cancer. She was dianosed with this cancer on june 17 2002. We would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Her loving husband

My son Andrew Longanbach has to go to Afghanistan this next week, he is serving in the army. He needs prayers for a quick and safe return to the United States. More service personell have lost their lives since this war on terrorism is over, I do not want my son to be one of them. I feel we do not belong over there anymore and too many of our people have been taken from their families.

Alyce Witt

I have this young couple I had never met until 3 weeks ago living with me temporary. The young man is my best friends stepson which his mother passed away 9 years ago. They came to my friends house and was homeless and have 2 small boys 1 and 3. They couldnt live with my friend , so I went to pick them up and they are here with me. I want to give them a chance to start a new life. The young man has stopped drinking, and his wife and him has give up drugs. the drinking and drugs is why they was in a position they was in. I want to belive in them but has been hard. Prayers and strength from God has kept me going. Please pray for them. ( Wesley and Anna ). We all need strength. Wes needs a better job and they need a home of their own soon. and most of all they need God in their lifes.


Put my Brotherinlaw, on ur prayer list, his name is richard rutledge judy is his wife my sis, we are so devasted, so please have us on ur prayer list, the drs in ala told him he wouldnt live a yr,but God is the judge, of that , and we all believe in miracles, he has lung cancer,in both lungs, thanks God Bless Everyone


I would like prayer for 3 friends of mine who have problems
with their health one has lynphoma and other other 2 are going for breast biopsy.
I also want to pray for all these people on prayer lists
Dear lord we come before you asking for the touch of your hands and your arms around us. WE are all in need of your guidance and your love. We praise you and we love and adore you. with out you we are nothing,
Help us lord to look to you everyday
and remind us of what you have done for us. Please touch each and everyone lord you know all there needs.
We ask in Jesus name. amen.
In chritian love marianne

Monday I will be having my 3rd surgery within a month's time for breast cancer. This is to biopsy the lymph nodes to see if they are involved. I would appreciate everyone's good thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.

I would like you all to pray for my husband. He is having surgery on Monday 20th, at 10.30 am . pray that he will get through it. and also pray for me I am a nervous wreck thank you for your prayers.
thank you
Ann Craig

May God's Love be upon all who read this. My request is for my 24 year old son. He has had severe chronic asthma since he was 6 months old. In the past year he has started having severe chest pains which the doctors say are not related to his asthma. These pains are so severe that he collapses. The doctors say it could be very serious. However he has no health insurance and even the county hospital won't give him care. We are placing the situation in God's hands. Thank you for your prayers in advance. -Dusty

Wishing you many blessings.

I have just learned that one of my long-distance friends' son is in the middle of the war that we are in. Also, my mother (age 71) is going through a lot of tests and x-rays. I wish to ask you to prayer for a safe return and for good results.
Wanda Gallion

Pray for my friend and coworker Linda Oliver. She had her right breast removed about 1 month ago. She is such a trooper, always at work even when she should be at home. She is a very special person. Please also pray for her finances, because even though she has insurance, she is financially strapped. Thank you for your time and prayers.


Please say a prayer for my late brother, Thomas Guild DePellegrin. He died a tragic death (suicide) on October 2, 2002 caused by his wife. He was 45. He is so dearly missed by me, his older sister Leslie and by his aunts and uncles. Also missed by his friend Rebecca Bruno and her husband Carl. Unfortunately his father and my father's wife (stepmother) do not mourn his passing.

So please say a prayer for me to survive this mess and for all others named. Thommy was loved so much!

Thank you so much and God Bless.

Leslie A. Arthrell

Please Pray for me. I have had nine back surgeries & stay in bad pain all the time. I have to stay in bed most of the time.Also I have a lot of knee pain. Pray for lost loved ones & those who are sick .
Thank you,
Anita Bailey


So many requests... so many people hurting and in need. Needs that seem so much greater than my own. I pray that God will have His will with each and every one of them. My problems seem so small and insignificant compared to those. We are so blessed to have avenues such as your web page to make our needs known to others. Because I truly believe there is power in prayer.

I have several requests, please pray for my mother who has Parkinson's Disease. She is starting to progress into the later stages and it is becomming more difficult to care for her. Please pray for my father, his health is not good either and he also helps to take care of my mother. My husband and I live with them and we help take care of the both of them and it has been a struggle now for two years. Please pray for my son and his family. For salvation and for financial problems. He is unemployed and has not been able to find work. Please pray for my daughter who is expecting her first child in January. Her husband is also unemployed and has not been able to find work. Most important is their salvation. Please pray for me, for strength and for patience. I feel like I fall so short of what I should be, most every day. Please pray that I will be the wife, daughter and mother that I should be. That God's love will show through me and I will be able to endure and make the right decisions when it comes to the care of my parents. I have a very difficult time dealing with certain family members. I know that God calls us to love everyone as He loves us. Please pray that I will be a better person to those that I find difficult to love.

Once again I want you to know that my heart goes out to each of the requests on your site. I cannot remember them all, but the Lord does and He knows and loves each one of them.


Our cousin Jo Ann Bruce. She has been dignosed with cancer. It's to far advanced for treatment. That she doesn't suffer with pain & keep her comfortable. Also that she doesn't have to linger long. Thank you for the forth coming prayers.
Marilyn L Cawthon


I want to thank you for your prayers for our cousin
JoAnn. She passed Tuesday the 7th.Thanks again

My daughter-in-law is going through her second bout of cancer. She had breast cancer a few years ago, now they have found a spot on her liver and some in her bones. Please Pray for her and her family, she is in her early 30s and has 4 children. I live so far away, I feel so helpless, so I am asking for your Prayers for Kayla and Rob.
Thank you.

My husband has peripheral neuropathy in both of his feet, which is extremely painful. He takes oxycotin, which I have been told is stronger than morophine. He is totally disabled. He is only 53 years old. On September 3, he was hospitalized with pneumonia. The second day he was in the hospital, they found 3 blood clots in his left leg. He was in the hospital for 8 days. On Monday of this week he had to go back to the hospital. The doctor told me he was hemoraging. The blood thinner they put him on had made his blood like water. He was in the hospital for 2 days. On Thursday of this week, he was walking up the step to our entry way, his right leg gave out, he fell back and hit his head on something and passed out. He broke his ankle and had to go to the emergency room for the third time this month. Tomorrow morning I will have to take him to an orthopedic surgeon. We were told in the E.R. that he would probably have to have pins and screws put into his ankle and leg. Please pray that he will get better soon. It has been an extremely hard month for both of us, but especially for him. Thank you for your prayers.

Phyllis Solomon

We have a son, 44 yrs. old with 3 young children who recently was found to have a very aggressive cancerous brain tumor.
There are people praying all over the world for the healing of Ron. He has had 31 radiation treatments and 2 months of chemo. On Sept. 23 he will have an MRI and we are praying for good news. Our faith is strong but we know he is in Gods hands. God is our great healer.
Please pray along with us.

Evodia & Peter Chiodras

My Grandson Dennis has 2 different kinds of cancer. He is 13 and has been in the hospital since July 3rd. He has leukemia aml m7 and also germ cell cancer. Please pray for him and his family. He has 2 little sisters and 1 baby brother. We have received some angels of hope from your group and want to thank everyone for their prayers and the angels and wings of hope sent to us. God Bless you all!!
Dennis' Mema Patt

Hi, please pray for a friend of mine "Sherri" who is diagnosed with cervical cancer. She is going in for more testing this week (9-15) to see if the cancer has traveled to other parts of her body. She has 4 children and she is only 30 years old. Pray that God will do a mighty work and heal her. She was physically, verbally and sexually abused since she was a small child,so she also need prayer for emotional healing as well as physical healing . Lets bind that devil and cast him away from her in this situation by the authority that we have in the Name of Jesus, and lets loose the power of the healing Blood of Jesus all over her. Lord we thank You for having the priveledge of being able to petition You with these prayer requests, and we thank all of the people who are led to pray with us. Praise Him, and bless His Holy Name.! God bless you all.
Oma from Alabama

My husband is currently seeing a doctor about a small lump on the side of his neck. Please pray for complete healing. He has also been under a lot of stress lately at work and with financial matters, and has been very tired. Thank you for your prayers. Nina

Please pray for Mary and Jess Kuhl. After months of struggling with complications, Mary was able to give birth to a beautiful baby girl, Maura Rae. Mary and Jess took her home. Sadly , the very same day, Mary found that God needed little Maura in heaven. Mary and Jess are both Christians. Would you rather have the best that you can possibly imagine, or do you want the best that God can imagine for you?

Deborah Watson

Please pray for my father, Bob Richardson, who does not believe in Jesus Christ, and help him to find the Lord and let Him into his heart. Pray that I am given the words to say and the way to help lead him to Christ. Please pray that he is reached in any way possible so that he will be saved, and will not go to hell, because I don't know how I'd handle that. Thank you, and God bless you. Love in Christ, Jennifer.

For God to protect and return these two boys back to their mom they were forced to go live with their drug and alcohol dependant father who is physically abusive to them please pray for the judge that his eyes will be open and he will return these two precious boys to their home court is sept 10 03 so far he has refused to give her a phone number or visitations i am concern they are in danger

Just a quick note to ask for prayer. Tropical Storm Grace
(what a name for a big storm) is heading our way from the
South and a cool front is coming our way from the North and
the twain shall meet. Could spell lots of rain and flooding
especially if they stall. That is how we got all of our
flooding last year. I am still trying to find places to put
things that is in my house and I am going over there to work
in a little while by candle light since there is no electricity
-- we shut it off after the hurricane took the roof off for fear
some the wiring might have been cut by the tin. Please pray that
things will be at a minimal, and that there will be no more
damage done. We have moved quite a bit of things back where
the roof is still attached, but if that comes off we will be
in a world of hurt. Thanks everyone for your prayers. God
bless you all and may you have a great tomorrow.

Love in Christ,
Joyce~n~S. TX

Hello Prayer Friends -

My husband was recently laid off his job. Please pray he finds another one (equal or better) soon. He's very qualified at what he does, but the job market is very tight in our area of Colorado. Over the past couple of years, we've spent all our savings on our kids and their misc. financial problems, and now we have nothing left to fall back on. They are still in financial trouble (from their own job losses, etc.) and will not be able to help us in return at all. I'm disabled and cannot work. I do receive a small monthly disability check, which doesn't even cover the cost of our groceries for 1 week. I was a stay at home mom, until my youngest was 12 years old. I was injured on the job, which led to my permanent disability. Because of not paying into Social Security very long, my disability check is very little. We need your prayer intervention. Your prayers will certainly help (I believe strongly in prayer) and will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks -

Restoration of our marriage (Darlene and Bill)… Pray for our marriage

Request prayers for both, our individual and as a couple, healing and restoration of our marriage. As God is Love…He needs to be in the center of all marriages, our marriage.

Our walk within God's Holy Will/Light/Grace needs to be restored for both of us.

Our personal issues need to be resolved in a Godly way.

Prayer request I become an Ephesians 5 husband for my good wife. That our life here on earth will reflect that we both minister to each other in a Godly way as cited in Ephesians 4: 31-32.

Yours In Christ

I was on your sight and seen where you were taking prayer requests. Our son died in a car accident on may 19, 2003. He was 29. He has one sister and a niece. We do not know all details yet. We are all having such a hard time dealing with this, my daughter who is 28, is making a web page in his honor. It is if anyone would like to visit and sign his guest book. I would just like to be reassured that he is in heaven and is an angel.
Thank you so much,

I would like prayer for my stepdaughter Julieann and her family in AZ. They are having a serious legal problem and it is tearing the family apart.

Please keep my son Jason in prayer as he faces false accusations that could destroy his career and hurt his family. Our Lord was falsely accused and knows what we are going through please lift Jason up to Him.

Please pray for all the dear people who crochet and distribute Anglels of Hope. My granddaughter has just received one and we remember them. Also pray for the leaders of all nations to make wise decisions to hopefully bring peace to our troubled world. Much love from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Susan B.

I can understand what the mother wrote about her 19 year old son. My 19 year old daughter is also an MP with the Georgia Army National Guard, as well as was a college student with a full military scholarship. She also had to leave school. The only thing is she just had her 20th birthday in Iraq. Please pray for her and all of the other soliders. She has been in iraq since april.She is with the 190th out of Kennesaw,Ga. Thank You and God Bless Each And Everyone.


Some of you will remember one of my coworkers gave birth to a
premature baby Thanksgiving weekend of last year. The baby, Raven,
hung on this long, but went to be with the Lord yesterday. Her
mother is single and will need very much support. Raven never left
the hospital and the cost of her care is going to be a large sum.
Please continue to keep Kimalie Williams in your prayers as I am
sure she will need it!
Caroline Kunkel

Please pray for Lena Corine
She is up to 2 pounds 5 ounces and doing great!

Thanks, Alice

Please put my friend Darlene in your prayers, we almost lost her the last time she was in the hospitol for one of her many illnesses, but the Lord gave her back to us, Thank God, and please help me pray for her to let the Lord in her heart, and let Him be the light in her life. She needs to know how so many people love and worry about her, and I really need your help. Right now she is one of Gods little helping Angels, and she doesn't even realize it.

I would like to add my family to your prayer list.
My husband has been out of work for over a year.
Please prayer that he will find a job soon to support our family.
Thank you.

Please pray for my son Joseph who is going through Navy boot camp @ Great Lakes, Illinois. He's is facing at lot of challenges and needs our prayers to help him stay strong in his mind, faith and activies.
Also I'm unemployed after working for 20 years and needs prayers that God will direct me to the career/position he would like me to be in to best following his will and to work for his glory!

My daughter, Laura is in Europe with her divinity class from Andrew's University. She is planning to be a Chaplain. Please pray that they have a safe trip home in these turbulent times.


I have been without work since last October and maybe that might not seem like a long time, to me it is. I really need prayers said that I will find work and for all the others in need of employment. My mother is a cancer survivor and now she is having problems walking and her legs pain her a lot. I am asking for prayer that hers legs get better.
Thank you for your prayers and God bless you

I would like for you to pray for us.
The CT. state, is taxing homeowners' to the point that we, in particular are having
some serious doubts about staying in this state.
Jeff is strongly considering moving to Tennessee.
He doesn't want to leave him family home. Where he has lived
for 53 years. He would have a job there, if he wants but, he is scared out of his mind, about doing this.
He knows that if he does sell this family home, he can never get it back. The torture is incredible.


Dear Lisa and fellow Christians
Please add my family and I to your prayer list
My son Sean 7 has learning difficulties and is only in year 2 and is facing
being kept back again I know there is a very frustrated intelligent boy in
My Mother Gwen 65 may loose her sight and is a lae preacher and helps so
many people I pray that she experiences a miracle and that she keeps
trusting in the Lord as she is unsure at the moment.
My grandmother 84 Erika is bed ridden after a stroke 10 years ago and in
advanced stages of Alsheimers she is becoming very agressive her carers need
prayer for wisdom and patience and she needs prayer for inner peace and the
Lords presence.
My Jeff husband Jeff is in a partnership and our business is in trouble and
we are loosing tennants and will have trouble with the bank we need to sell
land and get tennants to repay overdue interest to the bank.
I need prayer for encouragement to help me loose weight before my health
deteriorates further.
I'm sorry that I have such a long list but I believe in the power of three
and really need your help


I was wondering if you would be so dear as to submit this prayer request concerning a dear girl who I just started corresponding with a few weeks ago via e-mail, and her unborn daughter Trinity Rose.

You see dear ones, Trinity Rose has a heart defect. This is not all though, the defect is called hypoplastic left heart syndrome or HLHS. Dear Julie and her husband are not to mention very scared but do not live in the town known for doing as many as 60 of these corrective surgeries on babies. Please keep Julie Lopez, her husband and sweet little Trinity Rose in prayer as this is not the only dilema they face. If the surgery is not done, and Trinity may face at least 3 surgeries by the time she is 2 and a half, but the insurance they have will only pay if the operation on Trinity is done in the town in which they live, not where it is a well known proceedure. I just ask for a miracle for not just this baby but this whole family. Julie and family as she and husband also have a two year old son, live in Minneapolis and the sugery is a well known proceedure in Michigan.



I would like to have prayers sent up to help me make
the right decision about back surgery. And if it be
His will that I should, then pray that my husband can
conquer any obstacles that will fall in His path. I
also ask that you pray that my husbands memory
increase as he works in the vineyard on his way to
becoming ordained. He is now a Minister. Also, pray
that I do the right things, say the right things, and
look the right way that is pleasing to Him and my
husband. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and
lean not unto thine own understanding--in all thy ways
acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths". He
is an awesome God. Thank you in advance and may God
bless your ministry of love and prayer. Vivi

Please pray for my family, (various needs) and my husband's family. Sunday, June 29, 2003 his brother-in-law passed away from cancer. He served the Lord so is at peace after a year long fight, pray for his wife and 2 young girls that the Lord comfort them (as only He can) and be near them in the coming months as they cope with this loss. I want to thank the Lord for an answer to prayer of a new job for my husband. A year ago he put in an application for this postion and was turned down for someone with more experience. After a year the company called and offered him the job!! We know by this that we were waiting on "God's perfect timing" and we thank Him for His goodness!! He does answer!! We have also recently started attending a new church and pray for the Lord's guidance as we try to serve Him in a new place and a new way. Please pray also for my cousin, her and her husband are in the Air Force stationed in Germany. They have a 3 month old baby girl and are having to make some decisions about staying in the service or getting out and coming home. Also pray that they find the Lord in a real way, my cousin was not raised in a Christian home so is truly searching and at this time her husband is needing deliverance from an addiction. I know tha Lord answers prayers and loves us more than we could imagine!! Corrie Ten Boom said " There is no pit so deep, that HE is not deeper still" Her motto was "JESUS IS VICTOR!!!" I have been seeking the Lord for deliverance from a resenting spirit in my life and need His help daily to overcome this. Blessings to you all in JESUS' name!!!

You will be in my prayers, Lori

Please pray for my dad with incurable brain cancer and for my mother as she walks through this with him. Pray for my finances and my job situation in Jesus name. Dottie

I just finished reading some of the requests . I just want to ask the the
lord to be with each and everyone . To touch them and let them know he is with
them every step of the way. No matter what we have to go through we need to
keep our faith and we will get through in his time. Pray for me and my family
going throgh some tough times right now. God Bless you all

Please pray for my Mother who has Fibromyalgia and please pray for my Dad who has Huntingtons Disease (It's a form of Parkinsons Disease) and he also has Prostate Cancer. God Bless.

Monica Stark

Please pray for my sister IRENE who fell and broke her hip AGAIN. She is in a nursing home. Sister Lillian

Please pray for my 2 year old granddaughter, we were told she has some inner ear proplems. She is not talking, and the doctor said it is because she is not hearing properly in one ear. Please pray that this can be corrected.
Thank you very much.
In my prayers,

Please pray for my Mother (Barbara Miller). She is scheduled for a colonoscopy on Friday, June 6th but she had to go to the hospital today (5th) due to bleeding.
Please pray that all will go well during the test.

Thanks to everyone who offered up prayer for my Mom.
She has been diagnosed with Diverticulitis and
there were no tumors or active bleeds during the test.
She's home and on the mend.

God is an Awesome God!

Hello I am asking for a special requesr for three people. tne is a relative and two are celebrities. First I would like to ask for prayers for my Aunt Winnie she is 85 years old and her health is failing. She is the writer of the family and historian. And please pray for Luther Vandross and Barry White to recover from their illnesses. And God Bless Bob Hope he made it to 100 Happy Birthday Mr Hope and many more!!!!!!!


Please pray for my daughter Rachel. Since her freshman year in high school she's been going down the wrong path. She has a 5 year old daughter. She had been doing pretty well for a year. She left home about 8 weeks ago and hasn't been home since except for a short time on Easter. Pray that receives the help and guidence she needs and that she realizes her daughter needs her as much as she needs her grandparents. Your prayers work. The Marine is coming home. Thanks to you all and the Lord. Liz

Please pray for myself and my family. I have recently been diagnosed with acid reflux and am having a hard time adjusting. Sometimes I throw up after I eat, which makes it difficult to enjoy eating. Also, please pray for my daughter, son-in-law, three grandsons and my other family members and friends that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I will also pray for everyone who has made a prayer request. Thank you and God bless. Debra

Please pray for my mom. She has a problem swallowing when she eats and has to throw up. Pray that my husband will continue to be cancer free. For my 13 year old son, Robby. Please pray that I will find employment and for our finances.
God Bless,
Barbara Bingham

Please pray for my son and his wife who are having major problems in their marriage. They have 3 small children who are suffering very much from this also. Keep them all in your prayers and I thank you all. Joan

Please pray for my husband who has a brain tumor.
Mary Anne Barrett

I have had a request from a friend in Arizona to pray for her friend who
is 74 years old and is having a breast tumor removed. She will also have
to undergo radiation. Her name is Peggy.

Please add my familty to your prayer list. We are all under a lot of
stress and worry right now. My husband & I are buying our first home,
and I pray that all goes well. My father has sold the house and
property where he lives to a developer and is moving after 53 years. I
am helping him go through things(my mother saved everything). It is
stirring up some memories of all the happy times we had as a family
before my mother passed away. We just need some extra prayers right
now. My husband just found out that he has a torn rotator cuff and will
need surgery to correct it. We are both disabled, and with the moving
of everyone, we are completely worn out. I know that this is one of
those times when God is not walking beside me. He is carrying me
through these difficult times ahead. Thank you, Sandy

Please pray for my sister Faye who lost her husband last night (5/29/03)due to a robbery where he worked. Also, please pray for my husband, Boyd, that he will come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior and trust in him completely

Hello I am a 40 year old woman with a disease called RSD. My Mom is dying of COPD. 2 of my siblings won't have a thing to do with her because she left us when we were babies. One of my brothers is in jail, he is a drug addict., the other is a recovering alcoholic. Thank the Lord for blessing his life. My family holds grudges because she left me in such bad health. I can't live in the past and I am thankful do this day. My Son and daughter-in-law are in the AirForce and shes getting deployed. Please pray for both my son and daughter-in law, and for the rest of my family.

May I ask you to please pray for a friend of mine
Julie (Jill)Mathews who is in the Intensive care unit
in a state of coma.Both her kidneys have failed.
Doctors had given her 72 hours to live. We have been
praying and 142 hours have passed she seems to have
opened her eyes and moved her hands.
We hope she gets better,But God knows best, He has
the knowledge, Wisdom and Power.Prayers are never
wasted. Thank you for all you do.
God bless you.
Jeanne Pimenta.

I am a contract worker and my contract will expire the 30.06.03. I would
like to continue working here as a permamnent worker as I enjoy the
environment that I am working in. I also want to follow the Lord's Plans. I
need clear direction if I should stay here permanently. I want to fulfill
the Lord's plan for me and my family.
Yours in Christ
Elena Groenewald

My friend Melinda has a doctor's appointment on Monday.
Please pray that her appointment goes well.

I just received an e-mail from a friend of mine whose son is a Marine deployed to Kuwait. He's been there since January or February. Dan is like a son to us. He's about 25 but a young 25. His mom said she received a post card from him. Sounds like he's having a really hard time over there. He wrote me a beautiful letter saying how much he loves my family. He could use all the prayers you can give. He's always had a hard time with coping with life and it must be even harder now for him. All those young men need all our support, prayers and love. Thanks. Liz

Your prayers work. The Marine is coming home. Thanks to you all and the Lord. Liz

Please pray for the Bynum family. I understand Ms. Bynum passed away on Monday. She was a pillar in the community and a leader in the Boy Scouts.
We will all miss her dearly. Comfort her family, especially her young son,
Junie, and keep your arms of protection around them all.

In Jesus Name.

Ms. Caracter

Please pray for my sister Valerie, my son Johann and my nephew Nigel that the Lord may bless them with a job, and more importantly so that they may accept the Lord as their Master and Savior, trusting Him in their daily walk with Him.

Thank you, God Bless you and your team.

Jeanne Pimenta (India)

Thank you for your powerful prayers. That very day my
son was offered a job and will be starting on June 9th.
I will pray along with you for those in need.
Please also pray for my uncle Gilroy who is in bed
with a mental problem under a phychiatrist,that the
Good Lord's healing touch may be on him.
Thank you.

I need some prayers for a friend of mine.
She lost her baby and really needs prayers to
help her through this time.

I am a woman volunteering with "Youth for Christ". I am presently ministering, mentoring girls in juvenile detention centers, one is for mild offenders, the other for violent offenders with mental or emotional illnesses. Most of them have been badly abused physical and sexual, no moms or dads etc. They range from 12-18 years old. What a true blessing THEY are in my life. One of the girls I met this past Saturday asked me if I could help her crochet baby booties.I promised her a pattern(they all crochet @ the "higher level" home). She had a baby 2 weeks ago, her mom died 10/02, her grandmother has her baby in her care. Please pray for these girls and me! Thank you! Sherri Russell

Please pray for my brother-in-law Steve J. He is facing MS plus he's had a severe diabetic problem since he was very young. He and his family own their own small business and are worried about how they are going to make it without him being able to work. Please pray for God to guide them along the way. Thank you, Kathy

Sometimes I start prayer off just thinking Jesus for answering prayers, this time i need request one as need prayer for back pain so I can continue to work Wanda

Please pray for our Grandson Mark Tomkinson. He is a smart young 16 year old but has let school go by the wayside. He is a good man but needs Jesus in his life. Won't take to anyone about what is going on inside of him. I, his grandma, think he is depressed. PLEASE pray that he will come to except God.

Thank you again and again

Please pray for Amanda Martinez---Gods guidence in her life. To come back to the Lord. Restore in her what God has for her. To come back home toher mother in Boise

Thank you again Pat

Please pray for my aunt Beatrice, she has cancer. Please pray for my Mom Bev, is works a very hard job and is going to retire in August, Please pray that she has a long and happy retirement, Thank you very much for this page.


Please pray for my sister-in-law Rosemary, she has just been told she has
cancer in her lungs and ovaries. I would like prayers for my son-in-law,
who has blood clots in his leg after knee surgery. My daugther's
sister-in-law's new baby girl also needs prayers. She has been dionosted
with systic fibroses. Thank You all for your prayers. Irene

Dear Lisa and all on this prayer list,

My heart goes out to all of you and your needs and those of your families and friends. You are in my prayers. I also have a few prayer requests I'd like to add to the list. Please remember my sister who has Polymyositis and is 65. She had some knee surgery a few years ago to smooth cartilage due to arthritis. She was sent to exercise therapy and never seemed to get the strength back in her legs. She continued to tell the doctor about this until they decided to run some test. She was diagnosed with the Polymyositis and doctor said she would be in a wheel chair now if she hadn't taken such good care of herself through diet and exercise. She is very youthful and had never known much illness until now and since her husband was killed. She is very discouraged. I don't believe she knows the Lord in a personal way and seems to reject people knowing they're saved now. She still drives and gets around but falls a lot and had stitches in her head just last week from a fall in her kitchen. She is going to move in with her married daughter soon, and my mother will be leaving her and coming to live with me. Pray for her and to continue to hold up as she seems to be at 86. Also, remember my friend Nancy who also has this disease and is in a wheel chair. I have a friend who in only in her early 40s and her husband of only two years told her last Christmas he didn't love her as a wife. Her first husband left her for another woman. She is devastated and going through quite a hard time. This husband is supposed to be a Christian and has run up her credit card without telling her and planning to move to Mexico soon to work. He left for there this week. She had to file for a certain amount of bankruptcy to save her home and what she has. She will work to pay all this off being the kind of person she is. She works over time and has fibromyalgia and is a wonderful Christian lady. Thank the Lord for her two grown sons who are standing by her and are fine young men. What a heartache to go through losing a husband of 24 years and now one of 2 years. He rejects her and avoids her completely although he is supposed to be a Christian man. He is running from the Lord and his problems. Thank you all for your prayers. Love in Him, Janie

Please pray for Ethel who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was discovered when she went to the eye doctor. She is losing the sight in her right eye. Pray that the surgeon's hands can completely removed the tumor and allow her to regain her sight.

Sharon S.

Hi Lisa,
Please add my children and myself to your prayer list.

In November I found out that I was pregnant with our 3rd child, and in January, my husband of 6 years abandonded us. He left me pregnant with 2 small children and no money of any sort. He is refusing to pay child support, and we are in jeopardy of losing the apartment that we live in. The baby, Vivienne, is due in July, and even though we are on Welfare, its not enough to make ends meet. Please keep us in your prayers that God will provide a miracle so that we may be able to keep a roof over our heads. I will be going back to school in September, but until then I am exempt from finding work due to the advanced stage of pregnancy. Thank you and may God bless you all.
Lisa in WA state

For the safe return of my 7 year old grandson, to his biological parents. We love him very much. Thank you, Darla

As an Army wife (hubby is in for 30 years so far and will not be sent
away this time, Bless God), and Mom of a 19 yr . MP in the Georgia Army
National Guard, we seek your prayers. Daniel has been pulled out of
college (by the Guard)where he has a full scholarship and is a criminal
justice major , and has been placed on standby. He doesn't get paid till
they "use " him, but he has lost a full quarter's work just short of his
finals, and can't sign up for the next quarter either. He just sits.Very
frustrating to us, but we are glad so far that he's not been sent to the
Middle East yet. Trying to be patient.

My aunt, who I believe is unsaved, found out today that she has a mass on her brain, one in her stomach and pollups in her throat. She has gone through quite a bit in her young life but for some reason God has not been able to get her attention yet. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Betty.

Love in Christ,
Jessica P.

Hi Lisa,
I would like for you to Put my friend Vera on the
Prayer List, she has an ovarian cyst the size of a
basketball in her abdomen, also her Doctor says she
has two masses in her lower pelvic, and until they do
surgery he doesn't know what they are facing. She is
trusting God with all of this, and taking one day at a
time, but I know her husband isn't taking it as well
and he needs a touch too. Thankyou,

A few weeks ago I put my friend Vera on the Prayer List, she had a very large ovarian cyst that was causing her many health problems, they removed the cyst and for one NO CANCER, the surgery went better than her doctor could ever predict, he couldn't quite bring himself to say the God had his hand in it, he kept referring to THE Man Upstairs, finally her mom piped up and said, His name God and He's your boss. All the problems they thought they would have to address after her surgery, elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, have all gone down into the normal ranges. Thank everyone for their prayers, God is a Healer!



My friend, Kerri, was just diagnosed with a brain tumor yesterday.
She is having surgery Wednesday morning.
She's the single mother of a 5 year old. Please pray that
it is benign and that she will have no long lasting problems.

Please pray for me and my husband. I have been teaching a class at church
about Families and how to place Jesus at the center of yours. Not only am I
reaching a new level of closeness to my Lord, but there are 12-15 people in
the class who I am bringing along with me. You know, Satan is very busy
attacking the "family" - never before has there been so much turmoil and
strife. I feel that I am now "under attack" so to speak and Satan is trying
to make things hard for me now in our family. In the last 2 days, we have
received news that our leaky roof needs to be replaced immediately for $4500
and that we also owe $4500 to the IRS - neither of which has ever happened.
I am requestine that everyone who is able pray for protection and strength
for me and my family right now. I know I fly on eagles wings!!! It is such
a blessing for Him to use me, of all people, to teach this class. I also
pray, that all my teachings an words be to His liking. Thank you so much for
providing a place for spiritual help.

God Bless all of you!

Donna S.

Our friend, Jim and Judy, need all the prayers they can get. Jim has had narcolepsy all his life but of course the older he gets the worse it has became. He also has Restless Legs Syndrome. Within the last 4 years he has developed a sever disease of Parkinson's. Progressing very rapidly. Also blood clots in both legs. Wednesday April 1st he is going to have screens put in his legs to prevent the blood clots from moving. Thursday April 10th he will undergo the 8 hour brain surgery for Parkinson's. His wife, Judy, has had bypass surgery and also Lupus. Lupus has made her knee very painful and hard to walk and also her hands are very cripples. She is extremely tired all the time from Lupus. She is Jim's total care taker. He has to be dressed everyday and surgical stockings all put on by Judy.
PRAY that God will intervene, if it is his will, and help Jim with his Parkinson's. To any degree for the best would be a God send.
Thank you, Pat

Thank you for all you prayers for Jim and Judy.
Jim under went surgery for Parkinson's and he is going to be much better.
His legs are very week and his wife, Judy has a had time taking care of him.


Thank you Thank you Thank for all your prayers for Jim and Judy. Jim had the Parkinson's Surgery. Saw him yesterday.
No shaking at all--Doesn't shuffle when he walks--All facial expressions have returned and he can smile again--And his eyes twinkle. The power of God and Prayer.
Anyone need this surgery. contact me

Thank you for still praying for Jim and Judy Prophet. He is somewhat better.

I want to tell you a story of how God works in great ways!
I have been looking for a friend since I knew when I was 1 1/2 years and she 2 1/2 years.
We had lost contact with each since we were teens.
I put my name in just for the fun of it and about 1 mo later
I checked it and my friend Ruth, contacted me. What a blessing and surprise.
In July I had major surgery and she got very ill. I did not know this. About 2 weeks ago her husband emailed everyone on her list that she was very ill and didn't have long to live. Of course, I called her husband and went to see her on a Tues and she died the following Fri. God was watching over us and through God this all took place.

We are all Christians and I told her in my eulogy to her that I
will meet her in heaven and we will finish our chit chatting.

God is wonderful. Just want everyone to hear my story.

Thanks Pat Stevens


Dear Jesus:

Please keep your prayers for our young men and women in the war against repression and for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Keep our troops safe and pray for the families that have given the ultimate sacrifice of losing their love ones. In the Lord’s name, Amen.

God Bless,

Jackie from Orlando, FL

Please pray for my mother. Her name is Gertrude and
she has been in the hospital on a ventilator for a
year now. Please pray that she will breathe on her own
again and return home. Thank You
Barb P.

I ask that you all keep my son Rick in your prayers daily. For
you see he is my only son and in the Army. Please pray that God may keep
him safe from harm's way. And return home safely very soon.
Thanks, Lulu

Please pray for my family. I lost my job last October, my husband lost his job March 3rd. Both due to plant resizing. I am trying to get ready to go back to school. It is a very frightful time for me. We both have never really been without a job or income. Please pray for us!

Please pray for my family. We have had many health concerns in this past year. My husband is 46 years old and has become permanently disabled. He has polymyositis which is a very rare muscle disease which has already damaged his heart, lungs, liver, and diaphragm. It is not curable but treatable. We are just trying to find the right treatment for him to slow down the progression of this disease. He is on oxygen 24/7 and has to use a wheel chair most of the time. We go back to Mayo Clinic May 1,2003 for follow up. It has been a real struggle this past year, emotionally and financially. We thank God everyday though for the blessings he has given us. My father had to have a stint put in his heart in January and my mother had a heart attack the beginning of March. She is a three time cancer survivor, leukemia, colon, and breast but all of the chemotharapy has made her diabetis hard to control. She is losing her sight and will eventually lose her leg. Both my father and mother are very strong Christians. Last but not least our niece just found out she has a rare form of breast cancer. They have two small children and are expecting a baby girl in July. She is under going chemo now, then will have a mastectomy. When the baby's lungs are fully developed they will take her by C-section, and then Becky may have to undergo radiation. She is only 30 years old. Thank you for your prayers

Theresa B.

Please pray for Cylinda Matthews of Crochet Memories.
She's in the midst of moving into a new home and
trying to get her computer up and running again.

Please pray for my 26 year old son who suffered a stroke a week ago.
He seems to be improving everyday. He had (3) things, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes. We are hoping that the diabetes will just be a temporary thing, at least that is what the doctor is telling him.Thanks

Please pray for safe return of a 17 year old daughter of a friend
who was taken from her home. Her name is Katrina. Thank you.

Donna J S

Praise God!

Thank you for adding Katrina to the prayer list.
Katrina has been returned home safely with her parents.
Prayers have been answered. God bless you all.
In Jesus, Donna J S

Please pray for my dear friend Jean who recently underwent surgery and her follow up treatment will be uneventful and wil result in complete recovery. Thank you. Ruth

Another good friend of mine just found out Monday that her daughter, Missy,
has a heart condition, and she's now under a doctor's care. Please pray for
them both, and for Missy to regain her health. She's only in her early 20's,
and we pray for her to have a long and healthy life.
Angie :)

Please pray for God's Will concerning my divorce. May 30th is our court hearing. I just want to live the Truth in God's eyes.

Please pray for Marcie, she is an athiest. We all have her in our prayers,
hoping the Lord will touch her mind and her heart. If her friends are to
help, then we pray that our words are pleasing to our Father in Heaven.

Donna S

My mother, Jeanette, must go into the hopsital 4/22 and she is very upset
and nervous. Please help me to pray that she receive the peace of our Lord
and Savior and that she finds strength in his grace, mercy and wonder. Help
her to not only know, but to understand the love He has for us. I pray in
Jesus name that she receive the blessing of the Spirit.
Donna S

Due to some issues with my husband's children, we are in severe debt. The
Lord has always watched over us and continues to do so. Please pray that we
see His will in the path He would have us take. Nothing is impossible with
God, I just don't want to get in the way. In his name,
Donna S

Please pray for Clotilde Menendez.
She is having lung problems.

I would like prayer for my husband. He is going into the hospital for a
biopsy for a mass in his right lung and several spots in both lungs. He
doesn't have a lot of symptoms except really fatigued and has a high iron
count. There are 3 different ways to biopsy according to where the mass
is. They will start with the less invasive and hopefully will find out
the problem. If not there are 2 others which are more invasive. I ask for
your prayers that God will lead the doctors and give us a good report.
Thank you,
Carolyn P.

I have a couple of friends who have severe Endometriosis.

Heather is only in her early 20's and recently had to have a hysterectomy.
She has had continuing scar tissue she's had to have removed. She's feeling
better, but I'd like to send prayers her way to speed her recovery.

Danielle is going in for her hysterectomy tomorrow, March 18th. She's had
bad problems with the disease, and I'd like to pray for her speedy recovery,

If it's not too much to ask, I'd also like to pray for guidance for myself.
I continue to have more problems, and have already had two of the lesser
surgeries, but it looks like I'm probablyy headed for a hysterectomy myself.
I'm in a quandary as to what to do, and at age 38, I'm not sure I'm ready to
go thru menopause just yet...if The Big Guy could send me a signpost or
something, that would be very helpful!

Thanks very much,
Angela :)

Please pray for Tom who has been mistakenly incarcerated and needs strength to face his situation. Pray also for salvation.
Cathy Talley

I would like prayers for healing for my brother Ken. He has recently been diagnosed with rectal cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy before surgery. Please pray for his complete and rapid healing. Thanks you. Kathy


Last March, I sent a prayer request to your site. Now, I want to give a Praise report.

My brother, Ken, has completed all but the last round of chemotherapy, "just to be sure." His surgeon, and all of his specialists at M D Anderson hospital, agree that he is healed..and there is no reason that the cancer should return, according to them.

Thanks for your prayers,
Kathy Tucker

I need prayer for my daughter Jessicca who is 17. She is suffering from depression. I also think that she is drinking alcohol. Her boyfriend is stationed in Japan in the Marines and she is missing him. Her dad and I divorced 2 yrs. ago and he is forcing her to live with him and she is having some major issues with this. I am afraid that she will take drastic measures. Please pray with me to ward off the depression that she is having. She does not want to get psychiatric help. I need guidance and help on these issues. Thanks for the prayers.

Please pray for my husband Jim. He had a problem at the restuarant where he was working after it was sold. The new owners kept cutting everyones hours until they gave my husband 6 hours a week we couldn't even afford the gas for him to drive the 15 miles there and back again at minimum wage. After a slight confrontation with the manager my husband teminated his employment with this company. It has been difficult financially for us to maintain our home auto and the necessities of every day life. Please pray that Jim will find a job soon so we won't loose our house and our car. We don't qualify for any assistance because my disability puts us just a few dollars over the income level to qualify for many types of help. We just keep on plugging along and praying that something will come. Can you please include us in your prayers.

Thank You, Cathy S

Please pray for me, I am waiting for a new liver and just found out I'm 4th on the list, I'm 43 and I love life now that I have found out I don't need alcohol to get through the day. I'm back to crocheting and giving away most of my afghans to people who have touched my life and helped me to over come my alcohol abuse with love and prayers. I really think God and good friends have helped get this far and with my family and friends and god I'll get through the surgery and go on. I have been alcohol free for a year and 5 months and plan on being this way as long as I live and keep right on crocheting and helping others if they need me. Thank you for all the prayers. Lisa G

Just wanted to give you all an update on myself (Lisa )
I have been waiting on a new liver for a short time and My prayers when answered July 06,2003
I just wanted to let you all know all how Thankfull Iam for all the prayers I got in my wait
I now have a new start and again and plan very hard to do everything I can to help anyone I can and help spread the good book.
Tell everyone thank you and Thank God!!! God is great!!

Dear Lisa, I have been out of work since Nov 21,02 with a knee injury that I endured while transfering a pt. at the hospital. It has been almost 4 months now and Doctors do not know what is wrong or what treatments to proceed with. I have an appt. with an orthopedic surgeion on March 18, hopefully, with Gods will he may have an answer for me. I will keep everyones prayer list with me and pray for them daily. May God Bless Everyone.


I have a prayer request for myself. I have had 2 total knee replacements on my left knee and now I have to have a total replacement on my right knee. ( My Doc is a Christian) But before I have that done I have a blockage from my kidney to my bladder that must be removed.
Someday in the near future I have to have both shoulders totally replaced
I have had about 13 surgeries in my life and I now have God in my life so this won't be so bad.

Please pray for our friend Jim as he is having surgery on the 27th of March for Parkinson's. So many side effects. Neither one of them have received Jesus as their personal savior. But we love them and always have hope that Christ will come into their lives as he has in ours.

Thank you and God Bless you and all your staff
Pat S

My father-in-law has had many health problems for the last 21 years. He had a heart by-pass 18 years ago. Eventually other problems have come along. He is 78 years old and his health is just going down-hill. He lives his life as a Christian and it seems that no matter what doctors he goes to, they can't help him.His one wish is to be able to get to church. My mother-in-law is a Saint. She is always there for him. She needs our prayers, too. She has nursed so many people that I don't know how she does it.Both these people have always been there to help out other people. Now, I wish there was a way that we could help them.

My 13 year old daughter, myself, and my boyfriend really could use some prayers right now. Our lives are in total turmoil due to a serious lie my daughter has told and I stand to lose the 2 most important people in my life. It's almost too much to bear but I have faith that the truth will win in the end and that my daughter will get the mental health counseling she desperately needs. Also please remember her father in your prayers because he isn't well and he needs also to gather up the strength to be in her life again and to stop disappearing. My lawyer needs prayers as well so that he is able to represent me in the best way so that we can help my daughter and not let her stay in the system and become a statistic. One more thing, please remember the judges and all who are involved in this matter so that they can look at this with open eyes to the truth. Sorry this is so long but thank you for reading and for offering up your prayers. ...."V"

It has just been discovered that the mental health people who have become involved in my daughter's case are saying they think she has an underlying psychiatric disorder. I have suspected this for years but could not get her father to allow me to have her helped. Since he and I divorced I have tried to get her help but nothing worked. Now it is my hope that she will finally get the treatment she needs and can become a well adjusted person who has a wonderful life ahead of her. Please continue to pray for her, and for us, that all things will work out for the best and we can continue to make it each day.. I thank everyone who has prayed for us so far, it means a lot to me. :o) ~ V ~


Hi Lisa and everyone else who has prayed for my request. I want to give you an update....

My daughter has admitted she lied...partially..she is still holding onto one lie. However, we have just started family therapy and I have hope that everyone involved will be able to break down her walls and get to the heart of the matter and she will be able to get on with her life as well. Although she is still lying, it is a start and that's great news! After intensive testing we've found out that she does not have anything mentally wrong with her---no underlying psychiatric disorder whatsoever. She is 14 now and has just gotten into bad habits that we are all working on getting through so she can become the responsible productive and HAPPY adult that she deserves to be. Her father is still supposedly ill...we aren't sure how much of that story is true, but be that as it may, he is still not in her life but she is slowing coming to terms with that. And honestly,right now she doesn't need his influence clouding her mind with the recovery she needs to go through. I am optimistic that eventually they will have a relationship...when they are both able to handle it.

We've come a long way in the past year and have a long way to go yet and there have been times when I was on the verge of giving up but I have hung in there and I plan on continuing to do so. My warmest and sincerest thanks to all of you who have added this "heathen" to your prayer list. I appreciate it very much. ~V~

Hello Friends,
Please know that I remember you all in my prayers.
Would you kindly pray for my grand son, Brandon, who
is only 15 and is on a destructive path. With God's help, He will show Brandon the way.
God Love You All,
Priscilla K.

My son called tonight (3/6/03) about 9:00pm and
said that he will be headed for Quwait on Saturday. He is in the army.
I would ask
all of you to just keep the prayer lines busy for my
son and all of our troops. He is a wonderful man and I love him so very much.

Thank you,

Dear Friends in Christ: My husband, Jim was diagnosed with a melanoma on his
leg. He is having surgery on Friday March 7 at 9 a.m (e.t.) Please pray for
him and also that no lymphnodes will be involved. Thank you so much for
caring. Your prayers mean so much at this time. God Bless.


Please pray that God will continue to bless our business
so we can keep doing what we love .


Please pray for my son. When he was 14 he got in trouble with the law. He has not gotten in trouble since and does not intend to. Shortly thereafter, he gave his life to Christ. He has an attorney working on his case to get closure so he can get on with his life, which he hasn't been able to do since then. He will be 22 yrs of age this year and still nothing has been done. He has not been able to find a job because of it and the prosecuting attorney continually stands in the way. Pray that the prosecuting attorney will step out of the way and allow this case to be closed, forever more.

Thank you for your prayers. Kricket4000

Please pray for my ex-husband, he is living on 1/3 of his heart. Most of all please pray for his salvation, he does not know God, I talked to him and I pray for him.
Please pray for my husband, he has a head injury and doctors say that he will not get better only worse. We had been married only six months when this happen, that was seven years ago and he is getting worse. I am in prayer for the people on this list, so much needed.
Thank You, Annette

Please pray for our son and daughter in law. They both need the Lord.
He is moving out soon. She has a boyfriend. They have 3 kids ages 5, 3 and 2.
Please pray for them and their salvation.
Patsy Nisbet

Please pray for my daughter Kristy and her unborn child. She is 26 weeks
pregnant and is facing a difficult, high-risk pregnancy. This is her first
baby and it is a little boy. She lost an unborn little boy last year due to
severe birth defects.

Cordially, Ms. Pat Reul

Please pray for my Husband Bill, he has all sorts of health problems and now a problem getting his prescriptions for his diabetes,caused from being in Vietnam.
Please praythat all goes well in the future for him.
Thank You, Marjorie P.

Please pray for my mother, she is very ill and will so many ailments at this time it would take forever to list them. Her name is Lorraine and it is because of her that I am a christian. I believe in the power of prayer. I know that He will answer.
Thank you all and God bless.
Lisa W

I really really need prayer. The Lord has delivered me from drug addition, horrible drug addiction and I am struggling with walking in that deliverance. I have lost my husband and just about lost my 16 year old twin daughters. I am on the very edge and feel like I am getting ready to fall off. PLEASE PLEASE pray for me. I have seen all of the other prayer requests and will be taking them to God in prayer. Bless you. Pam Nicholson

Please pray for me I have the Shingles and am having such an
awful time with them. I have diabetes as well as many other
things. I try to stay up beat but it sure is hard. God bless you
and thank you S. Cooper

Please pray for me. My name is Robin.
I am having psychological problems and seizures of unknown origin.
The doctors can not find out what is wrong with me.
Thank You!

Please pray for my 8 month old granddaughter, Alyssa. She suffers badly
from asthma and has been recently hospitalized. Please pray that the
cause of what triggers her disease may be found so that we may help
her. This troubled world of ours also needs prayer. God give us peace
among nations. Susan in Canada. Thanks so much.

Please pray for my husband who is a born-again Christian serving time in the federal prison system. He is going to be sentenced on March 4. I am praying that he get the shortest possible sentence and that he is sent to a prison close enough to where I live that I might be able to visit him once in a while.


Please pray for my mother.She is 68 years old just had a knee replacement done. Surgery went fine, but now her leg filled up with fluid. She wants to come home so bad. Pleasehelp her deal with this right now.

Please pray for my husband Frank who is facing Macular Degeneration of his eyesight.
Thank you all. Joan

Please pray for my two year old Grandaughter Amanda.The Do
ctor found that she has a cataract in her right eye.Thank
you and God bless you.June Ernst.

Please pray for Kevin, Dawn, Naomi and Stephen Slye
as they witness for our Lord.


Please pray for my husband, Bob, who just had prostrate surgery a couple
weeks ago. As of right now, the surgery has not made a difference and we
are both praying that in God's own time, he will be healed and back to his
wonderful normal self.

Thank you.
Linda Hogan-Schroder

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to convict Maggie Kaye of sin and
your righteousness and judgment. Show her your kindness to lead her to
repentance and draw her to Jesus. Do whatever is necessary in her life to
bring her to your truth. Change her heart from the hard heart of a sinful
man to a tender fertile heart of a believer that is quick to repent and
receive your divine truth. I pray that you give Maggie a spirit of wisdom
and revelation in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus, that her eyes be flooded
with light so that she can know the hope to which you have called her and
how rich is your inheritance by salvation in Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I
speak now to Satan and his minions and I command them to release Maggie that
her mind will no longer be blinded to God's Word. Jesus has defeated you
and chosen Maggie that she should be holy through His mighty work on the
cross, therefore I call all your works against Maggie destroyed. Amen.

Pete Cowden

Please pray for matthew and jasmine, they are both in the army,
they have a 3month old is a trying time ...please pray for laura, she has left home.

All Us Sullivan's

Please pray for my mother-in-law,Jean.She has a brain tumor and has had
a stroke.On top of all that she now has gotten shingles.She is almost
always in high spirits and has great faith in God,and believes that
whatever happens is The Lord's Will.She is a terrific lady.Thank-you

Pray for our Pastor's wife her name is Bev Clayton she has a growth on her lung and waiting for the test results to come back. Pray for my husband he is having surgery Thursday 20th of February, they are going to remove a hernia and abdominal mass please keep him in your prayers, pray for my daughter she is 14 and she is having health problems and pray for me so that I have the strength to cope with it all and that my nerves will hold up. Thank you head of time for all the prayers.
Ann Craig



Please pray for my cousin Jim who seems to be loosing his fight against
cancer. Also for my new grandson Ben who has an irregular heartbeat that
they cannot find out why this is happening. I aappreciate all the prayers
and mine go out to others.
Sis K

Please pray for my husband and myself. My husband, Ken, has just taken a full-time pastor' position. Please pray for the Lord's guidance. Also, he and I have just enrolled in Bible College to work on our Master's Degree. Pray that the Lord will give us strength and wisdom as we endeavor to learn more about Him.

In Christ's Love,

Please pray for our country and our leaders, also for our service men
and women that God will go before them and set up camp.
I know this may sound vain, but I have to loose over 100 lbs.
Please pray that I can do this, I need to have God step in and give me
strength and will power. Thank you, Annette

I pray for this country. Many may die; war is the failure of discussion.
Hug a veteran, honor those who have died & pray for those who serve.

Please pray for my mom. She has had a heart attack. She's doing ok,
but needs a little prayer for support. For my Dad also.
He had been wonderful with her and understanding
with her through all this.
Thanks, Peggy

Pray that God watches over my 3 grandchildren that are in college
so that He will keep them safe from all temptations that
they are faced with. May they know that they
can rely on Him when they are stressed.
Irene Brown

please pray for Cathy D who has Lou Gehrig's disease.

Prayer for my husband, Richard, who was just
diagnosed with an enlarged heart & COPD.
Also for the our country & the world.

Dear Lisa,

I am just learning to crochet, and I am very much enjoying your site.
I am holding those on your prayer request list in the Light.
May they be healed by God's Love, and may their loved ones find comfort.
I wanted to request your prayers, and those of your readers and visitors,
or peace during these frightening times.
"But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
Matthew 5:44
In the Divine Light of Christ,
Laura H.

Pray for Gus Dean (hubby's cousin) who is still recovering from Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Pray for all the soldiers protecting us daily.
Pray that they continue to be safe and healthy.

Caroline Kunkel sent me a prayer request also...





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