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If you have a prayer request email me "exactly"
what you would like posted for your
request and I'll add it to our prayer list.



"For where two or three have gathered
together in My name, there
I am in their midst." Matthew 18:20

May 31, 2009

My husband has to lose 40 pounds before he can have the gastric bypass surgery he really needs but he is having a lot of trouble losing the 40 pounds.So please pray for him. His name is Rick Jones. GOD BLESS Nancy

May 30, 2009

Please pray for my family. We have all been sick lately with sinus problems.

May 28, 2009

Hello Everyone, I am forwarding this story about the Senior Center where Robert is currently serving at and we would like to ask you to pray about this situation. Thanks God Bless
Deb Lair

Burglar takes donations from Senior Center
Tinsley Carter
Register Feature Writer

Heather Sloan, director of the Richmond Senior Center, knew something was wrong when her employee called her at 7:56 a.m. Tuesday. She could tell the employee was upset by the tone in her voice. The employee told Sloan the center had been burglarized. Sloan, who was on her way into work, told her to call 911. When Sloan arrived at her office, she was greeted by a shattered window, shredded paper, doors to filing cabinets and other office supplies thrown all over the floor. The center was burglarized sometime between Friday when it closed and Tuesday morning, according to Sgt. Willard Reardon, public information officer with the Richmond Police Department. The thief got away with approximately $726, but they did not just hurt a business, they hurt a important facet of the Richmond community, Sloan said. Sloan said the thief gained entry by breaking in through the window of her office. She believes the thief used a crowbar that was left on her desk. The safe was locked in a filing cabinet, Sloan said, and the thief apparently ripped the cabinet door off to get to the funds. The burglar also ripped a slit-top donation box off a wall in the community room, and got the money that was in there, Sloan said. Money used by seniors for soda, which was in a can in the refrigerator, was also taken. “It’s funny, it seems like they knew where to go,” said Sloan, who thinks the burglar could have been someone who had been to the center enough to know where money was kept. Electronic equipment was left untouched, she said. “It’s pitiful, because every penny counts here,” said Sloan. The stolen money was donations raised during the month of May. Those donations were to go toward the money the center must raise to match federal and state grant funding each year. By June 30, the center must raise $9,000. They need around $4,000 to meet their goal in a little more than a month, Sloan said. “We were already having difficulty getting the funding, with the economy being as it is,” she said. Much of the donations come from seniors, who live on a fixed income. “Losing that $1,000 will really hurt us.” Sloan said the center will host more fundraisers to come up with the money they need, but it will be difficult. The center offers more than a gathering place to socialize. They go out to homes in the community and provide services that allow senior citizens to remain living at home as long as possible, and not have to go to assisted living or a nursing home, Sloan said. They also offer a home meal delivery program. Anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to call Richmond police at 623-8911.

May 27, 2009

We just got word that Lee Ann did not make it through surgery. Please pray for Cathy her mom. She also had a little boy about 4-5 yrs old. Trish

May 27, 2009

A friend her at work asked for these Prayer Requests:
Davidson Family (their daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident)
Lee Ann Sebastian (shot herself and is in critical condition)

Nena Eddington

May 27, 2009

I have a friend who's daughter is 15, her name is Chelsey Harbin. Chelsey has been passing out / fainting for the last year. After several doctor visits and exams; they have finally found ( what they think to be a cyst on her brain). Please pray for healing for Chelsey. This is a Christian Family from Corbin and they believe in healing. Thanks for your prayers and we expect God to move in this situation. I know how much power we have in prayer and also when we unite together. Chelsey goes tommorrow for further testing. God Bless Shannon

May 23, 2009

Gus' uncle Bob Neal passed away this morning in Cinncinatti. Please pray for Bob's wife Naomi and the rest of his family this Memorial Day Weekend.

May 23, 2009

Please pray for Donna Colwell - Mike's mom - She has been put in the hospital. I don't know a room # yet. Will let you know when I know more.

May 22, 2009

I would like to request prayer for my grand daughter "Peyton" I just took her to the doctor this Evening. The doctor said; she has Flu B. Please pray God will heal her little body. The doctor ask me to bring her back tomorrow were he can check her again.

I also would like to request prayer for my son Logan. He came home from a field trip. (His class had went to the Pavilion.) He has been crying so hard with a major ear ache. So, Took him to the doctor, Also. The doctor said; he has a severe ear infection. (The doctor thinks he has swimmers ear.)

Please pray for God healing for these two little children. I appreciate it so much. Thank You, Deloris

May 22, 2009

Please pray for Barbara Asher, this is a Larry Bruce Melton's mother-in-law. She is have a surgery on Monday and today is recovering from a heart cath. Also pray for another family member names Kathy Brummett who is suffering with pneumonia. Thanks, Lexie

May 22, 2009

please have everyone to pray for my uncle Brian, he has been sick for a week now, my aunt took him to the doctor yesterday and said that he had a virus, but they couldnt do anything for him, his throat is swelled shut that he can hardly breath and he cant take any medication over the counter becuase he has high blood pressure thanks


May 22, 2009

Wanted to thank everyone for praying for Velma Noble. They had confirmed through a CT Scan that she had definately had a stroke. They then did an MRI to see how much damage had been done. She could not talk or move anything on her body. Her eyes were fixed forward with no expression whatsoever. But God is good. Her son got to the hospital a little after they had arrived and laid his hand on her forehead and was praying for her. A few minutes later she turned her head a looked at him and whispered she wanted to go home. The Dr's then determined that she had not had a stroke by the MRI. It was just her MS acting up and a week of IV steroids would cure her. Praise God, -- Tab Hanlon

May 22, 2009

Please take a minute and pray for Velma Noble. She is here and possibly having a stroke. They have called an ambulance for her and she looks very bad. Please pray for her. Thanks, -- Tab Hanlon

May 21, 2009

please forward this ,,,,this morning i found out that a person i talk to on the wsgs board well last night they had to rush her baby to the lexington hospital from i heard the baby is in bad shape so im asking everyone to agree with me on this that god will heal that lil baby
Marsha Causey

May 21, 2009

Please pray for Tonya Williams, she has the strep throat. Anthony said that she is very sick. Thanks Gus

May 22, 2009

Brandon is stable and doing fine. He has a lot of broken bones though. He has a very badly broken arm that they have done surgery on. His pelvis is broken and he has some bones in his chest broken, as well as some internal bruising. All in all, his dr's feel he is going to be fine. It will just take him a while to heal. Praise God for his protection, things could have been much worse. -- Tab Hanlon

May 21, 2009

There is a girl that I work with, Jolene Cockrell, whose brother was in a really bad motorcycle accident last night. They flew him out and I haven't heard about the extent of his injuries yet. Please be in prayer for him and his family. -- Tab Hanlon

May 20, 2009

My cousin whom I am very close to, she's more like an aunt has been having left arm pain. She thought it was just her arthritis but she went to the doctor today and he is concerned that it may be her heart. She lives in Ind and they are sending her to Ft Wayne to check for blockages. Please pray for her, her name is Gladys Holbrook. Thanks, Lois

May 19, 2009

Lindsey Eddington has fallen here at school. She seems okay. She got up and she could walk. The cooks said she took a very hard hit. She is complaining with her back. Please pray for her. Thanks

Davida Patterson

May 19, 2009

Please keep praying for Tricia she is still not feeling good. Thanks Gus

May 30, 2009

thank you for putting my brother on your prayer list....he passed away thursday evening...but your prayers for the family are still appreciated...and the ones for him...again thank you so much...

May 16, 2009

my brother had a quadruple bypass on March 3rd . There was complications during the surgery but made it thru...his lungs are in bad condition due to asbestosis and they had to put him on a respirator and had to put a trach in....he is 2 months past the time for his insurance and they are trying to locate a place that will take him...the closest they could get is in Longview Texas which is a 4 hr drive..please pray for him and our family ....thank you very much...


May 15, 2009

Please pray for Billy Hall. He is the grandfather of one of the girls I work with (Felicia Wells). He was transported to the hospital by ambulance yesterday and is now in ICU on a vent and the family has no answers as to what is wrong with him. Please pray for him and his family that is there with him. Thanks, -- Tab Hanlon


May 15, 2009

They moved my interview to Monday at 4:00 pm. Everyone still be praying that God's will be done. Thanks, Jaime

May 13, 2009

I have a job interview at Jenkins Independent for a librarian job that has opened for next school year. The interview will be Friday at 4:00 pm. Everyone please pray that God's will be done. Thanks, Jaime

May 13, 2009

My niece just called with a request for prayer for a small child, Braden Engle.
It seems he crushed his arm in a wringer washer and they flew him out.
Please pray for him and tell others also.
Thanks. Kathy Patrick

May 13, 2009

This prayer request is from my friend's church in Whitesburg.
Please forward and pray!
Lee Ann McIntyre

Please pray for this little boy. So sad, but God is our almighty healer and he can work His miracles thru the hands of doctors. My sister just called and a co-worker of hers son - Preston Lloyd - 4 years old was ran over by a lawn mower yesterday afternoon and is in critical condition at CAMC children's hospital in Charleston, WV. She asked that I send everyone an email and ask for prayer. They have done some patch surgery - just enough to try and stabilize him until they decide what to do next. His stomach is ripped out, he has lost his spleen and 1 kidney and his arm is crushed. Please help us start a prayer chain"

May 13, 2009

Please everyone let's pray for Bob Morck, he's our director at Chad's Hope. He just left to go to the hospital. We do not know exactly what has gone wrong but he needs our prayers. So if you are able please stop right now and pray for him. THanks. Heather Baker

May 12, 2009

Jeff just sent me an e-mail amd said that they were taking his mother to the hospital. All he knows is that she is weak. Please take time out and say a prayer. Trish

May 11, 2009

Update on Dawn:
Will was taken to visit Mommy for Mother's Day. Dawn came home Monday but isn't allowed to put any weight on her right leg. Lisa

Dawn's Sister, Marilee's house flooded this weekend.
The first floor was destroyed along with photos and other treasures.
They really need prayers.

May 11, 2009

Please pray for the Couch family. My cousin was in a motorcycle wreck yesterday and passed away.

May 11, 2009

Hey Guys, Got to work this morning and found out that the secretary for ICG Flintridge, her name is Michelle, has lost pretty much everything the have, including cars, in a flood over the weekend. Please pray for her and her family. Thanks, -- Tab Hanlon

May 11, 2009

My sister-in-laws little girl. (My niece) Has been in the hospital not feeling well. The doctor took 10 things of blood last week. And they told Phyllis that none of the test they ran came back good at all. That they are putting her in the hospital in the Louisville Children Hospital this week to run more test on her. They think she has Cancer. This little girl is only (I think 11 years old) Her name is Katelyn (Katie May) Miller. Please Pray that she is going to be okay. And Those Test the doctors run on her this week. Will come back nothing wrong with her. Thank You all for the Prayers. This little girl and family needs the our Prayers so much.

I also want to Request Prayer for a sister-in law. Her name is Jo Anna (Combs) Barker. She has been in the Hospital since Thursday. She has Multiple Sclerosis's (M S). And She has gotten so bad that she barely can walk. They have her in the Hospital given her steroid's. Hoping this will help her walk again. She is in bad shape. Please Pray God will heal her body from this disease. Thank You all So Much for the Prayers. Have a Wonderful Day. Deloris Combs

May 10, 2009

Please be in prayer for my mom.... Nancy Smith....... She developed pneumonia early last week and has been in Whitesburg Hospital and now she is being transferred to Holston Valley Hospital in Kingsport, TN this morning...... so she can be under the care of her heart and lung doctors there.......if you would put her on your prayer lists at church........... She has had some heart and lung problems over the past year or so and the specialists at Holston Valley have taken care of her in a great way..... She will be assigned to room 23G at Holston Valley ...........Also, pray for dad (Russell) and my family ...... Thanks...... and God Bless...... George -- Jesus LOVES You The Crusademan

May 10, 2009

Will everyone please pray for me? I'm having flu-like symtoms and running a fever of 101.6. Josiah

May 9, 2009

He come back home but please continue to pray most of all he needs God, but He is having a really hard time right now and needs wisdom to do what needs to be done concerning his child. Thanks for the prayers.

May 9, 2009

I just received a phone call for us to pray for April Grigsby's family. Her brother is missing, please pray that they will find him. Thanks Gus

May 8, 2009

Please be praying for our family. Mom and dad got into another fight and it’s really bad this time. He packed up his things and left. I’ve been praying so hard for his salvation that I’m convinced this is just another attack. My sister was at home when it happened, and she’s really tore up about it. So am I. My mom seems like she’s barely holding it together. I feel so helpless right now, like I’m sitting back watching my family fall apart again. PRAY "N"

May 25, 2009

Mom had her lung surgery on Monday of last week. When the dr. put the tiny camera inside her chest wall to look for the mass, he found many small lesions. He biopsied them and they were cancer. He told us that she will never be cancer free, but that hopefully chemo and radiation will control its growth. She is very depressed, as you can imagine. We are working very hard to try to keep her spirits up and make her smile. It feels like what I imagine battling a raging fire would feel like. Please continue to pray for mom and our family. This is a battle for all of us. When we went to the hospital at 6am Monday morning, we surprised mom! We all showed up with matching shirts that read “The family that fights cancer together, wins the battle!” We know now that it is going to be a long, hard battle, so please lift us up in your prayers. Your support and your offers to help out mean more to me than you will ever know. Love and blessings, Melvetta

May 7, 2009

I want to thank you all for your prayers for my mom (Barbra Sumner) and our family. We are really going through a rough time right now, and we need those prayers. For anyone who doesn’t know, mom was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 weeks ago. They have also found a spot on her spine that will be biopsied next Wednesday. If the cancer is contained in her lung, she will have stage 2 cancer. If the spot on her vertebrate is cancer, she will automatically jump to stage 4. She will then need the surgeries, chemo, and radiation to beat this.

Yesterday we saw 3 doctors and we now have 2 surgeries scheduled. He spinal biopsy and possible removal of the vertebral tumor will be next Wednesday, the 13th. The removal of the lobe of her lung will be the 18th. The surgeons met with us yesterday and explained everything and we are more scared now than ever. The lung surgery will be a horrific ordeal for her, and it will have a 4 to 6 month recovery period.

I would just like to ask that each of you say a prayer for my mom. Ask God to please heal the place on her spine and let the biopsy be negative. She is depressed and so scared. I feel so helpless when I look at her. Please ask for strength and peace for her, my sister, and myself. This is a family battle and we are facing it head on fully intending to win it. We do need your prayers though. Thank you so much! I love all of you! Melvetta

May 5, 2009

First I have a praise report, my uncle Jack Fields who had the blood clot behind his heart in december went in the hospital and the clot is gone! They were able to shock his heart and he is doing so much better. The best part of the whole illness is that he and wife accepted Christ and have settled into a church! They are loving it and give God all the credit for the removal of the clot.

Next I want everyone to be in prayer for my mom tomorrow, she is having surgery in the morning in Jackson. She has been putting it off for a while and continuing to get worse. She was waiting on Hannah to get here and has been busy taking care of my papaw. Pray that everything goes well with the surgery and that her recovery is a speedy one! Thanks so much, Tonya

May 5, 2009

Please pray for Bob Neal - This is the husband of Gus' aunt Naomi. He is very sick - He is a christian and has been suffering for over a year with Lupus. Please pray that God will heal him or take him home. Trish

May 5, 2009

The mother of my neice is trying to cause my brother trouble with social services please pray that God allows the truth to come out and He looks out for the childs best interest. I know God has taken care of Her this far, but please say a prayer for Her and my brother.

May 5, 2009

Please pray for Kandice Campbell. She has a leak in one of the valves in her heart.

May 4, 2009

Please pray for the family of Brenda Noble. Her husband had a heart attack and died this morning. She is one of my workers here at the nursing home. Denise Adams

April 30, 2009

Please pray for Pastor he has a doctor's appointment today. Bea asked that we pray they will be able to tell him what's going on. Thanks Gus

May 6, 2009

Dawn walked a little this morning and was feeling pretty good. She sat up on the bed. She was disappointed that she couldn't do more than walk. The Physical Therapist will decide when she gets to come home.

May 5, 2009

Dawn came out of surgery around 5pm. Doctor said in recovery room till around 6:15pm. Stay there for 2-4 days. Come here for rehab because she hasn't walked for a week now. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

May 5, 2009

They are taking Dawn into surgery right now (at UK in Lexington). They will be putting screws and plates in her hip. It depends on what they find as to how extensive her recovery will be.

May 4, 2009

Dawn is at UK now... Lexington, KY. They put a pin in Dawn's femur last night about 1 in the morning and put her in traction. They are going to do surgery Tuesday morning between 7am-12pm and fix her hip with screws and plates.

Here's a pix of the car:

April 30, 2009

Dawn is still in the hospital.
Doctor says she may have to stay off her feet
for 3 months in order for the hip fracture to heal.

April 29, 2009

Please pray for my Sister In Law, Dawn Hamblin. She was in a car accident this morning and is in the hospital with multiple bruises and a hip fracture.


April 28, 2009

tom's julie update - prayer request

You may remember last year I asked for prayer for my brother-in-laws daughter who had a brain tumor. She had surgery and was doing great then the tumor came back. Just in the last few months she has gotten worse. Last night they called to tell me that her time was short and that Tom was with her. I got the update below from my sister this morning. This is his daughter from a previous marriage and although I don’t know her I do remember her being a beautiful little girl when my sister married him. Would you say a little prayer that she doesn’t have to suffer long? Jeannie Metcalf

April 28, 2009

Please place Jay Hatton on your prayer list.. They removed his left lung yesterday, due to having cancer. He will be having chemo and radiation treatments. He is at Central Baptist.. Thank you Donna

April 30, 2009

I just received an update on Danny - Terri Mullins husband They have put stints in and have the kidney draining. His blood pressure is coming back up. He is doing better - His white blood count is also better. He still has a kidney stone the size of a golf ball so continue to pray for him and his family.

April 29, 2009

Here is an update on Danny Mullins. His blood pressure is very low, 40/70 so they cannot do surgery right now. They are going to put a tube in to try to find out where the infection is and go from there. Keep him in your prayers. Susan

April 28, 2009

Urgent prayer request - Terri Mullins husband Danny has been flown out to St Joseph in Lexington. He is in renal failure. Please take time to pray for this family. Trish

April 28, 2009

Please pray for Ashley Asher, she is 8 months pregnant and has an infection somewhere but they can’t figure out where it is coming from. They sent her to Lexington and performed an amniocentesis on her yesterday, thinking that it is coming from the amniotic sac, but the results aren’t back. Her white count is in the 20s and she was given 2 different IV antibiotics her at the hospital from Tues to Friday and then even more when they got her to Lexington and it still hasn’t went down. The doctors said that she could go into labor anytime because of the amniocentesis. According to the ultrasound last week the baby weighs just over 4lbs. Thanks, Lois M Sturgill

April 27, 2009
praise report

I would like to thank everyone for praying for Donna.It is nothing short of a miracle she could not even swallow Sunday night to take her meds and Monday morning she could not hold her head up, she fell in the bathroom and it was really scary what was happening, BUT GOD saw fit to intervene and she walked out of the hospital and they only gave her fluids. Jamie was shaking her head and saying she could not believe what had happened. I know God is showing us all that he is still God . The cancer my not be gone but God continues to show himself MIGHTY....He will continue to show us thru Gus and Pastor's healing if we continue to pray.. I love you guys so much ..Thanks gain Earline

April 27, 2009

Please pray for Donna ( Earline's sister ) - She is in very bad shape. They are on their way to the hospital with her in London. We need a MIRACLE today!!!!! Trish

April 27, 2009

I need a special prayer for healing. My father in law Arthur Miller from Dwarf, Kentucky he was in the hospital for a week. Only 25% of his heart is working. He is really weak. God Bless each of you, Teresa

April 27, 2009


April 22, 2009

Please pray for Ron Robertson, he is back in the hospital with fluid on his lungs. Thanks Gus

April 22, 2009

Please pray for Gus - He is still not feeling well. He has been running a fever since Monday and will not go to the doctor. He says he's not able to go to the doctor and sit for hours. Please pray for him. We are fasting and praying for the health of our pastors - I know that God is able to HEAL these men. Pastor preached one the best messages I've ever heard him preach at County Line on Monday night. So, I know God is working. Just keep praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trish

April 22, 2009

Christina Johnson (my baby sister) was suppose to had fluid took off her lungs yesterday. And The doctor had emergency and couldn't do it. So, She goes back tomorrow (Thursday) to St. Joesph in Lexington. I would like for our church and others to pray that God will guide the doctors hand to do this job. And To heal her body. She has been so sick for so long. They are going to take the fluid off her lungs. And If there is any pink in the fluid. They will take her straight into surgery to remove the mass that is covering her body. And it is very dangerous to remove. I know God does miracles. Please pray for Christina Johnson everyone. Thanks so much. Love ya, Deloris

April 22, 2009

Gary and Margie Deaton’s home burned yesterday they lost everything I told her I would ask the church to remember them in prayer. Thanks Judy

April 21, 2009

Please remember Wayne, his blood sugar is still running high and he is getting really frustrated with it. Please pray that God will help Him with this cause I know how He feels and its not real easy.
Thanks, April

April 21, 2009

This is for the little girl that I had asked prayer for several times, Bailee Allen. Her parents have started raising money for the Arthritis Foundation through the Louisville Kosair Children's Hospital. If anyone would be interested in donating to their cause, you can check out her website, there is a link below for Bailee's, where you can learn about her struggle and the disease in general.

at the 2009 Louisville Arthritis Walk

Tab Hanlon

April 20, 2009

My brother and his family are renting my old house. It got broken into today. The police think it's the guy across the street. It just befuddles me to think that it could be him. Would you please send up some prayers about finding who did it and thankful that nobody was hurt, but that we need to catch them. I would appreciate it. My whole family is in lala land trying to take it all in. Love, Lois

April 20, 2009

Please pray for Dewey Joseph this man was placed on life support and the doctors have not been able to figure out what is wrong. Thanks Gus

April 20, 2009

Please have everyone pray for my friend Tonya, she is 23 weeks pregnant and is on her way to the hospital, they think that she is leaking amniotic fluid. Thanks Tonya

April 20, 2009

Please be in heavy prayer for Hilary Johnson. Hilary is a Junior at Wabaco Christian Academy. She has been having terrible migraines for months possibly even a year now. In the past two weeks it has gotten worse. She woke up this past weekend with her face drawn as if she had a stroke, one side of her face is numb, one of her eyes wonders around, she has lost over 10 pounds (she was a size 2 before this started happening) plus she is still continuing to have migraines. Hilary is a sweet girl, she has played on the volleyball team and is a joy to be around. She is TOO young to be dealing with issues such as these. Right now Hilary and her mom Darlene Johnson, are headed to the Cincinati Children's Hospital. She is going to see another doctor. She has already saw many doctors who cannot explain what the problem is. I spoke to her just a few minutes ago, she is crying and so scared. Please, I know we know how to get a hold of God, so please find a place to get on your knees or to just bow your head and say a prayer that gets through to God. I will keep everyone updated! Thanks! Andrea

April 17, 2009

A friend of mine(Donna Hudson) just called they think Her father-in-law has had a stoke. Her husband will be traveling to Flordia today so please pray for her husband's safty and father-in-law. Thanks, April

April 16, 2009

Please pray for my health. The metastatic colon cancer has returned yet again and I may face surgical removal of the rectum, vagina and bladder (worst case scenario). I am currently caring for my husband who has just had cardiac surgery including bypass, aortic valve replacement, pacemaker and one other procedure. He needs me and I need him. We have no one near to help us out. Carolyn B

April 15, 2009
I just want to Praise God and thank everyone who prayed for my brother yesterday.
He walked away from the accident pretty banged up but HE WALK AWAY from it. Nena Eddington

April 14, 2009

My brother was just involved in an accident; the only info I have is that a truck crossed the center line and hit him head on and they are transporting him to a hospital. I’m not even sure where he was when it happened. Everyone please pray!!! Nena Eddington

April 13, 2009

Please pray for the economy to get better and for everyone to be able to pay their bills.

April 13, 2009

Please pray for Trevor Johnson.
He fell and his leg is bothering him.

April 13, 2009

Please pray for Julie. She is battling depression.

April 13, 2009

please pray for Kayla Colwell
Lisa called and said they just got back from the doctor and she has pneumonia.

April 13, 2009

Please pray for Maxine Hall. She has had a heart attack and it is evidently very bad they are flying her out of her to Lexington and are ready for her there to do surgery as soon as she gets there. Her daughter is one of the clerks here in Med Rec, Debbie Hall. Thanks, Lois M Sturgill

April 12, 2009

Please put me on your prayer list - I will be having a heart catherization on Tuesday morning at 9:30. Pray for my Dr. Gonzales as he does the procedure. I am nervous about this, as it is scarey to have them do something with the heart. Love, S

April 11, 2009

Please pray for Wilma Whitaker. She is diabetic and is having major circulation problems with her legs. Doctor says she may lose both legs. Please pray that her circulation be restored and her health issues improve.


April 11, 2009

I just wanted to send a note and let you know that Susan's Dad passed away this evening, he was 92. Please keep us in your prayers at this difficult time. Thanks, Jon

April 8, 2009

I have a prayer request for Tommy Hayes. He found out that he has cancer in several parts of his body. He starts cancer treatment today. Please pray for a healing. And ask that these treatment want make him sick. He and his wife both drive buses for our students here in Perry County Schools. Also I like to ask prayer for my mom (Ailene Reno) She goes to Lexington next week to see a surgeon to see if he can reverse, were she had the surgery back in October. The doctors In Hazard that done her surgery are afraid to tip her. They are afraid something will happen to her. Mom is still weak and she isn't well. Please keep her in your prayers also. She needs Gods healing and strength. We are so Blessed to have her. And We know God can take care of our friends and family. Thanks. Love You, Deloris

April 10, 2009

I have a niece her name is Chanina - she had surgery 2 weeks ago and they removed over a foot of her intestines, Wednesday night they had to take her by ambulance back to the hospital - she was in severe pain - they have a tube going into her stomach. At 3:00 today they are going to operate on her again. When her husband called he would not tell by phone what they were going to have to do to her. PLEASE pray for Chanina. She is my family and you are my family members. Thanks and feel free to pass this along to your prayer partners.
Brenda Ann Lunce (Ann)

April 6, 2009
I'm asking everyone I know to help my friends family. She is asking for all the prayer that she can get for her 2month old daughter Laruyn. She is in the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia. Please send this to anyone that will pray for them. For those of you that don't already know here is what happened about three weeks ago. Their Baby Girl(2months old) was found not breathing with no pulse Saturday afternoon (this was about three wks ago). She was rushed to the hospital where they were able to revive her. Since the brain was without oxygen for some time, she is said to have a brain injury. The extent is still not known. The doctors did many tests but still have no answers of how this happened. Since they have no answers, it is considered to be a near miss SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Currently, she is in a coma. She is on a respirator but the doctors have been turning it down over the last couple days to let her breath on her own too. The last couple days have brought a lot of good news. She is moving her fingers when we pinch them and she moves her sweet little toes when we tickle those fat feet. :) Her pupils are responding to light. Yesterday she had a tiny poop in her diaper which shows the doctors that her bowels are working. They've been giving her a diarrhetic to make her pee but that's been working for her. She is on a couple medicines to stop seizures. The seizures are not big...they don't make her uncomfortable, but they had to get them to stop so Lauryn could wake up. Apparently, after a seizure, the brain is so exhausted and "goes to sleep." So today will be the day that she should be getting used to the new seizure medicine and wake up a little more. They were monitoring her brain yesterday to make sure the medicine was working. Now that the machines for that are gone, she will be able to get an MRI and the doctors can get a better picture of her brain and determine exactly how much damage has occurred. Since she is so young, we are praying that there was not too much cell damage and that those healthy cells can take over the responsibilities of those that have died. We were very lucky also, because since she is only 2 months old, her head is still soft. That gave the brain room to swell and didn't put pressure on her spine...which could have been a lot worse. I will try to update this page and things progress. If you would like text updates, just let me know. She's doing really good for the circumstances and we pray it continues until she's fully awake. We ask for everyone to PRAY like crazy. God works miracles!

Mar 29 update: Not too much changed over the weekend. She is still sleeping. If she doesn't make any improvements soon the doctors want to take her off life support.

April 1 update: Lauryn has been squirming around a little bit and grabbing things but the doctors are still saying the movements are reflexes. Had another eeg and it showed a lot more activity, no "quiet" readings. Neurologist came in, said there was a little more brain activity. He is saying the same thing the pediatrician said...that they should start thinking about whether or not to continue life support because there's not much hope. He said her movements were bad movements because it shows how badly her brain is injured. Said she was not moving the way she shold be.

April 3 update: Monday they have a meeting with all the doctors involved to see about getting a doctor from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to give them a second opinion or maybe even get her transferred there. She's back off the respirator and still moving a little bit.

April 6 update: Doctors are still saying the same thing despite the omprovements she's made...that she will not walk, talk, breath, eat, or site up and now they say she'll probably never be able to see. That she will not have a meaninggull life and she may never recognize Becca and Chris as parents. They are going to try to take out her breathing tube today to see what she can do but they say they expect to have to put it right back in because she has no muscle control. They are still asking for the second opinion like I adviced them to do. That should be happening sometime this week. She is asking that everyone continue to pray and ask God for a miracle.

I will keep you posted as I find out the information from her through myspace and facebook.
Thank you all for your prayers. Tiffany

April 22, 2009
She is still in ICU the surgery was between 6 and 7 hours long.
Please keep praying.

April 19, 2009

Hey-Mom goes for surgery tomorrow.
They say this is the hardest surgery next to a liver transplant.
She has a good attitude and I feel that is half the battle.
Keep us in your prayers. Love to you all Debbie

April 15, 2009

Hey I just wanted to let you know that Mom does have pancreatic cancer.
But they are going to operate. They told us yesterday that it was not a surgery that was offered to many but she was definitely a candidate. I just do not know. Hope you are doing okay. Just keep us in your prayers. Love to you all Debbie

April 5, 2009
Just wanted to ask that you remember my Mother and family in your prayers. We found out Friday that Mom may have pancreatic cancer. We are going to Lexington tomorrow. Love to you all Debbie

Her name is Teresa Langdon. Her mother has had cancer. And She was on treatments. Well, The treatments are making her so sick that she is in and out of the hospital. Teresa's mom is so weak.. The doctor's has stopped her cancer treatments. And Has sent her home from the hospital. And Is sending hospice out to take care of her. Please ask all to pray for her. Thanks so much, Deloris

April 1, 2009
Kristen may it through surgery ok and will get to come home tonight. Please continue to pray for a quick and complete recovery. Gus

April 1, 2009
Please remember to pray for Kristen Madden today the doctors are working on her knee today. Thanks Gus

March 31, 2009
My dad asked me last night to have his friend Rodney Mullins added to our prayer list. Thanks DavidaJ


March 28, 2009
I'm on my way home from my aunt's funeral and we just got a call from my cousin's wife in Lexington he just passed away. Please pray for my family. My mom is having a really hard time. I was really close to My cousin.

March 25, 2009
I am writing to ask for prayer for my sister Sue. She has to undergo emergency surgery at 7 am in the morning at Central Baptist hospital in Lexington. She has an obstruction in her colon and a cyst in her female organs. I am asking that your prayer of agreement be that NO cancer will be found and that all will go BETTER than even the doctors expect it to. God is bigger that this and He can show himself strong in this situation!!!! Please keep our family in your dad is still in the hospital as well. Thanks and I will keep updates coming as I can Love and blessings, Leshia

March 25, 2009
My mom just called and my great aunt passed away about an hour ago, she has been with her for about a week now. Her son has taken care of her for several years and is having a hard time, could everyone pray for him, Eugene Patterson. Also, I will be leaving to go to the services with my sister and uncle, we will be going to Rome City, IN so could you pray for a safe trip for us. Thanks, Lois

March 24, 2009
I have a special request. Please remember my mother in your prayers. She struggles daily with the pain of Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, and other physical ailments. She is scheduled to have surgery on her knee at 7:00 AM tomorrow in Corbin. You may not receive this in time to pray for her surgery; if not, please pray that she will recover quickly without too much pain. If you are part of a prayer chain, I would appreciate it if you would add her name to your list. Thank you, and God bless.

March 24, 2009
A friend of mine is very worried about her dad; evidently the doctors think he may have prostate cancer. He has a procedure tomorrow to check and see what is going on, he is having severe pain and has lost a lot of weight in just a couple months. So please for this family. Thanks, Lois

March 24, 2009
Please pray for Ed Williams owner double E gun shop. He accidentally shot himself in the thigh last week he is having surgery at Good Sam as we speak. They are saying he may lose his leg.

March 23, 2009
We have a teacher at Viper School that has Arthritis so bad. That she is in a lot of pain. She went to her doctor 2 weeks ago. And her Doctor has ask her to not teach the rest of the school year. She needs our prayers for a healing from our great Father. Her name is Christy Fugate. Thank You All so Much.

March 23, 2009
Please pray for the family of Tim Moore. Thanks Gus

March 23, 2009
Please remember my sister, Tanya Begley in your prayers and prayer lists. She had to have a complete hysterectomy on Saturday, that she only found out about through learning she was pregnant. Everything has happened so fast, and it has been an emotional roller coaster for her I am sure. She is still in the hospital in Somerset, and feels okay this morning other than being so sore and restless. Our mother is with her so Prentice could go back to work. The doctor says it will be a 4-6 week recovery period. So, pray for them that the recovery will be speedy and that the hospital bill will not be too much of a burden financially. Thank You! Tammy R. Hickman


In the hospital since last night. Contractions are down to 3-4 an hour. Dilated to 2 cm last check. 1 steroid shot yesterday, another tonight (prepares babies lungs). Her blood pressure is low while sleeping; babies heart rates drop then, watching this Iron level still too low. Giving her iron. She will be in until at least Saturday morning. If contractions have settled down they will send her home on bed rest. Please keep her covered in prayers.

My daughter Melissa went to her OB doctor appointment today. She will be 31 weeks tomorrow. She is dilated to 1.5 cm so they are sending her to the hospital for overnight monitoring. Madison will spend the night here. She has had a few contractions each day but is not in active labor right now. Please pray these twin baby boys stay in for 4 more weeks!

Kay Green

March 18, 2009
Please pray for Stephanie Morgan. She had surgery this morning and is still in the hospital. Please tell everyone to pray for her speedy recovery. Thanks! Jennifer Witt

Asking prayers for the sale of a property. We thought everything was going well last weekend but unfortunately it fell through. With the recession it is very difficult to sell but it is so important that we either sell or let very soon. Please ask the group to pray for this request. I realise when I read all the prayer requests that mine seems so small but it is so so important at the moment. God bless Charlotte

Please remember this need.

     I just found out that my brother-in-law has stage 4 cancer.
      He’s still waiting for the oncologist to see him. He got the stage 4
      news from the nurse. Great hospital! Jeannie Metcalf

This is the family of my niece's co-worker. God can destroy stage 4 has a name therefore it is UNDER the name of Jesus! Thanks so much Leshia Napier

April 1, 2009
Dad had a colonoscopy and the dr said nothing was cancerous... great news! Please pray Dad's blood pressure regulates... it runs low then high... and he's on meds for it.

Please pray for my Dad as he has a dr appt on Friday, March 20th. Please pray for him to be healthy and happy. Also please pray for safety as everyone travels this week.

Everyone please pray for the family of Tim "Tree" Sizemore - He was a neighbor of Dale and Anna Hanlon He passed away early this morning. He was also the brother-in-law to Earl Smith - former Fire Chief - We do not have any arrangements at this time. We will send out arrangements as soon as we get them.. Trish

i would to ask everyone to pray for my lil brother jimmy jr aka jr i talked to my dad and he said jr had it my mom was about done in by it but buy the grace og god she is better i ask that everyone please praY THAT THE LORD WILL GIVE MY MOM AND DAD THE STRENGTH TO BE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM

marsha melton


I wanted to give you a praise report on Joyce Spencer. I talked with her daughter yesterday and the doctor came in and told her that the heart cath was done wrong and after reading another test that she would probably have to have a few stents but that should be it and the pain was from pleurisy. I talked to my mom this morning and they are going to do a stress test today and if everything is ok she will be discharged today. I know and she knows that she was healed by the Great Physician. Susan

Please take a minute and prayer for Joyce Spencer. She is the lady that Pastor and I went to see last night. Her heart is in bad shape physically but she gave her heart to the Lord last night. I called her this morning at Central Baptist and she said the doctors didn't give any hope. He told her that it was probably the end for her. She said she felt peace and she would be ok. Susan

Within the last 8 years, I've had so many loved ones pass away, including my only brother and his wife, my son, and 3 months ago, my dear hubby of 49 years. I'm really having a hard time dealing with these losses...many times I've wished I could be with them, I miss them so...I can hardly bear it anymore. I reach out to the rest of my family and friends, and they have truly been Godsends, but my whole being aches so, especially my heart, and I don't know if I can or want to live anymore without these loved ones who have passed on. When one goes for help, the first thing they want to do is put you on anti-depressants, which only cover up the pain, and I absolutely will not take these drugs, no matter what anyone says. I must somehow heal this pain, not cover it up. Please pray for me, and any words of peace and comfort will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, in Christ's love. Sandy

I am finishing my Master's Degree in Library Media Education this semester and have to take a portion of the Praxis exam on Saturday morning to obtain Kentucky Certification as a School Librarian. Everyone please be in prayer that this exam goes well. Thanks, Jaime Porter

Rebecca Asher asked me to put her mother on our prayer list. Her name is Betty Burgett and she has cancer. She said her mom and dad are not saved. Please remember them.

A friend of mine and Jade's had a baby on Monday. He was born with what they call "wet lung",
so they flew him out to Lexington. Please keep him in your prayers, his name is Gavin Lasslo (I believe).
Also keep his parents, Nick and Jessica, in your prayers as well. I know this has to be a rough time.
Thanks, Ashley Teague

Please pray for Minnie Page she is one of my co-workers mother.
She is in really bad shape and they don't think she is going to last much longer.
Please pray for salvation for her and her family.


I have an urgent unspoken prayer request.
Please just be in agreement that everything will work out. I
known my God has power, and I have faith in Him.
Thanks, Josiah

I have an unspoken request that I need prayer for. Thank You, -- Tab Hanlon

Please keep us in prayer cause last night (3/7/09) we put in an applicatin for a trailor we will know this monday if we we passed on it or not so please be in prayer that the lord will bless us with a home for our family

marsha melton

Please pray for Ernest Adams my understanding is that they have put him on life support. Also pray for his family. Thanks Gus

Please pray for Jacob Tucker and his family. This is Mark and Angie's son.
He is scheduled for back surgery this coming Tuesday at UK Good Samaritan.


Subject: correction
After the heart cath, they found no blockages anywhere in Mr. Neace’s heart and think it was simply congestion daniel

Have everyone remember him in their prayers…he had a mild heart attack last night…he is OK but he has to have more tests today Thanks Daniel

I am asking everyone to please pray for Kennedy. She is vomiting really really bad. Lindsay Centers


Andrew Wright's mother-in-law is doing much better and he called me to let me know he had some more great news. He went back to church Sunday and rededicated his life. Just wanted to share this with everyone.

Lois M Sturgill

I have two prayer requests. Andy Wright is one of the coders here and his blood pressure has been running around 160/100 and he’s having really bad headaches. The second is his mother-in-law she had a stress test today and when she got home the doctor told her to get back in to the office immediately that there was something going on. So please pray for both of these. Thanks, Lois M Sturgill


Please pray for this Will Smith that I sent out this morning. They now say he has a blood clot (pretty sure in his lung). He is in need of a stop what you are doing and take a few minutes to really get a hold of GOD!! Pray for his salvation as well. Thanks Denise Adams

Please be in prayer for Will Smith. He’s one of the therapist here at the nursing home and had gall bladder surgery on Friday. They have now sent him to Holston Valley and had to do another surgery. Please pray for him. Denise Adams

Just asking everyone to keep praying for my Aunt Margaret. I called her this morning and talked to her about 6:45, they were getting ready to take her into surgery. She was still in good spirits, just a little drunk from all the meds. I told her that many people was praying for her and she said to thank everyone. You don't have to know people to pray for them and people do appreciate it when you tell them you're praying. Anyway, mom called me back at 9:45 and the tumor is out and she is headed to recovery. They aren't sure if there is another tumor in the head, and they aren't sure what the stuff on the lung is. The scan done on the lung was on Thursday in London and the doctor that was sent to was out of town until today...KEEP PRAYING. So, I just need agreeement that theres not another tumor, whats in the lung isn't cancer and after today's surgery she will have regained control over that left arm and leg. ** I don't doubt my God, I fear my God and I know His power.

Thanks for All the prayers and love Asena


I went and checked on Brandon, they are admitting him, he will be in room 339. Lois M Sturgill

Please pray for Brandon Porter - They have taken him to the ER - He has been throwing up and is possibly dehydrated. Trish

I am requesting prayer for Carol Collins' family. She finally passed away Monday at 6:00pm . Her husband needs prayer so much he is truly heart broken. As well as her two girls Morgan Moberly and Ashley Cornett. Thanks Lindsay Centers

Please pray for Candice Cornett she is having oral surgery today to remove 4 wisdom teeth. Pam said she was pretty nervous. Thanks Gus

Please pray for Glenn and Kristie Farler, the doctors are saying they have found a mass on Kristie. This mass would effect her ability to ever have kids and this couple desparateyl wants children. Thanks Gus

My husband has a cousin who's 8 year old grand daughter had a lump on her leg, complained of pain. When taken to the doctor told it was a stage 4 cancer. Surgery is today in Chicago The family requests prayer for 'Bree'. Doctorss say there are tumors in her thigh, and in her lungs that it is going to take a miracle in their words. Please join in prayer for Bree to get her miracle. I appreciate your prayers. If your church has a prayer chain, please put Bree in it. I Am sorry I don't know her last name, but God does............Thanks, Naomi


They sent me home yesterday, They said my urine had high keytones in it but it wasnt from dehydration.
I have not been eating enough for me and the baby. They said my sugar was running fine I just need to
eat more. Thanks so much for the prayers. April

April just called and the doctors are sending her to Lexington. Last night she was in severe pain in her side and didn't know what was going on. They did an ultrasound and the baby seems to be fine, his heart rate was down just a little. They didn't diagnose her with anything, but tossed around the idea of appedix and galbladder. They also gaver her a couple bags of fluids. Today, they are sending her to Lexington and are considering this a high risk pregnancy now. She is still dehydrated and sugar levels are high. We'll agree that this baby's life is SAFE, and that April will be healed of this sugar problem, that the Lord, who is THE Living Water will fill her up. Asena

Gus, My sister worked with a lady who’s husband has had a severe heart attack, they flew him from Whitesburg to Hazard because it was so bad. Please pray for him his name is Jerry Williams, his wife Donna works at Whitaker Bank on 15. They have a daughter that is a senior in high school. Thanks,

Please pray for Mrytle Fugate's sister, her name is Margret Williams. She is being told she has a brain turmor. Thanks Gus

Please be in prayer for the Clayton Mullins family, he passed away and his family is in need of prayer.
Thanks Gus

Please say a prayer for my daughter Courtnie she is really sick & has had a fever all day
Angie Caldwell

Hi Everyone, I received a phone call from Pam early this morning. She asked that we be in prayer for her. She is going to the doctor tomorrow to have some tests done. Let's be in agreement that she receives the report of the Lord. Pray for her peace as well. Thanks, Kim

We just got word that my beloved and most precious niece, Faith deStefano from Sarasota Fla.,has been diagnosed-again. This time with "skeletal cancer". She survived breast cancer 9 years ago and we all thought it was over and done with. Faith is a nurse and all the medical professionals like to "tell it like it is" and, she was told her prognosis is "poor". She will be 45 yrs. of age in June. She has 3 precious children. A loving husband, and a new and thriving engineering business. My heart is so very heavy and hurting so much as I have no children and she is like my own daughter. I love her soooo much. I have been praying to our Precious Lord to place His healing hands upon her. Please Lisa, give her name to all who view you and ask that they pray for her and her family. I don't know what I will do if the inevitable happens. I know, as Christians, we are not supposed to ask "Why", but I do. Why not me? Faith has so much to live for. Considering all of the above. Her mother and father, (my brother) are too devastated to even talk. Thank you ever so much.
Becky LaSpada Vineland, NJ


The prayer request I sent yesterday for the man that the tree fell on, his name is James David Duff, they call him Honcho. There really isn’t much change in him, he is critical and does have a brain injury, they aren’t sure of the extent. Janice, his mother-in-law called and said that his brain isn’t swelling so that is good. She also said that they know that God was with him because the doctors have said that he is luck that it didn’t kill him instantly, so please remember him. I also have a couple praise reports. First my mom’s headaches are almost completely gone and she says she feels better than she has in a long time. Also, Braxton’s EEG report came back normal. Thanks, Lois M Sturgill

One of the clerks her in Medical Records, Janice Collins, son-in-law has been brought into ER, a tree fell on him and they are sending him to UK. It sounds really bad, I don’t know his name or anymore details.
Lois M Sturgill

Please have everyone pray for Terry Godsey.
He is scheduled for a double by-pass in the morning.

My friend's mom, "Elma Coomer " (Wife of Jack Coomer) had a heart attack this evening (Feb 20). She needs our prayers. The doctors are planning to put a heart pacer or/and tabulator in her in the morning. Her blood pressure is very high at the moment. The doctors wouldn't do the surgery on her tonight because of her blood pressure.. Please pray for her. Pray God will be with her. I know God can Bless her to be okay. He sure took care of my mom and dad during their heart attacks. God surely has been good to us. He has blessed us so much.. Thanks, Deloris

Update on Nikki

Wayne just talked to Martha she said Nikki has been talkin and she is also remembering people.

April Grigsby

Please pray for James Ritchie and his family. This is Pansy Adams son-in-law. He was frost bit at work and it set up gangrene and he had to have part of his foot removed. Please pray for his salvation most of all. Susan

Everyone please be in prayer for my uncle Ed Back. He had a stroke 2 years ago and still can't function properly. He suffers from SUVERE OCD! Anyway, he has been in the hazard nursing home for a while...he's home right now...but he has blisters that come and go and literally cover his body. They bleed and are very painful but they are not shingles. Please be in prayer for him and pray that GOD will heal these blisters and his OCD..haha Also please continue to pray for Brandon and I... as well as Carol Collins who is still hanging on. Finally my aunts and uncles and their families need salvation and lots of prayer...Satan is just plain and simply rampid in my family. Thanks you all, Lindsay Centers

Subject: Passing of Mike Strickland's Mother

I am sorry to share that Mike Strickland's mother passed away this morning in Louisville.
We do not have any arrangements yet but will pass them along as soon as they are made.
Please keep Mike and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
Vickie C


Praise God, Goldie’s brother came out of ICU last night. It was a bleeding ulcer they was able to stop the bleeding by repairing the ulcer and he may get to go home tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers

Please pray for Goldie’s brother. He lives in Washington state and they have called and said that he is in ICU. Not sure but he has some bleeding and they are not sure where it coming from.
Denise Adams

Can you add my dad, Larry, to the prayer list? My dad is suffering from Huntington's Disease and Prostate Cancer. I would greatly appreciate it.
Hugs, Monica

Please pray for those who died in the crash of Flight 3407 in Clarence Center, New York on the night of Thursday, February 12, 2009 and their families, friends and all those who have been affected by this tragedy. This crash happened less than 3/4 of a mile from my home and has affected our community very deeply. Katherine

There is a lady that I know, Pam is her first name, she has been going through a lot of medical problems lately that are related to diabetes and heart disease and they have only given her 6 to 7 days to live. I ask that we pray that she knows the Lord as well as her family so that they get through this terrible time. Thank you so much. Whitney Gambill

Please remember these needs. Abby is my great niece and Ethan is my assistant Pastor's boy. Thanks Leshia

Please be praying for Abby and Ethan. Pastor Amy called this am and said Ethan was congested and she was taking him to the doctor. Abby has also had severe stomach pain since last night and has continued throughout this am. This has been an ongoing attack in her little body for quite some time, so please pray and keep her in mind, she has to have a blood panel again today and she is anxious about that, so please pray for peace in place of anxiety.

Good morning and blessings to all. Please be in prayer for me. I was recently laid off from work due to a loss of contract. I am a single mom and my daughter is in college now. Please be in agreement that a great job will be soon. Also I am looking at going back to school for computer science. A lot of jobs that are available require IT networking abilities. Thanks in advance and may God richly bless each and everyone. Carolyn

Please pray for our grandsons. Hunter has been sick about a week with pneumonia and has gotten worse. Tiffany had to take him to the ER tonight along with Tristan. The ER doctor said Tristan has pneumonia as well. Please continue to pray for Randall, he's a little better but still isn't feeling well. Theresa


Mom called they said she has MRSA (a really bad staph infection that is hard to treat). They are moving her into isolation. Please be in prayer that her body dont resist the treatment and it doesn't spread anywhere else on her body. Thanks so much. Her name is Jackie for those who don't know her.
Thanks, April


They but mom back in the hospital in Louisville, she had an allergic reaction to something and the burn places got infected. Not only pray for a healing but for salvation and wisdom. She is also there by herself and seems a little scared so pray for a piece of mind.

I went to the Dr yesterday and they done the gest. diabetes test and my sugar was high, I have to go back tomorrows for the 3 hr test PLEASE be in prayer everything goes ok
April Grigsby

My sisters mother-in-law Leena Morgan is not doing very good following her surgery, I would like you to ask everyone to please pray for her and ask for a healing. Thanks! The Johnson Family

One of the coder’s father-in-law has 3 blockages and they are going to be doing open heart on him today. I’m not sure what his name is but God know, so could everyone please pray for him. Andy, the coder says this is really making the man wonder about his life and life after. Thanks, Lois M Sturgill

There are Two ladies that I work with, Wilma Miller and Gladys Brewer, that lost their brother last week. This morning I came in to work and found out that their sister was found dead yesterday. They have no idea what happened to her. Please pray for them. They are having a very hard time. -- Tab Hanlon

My mom went back to the neurosurgeon today for her follow up from her surgery and he’s not sure what is causing her headaches. He is getting her an appointment with a neurologist in Somerset. Please, pray that they find out what is going on with her. Thanks, Lois M Sturgill

I have a Prayer Request for a lady name Flora Farler. She is in her 80's. And she had to have a heart pacer put in yesterday. She had broken her arm just days before. She needs our prayers. Thank You. May God Bless All. Deloris

Please pray for Tina Campbell she is having a spot removed from her lip, that they say is cancer. Please pray that they will get it all. Thanks Gus

Please pray for Belle Cornett. I work with her daughter Judy and she is being admitted to the hospital with congested heart failure and she is having trouble breathing.


Put charlie stopher on the prayer list he blacked out friday and was very confused they dont know if he had a stroke or just forgot his meds. He is in the hospital.

March 21, 2009
Pam's visitation will be Sunday from 5-8 at Engle/Walker Funeral Home on East Main. The funeral will be Monday at 11:00 same place. Please be in prayer for this family.

March 20, 2009
Our friend Pam Williams received her ultimate healing this morning. Please be in prayer for her family and friends.


I just got word that the family is taking Pam to the hospital in Pikeville right now. They will probably keep her tonight and tomorrow night. I don't know all the exact details but we need to pray for her. This is urgent! The dinner for tomorrow night has been postponed. We will update you as we get more information. Trish



Please pray for Pam Williams. I am hearing different reports and none of them are good. We need to hold her up because she is very weak. She is in pain and on a lot of meds right now. We need to pray against depression and her “giving up”. The worlds report is no hope but we serve the Master Physician who created her body and just one touch from His healing hands can erase what the enemy has done to her…….He is everlasting HOPE! Carolyn



Subject: Pam Williams I spoke to Pam on Saturday. She will be having more tests done on Tuesday. She said that she needs warriors to stand with her during this battle. I am asking you to pray and fast for Pam's complete healing. Pray for peace and strength for her and her husband and kids. Pray that confirmation of her healing will come forth from the tests that will be done on Tuesday. Kim


I just spoke to Pam. Her appointment is at 9:00 this morning. Be praying for her today. She needs peace and strength. Agree with me that she will receive the report of the Lord. Kim

Please pray for Pam Williams, Tricia talked to Kim Bolling last night and Kim said that Pam had asked that we pray for her. She is alot of pain and is having a hard time breathing. Also pray that God will encourage her. Thanks Gus


Here is an update on Carol Collins.....Her breathing is now very shallow. She has been like this since saturday. Her heart is the only thing basically keeping her alive. Her family wishes that God would just take her on but our God sometimes takes a while. Just be in prayer for this family. Her last words to her husband were I JUST HATE TO LEAVE YOU BUT I AM GOING TO MEET MY GOD! True love you all is a powerful thing and they have it. Just pray for them each day.

Hello Everyone, I am asking everyone to be in prayer for Carol Collins. She is the grandmother of Brooklyn Moberly( 5 year old with cancer...that USED to have cancer). She has lost all kidney function and hospice has given her 1 to 2 days to live. This family has had so much tragedy lately and need our prayers. Carol is saved and has a very positive outlook on her passing but her two girls are so upset....of course. Brooklyn is scheduled for a chemo treatment on Monday morning and they usually leave with her on Sunday night but with morgans mom dying who knows how brooklyn will get there. So please pray for them all. I know that I can count on my church for some awesome prayers. Thanks, Lindsay Centers

Please pray for my family. It has been torn apart about 3 years now. I haven't seen my youngest son for 3 years and he has called maybe 3 times. He told me he was ashammed to come around and us not being proud of him. I told I could never be ashamed of him maybe angry for a little while but would get over it plus he didn't do anything to his dad and I. I pray everyday for him to show up at my doorstep and say Mom I Home!!! OH!!! just to here that again!! My heart is breaking. Please pray for my sons to forgive and forget and that my family heals itself!! Drema

My name is Sue Shepperson. My 21 year old son, Spc. Eric Shepperson, is Army National Guard and is currently stationed in Afghanistan right along the Pakistan border. This is an extremely dangerous area that he is in and they have his unit filling in for a special ops unit. I am asking for prayers for him and his fellow soldiers that they will be safe while they are there and that they will return home safely. Thank you for your prayers and for this website.

Please pray for my daughter Melissa 22.5 weeks pregnancy with Twin boys. She is having some contractions and softening cervix. Pray they stay in until 36 weeks w/o bed rest as she has 2 yr old
Kay Green

I thought perhaps you could add the sale of our home in the prayers. We don’t want it to be foreclosed and have had it for sale since June as we cannot afford to keep it. Please pray that the situation goes the way the Lord wants it to. Thanks and God bless you for having this web site – it is a blessing. Julie

this is my cousin(my uncle bill his granddaughter)shes been in&out o the hospitals for a while she needs our prayers

Arleen Anderson

I took Steph to the hospital last night at about 5:30p. Since her chemo Thursday she has been nauseous and hurting. By Sunday night she hadn't had enough to eat to keep Sean going and she was now complaining about pain in her upper right chest and shoulder area. She also couldn't break her 102 temp. I had her call the nurse on Monday and they told her that according to the symptoms, that her mediport sounded infected. They transferred her downtown and examined her. The determination is that it is indeed infected so bad that it will have to be removed. In addition the infection is bad enough that the blood is not clotting well and that will affect her surgery. They will have to leave the removal site open to help drain the infection and if all is going well, they will install a new mediport in a couple of days on the other side of the chest. Please keep her in your prayers. This has the possibility to be a major setback in her chemo regimen if the blood doesn't start clotting properly. I will again post news as it comes available. Thank you and God Bless. Steve
January 27, 2009

This is Barbara Willingham, I am a friend of Ann's and I came over today to visit her and she asked me to please email her friends for her. Ann asked me to let you'll know that her brother n law passed away last night of a massive heart attack. They will be leaving to go to Louisiana for the funeral just as soon as they get all the arrangements . Her Sister n law Barbara as well as the rest of the Guidry family is in need of your prayers . Also I'd like to add would you please keep Ann in your prayers as well cause her back is really bothering her as well as her foot and this long trip will only add more pain. Barbara Willingham


Landon is out of the hospital and doing well. Thanks for your prayers.


Tabitha just called and said that he has pneunomia. Love his little heart. They are starting him on IV antibiotics and by mouth. They said that he will have to be fever free for 18 to 24 hours before they will let him go home. Olivia is staying with us.

Please keep Landon in your prayers. He was admitted to the hospital last night. His temperature was 105. His heart rate was 177 and his 02 sat was 92. He was diagnosed with RSV on Tuesday and haven't been able to get the temperature under control. He got dehydrated. They started IV fluids and gave him potassium. The roads were icy and they couln't get off thier hill. Lynn and I went to get them and there was three wrecks right before you get to thier house. It was a rought night.


Greetings all!! Blessings in this new year to each and every one of you!! Lisa, praise the Lord about your nephew, he is so sweet! Praise the Lord for answering prayers!! The boys and I are funally settled in totally and past the first holidays without Len. They had their moments where they were so hard, but the Lord came through and reminded us that the reason for the season is Jesus and we still have Him. We have begun attending a new church and the boys are getting involved. Thank the Lord for His people who come together to worship and fellowship with one another. God is soooooooo good! Would you all please be in prayer with us? I feel the need to make some more changes in the next few months and I ask for the Lord's leading to know exactly how to proceed. Thank you so much!! Because of Him, Lori G


Many thanks for your help, part of my request has already been granted. I will keep you up to date. Will remember you and the group as I am about to go to our Friday night devotions. God bless Charlotte

Could I please ask the prayers of the group with a very important decision that will be made today. We also need their prayers to help sell a premises. Sales of buildings etc are very very slow in these difficult times. I will remember the group this evening at our devotions. God bless Charlotte


Brittany's dad thinks the seizures are finally under control.
Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for Brittany Walker. She has been in and out of the hospital having seizures and the doctors don't know the cause.


dear lisa, im very thankful for everything as well as your the of the Lord past away last jan.28 in the hospital..he cant even resest the pain of his he is in the hand of the Lord..i know all things work together for good..and the Lord has its own porpose as well..IM praying that he rest in peace in the Lords all of us has its own obligation in life..but from parayers i really relieve what happened to my husband..he died with all my prayer healing and with my deepest love to him..Thanks God that my husband now happy to see the kingdom of GOD...thanks lisa i still get connected all times..and pray for me that even though he is not in my side im still serving the Lords me to pray my needs in every way my children and i hope the Lord help me to have a work here..can help me pray for this? i know tru prayers nothing is impossible.... yours n-CHRIST, sheva ingemansson


In the name of the Lord I hope everything going fine each day.. lisa, i would to ask some prayer request again to my husband sven-inge.Im in the moments of anxiety that i know prayers cure me in this husband is very sick today and needs kemo for his brain tumor..pls. help me include in your prayers thru your worship service..i still believe that this is only a trials that a single person must face on.. I hope that the LORD grant his mercy and shower more good health to my husband.. thanks again and more power to your website..GOD speed ... yours n-christ, sheva ingemansson


I am sheva ingemansson here in sweden. my prayer is that my husband presently in hospital after brain surgery.he is going kemo soon. pls.pray help me pray that this kemo can totally melt the tumour in his brain and live longer as a normal person..i know in every prayer a person can be positiv in GODS help..i know prayers can move mountains as my down to earth a christian and i know the Lord will grant all the prayers that i have render to him...LORD is so great and i never give up in prying all this is only i want to request for..THAT ALLTHING WILL GRANTED FOR THE LORD SAKE..HE IS THE MASTER AND BEST DOCTOR IN EVERY HUMAN...WE WILL BE PRAYERFUL AND HAVE FAITH IN OUR LIFE...AMEN... YOURS IN CHRIST, Sheva

Please pray for Deanne Eckert.

"I am about to have surgery at the end of the month for breast cancer , called Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).Intermediate grade.. I will be having a Lumpectomy followed by radiation treatments. It is early detection, and thats the great thing. Please friends, go have your mammograms done each year, it is so important to take this test to have early signs which can save your life."

oh Lord...please forgive for being so ignorant in life and not understanding the Lord........please forgive me oh Lord....please forgive me...I am Priya..n iam in love with the most beautiful person on earth Jackson..God i know i am askin for too much......but i only need him in my life.....He has lit my life in every way....he has made me smile understnad the meanin of life...n made me turn into a much better person....i know i may sound ruthlessly selfish..but without him..i am dead....his parents are takin him away from me..due to religious issues..I am a Hindu n he is a Christian..n morever his parents aren feelin wel..n he is so helpless...he decided to leave me for them....i am torn without him ..iam jsu a body without a soul...i have totally given up my life... oh Lord..please gimme strength n patience......oh Lord...he means the world to me....give him to me oh Lord....i wil look after him and his family like gold.....please forgive oh Lord for bein really selfish.....but he means evrythin to me...evrythin ....he is the life in me oh Lord.....n oh Lord please luk after his parents....his dad is not keepin wel...and has got really low blood count ...please luk after him.......and his mom.. has got high bp n she is weak....she is takin al the tension coz of me.......God please forgive me.......look after his brother.. and allow him to concentrate on his studies more......and luk after my beautiful angel Jackson he has got really high fever now.....Thank u so much..God bless u al.....

January 8, 2009

Tim's sister, Dawn, had her baby on December 27th.
His name is Will.
He had some trouble breathing and
with everyone's prayers he is home and doing well.

Here's Baby Will:

Thanks again for all of your prayers.

Lisa Hamblin

January 2, 2009

Will is taking his bottles well.
He didn't have to use oxygen yesterday at all.
Dawn held him alot yesterday. Now they are weaning him off of his IV.
Hopefully he will get to come home soon.

Tim's sister, Dawn, had her baby on the December 27th. His name is Will.
He has had some trouble breathing and I think the doctor is sending him
to Lexington today (two hours away).

January 1, 2009

Dawn called this morning. Will is completely off the oxygen.
He is jaundiced so they are treating him for that.
She says the next step is for him to take a bottle... he hasn't had one yet.
OH... and she got to hold him for New Years !

Please pray for Will, Dawn and James.
Here's Baby Will:

Lisa Hamblin

My name is Joan and I have two requests
First my daughter has been involved with a guy for 17 years. He's been in and out of prison all that time. She's been married 4 times. She leaves her husbands every time he gets out. He's out again and she's left her husband one more time. He has already started miss treating her. She can't see that he is bad for her. Just pray that God will open her eyes or straiten him up.
Second. My husband died 4 years ago. He was the love of my life but I'm so lonely. I'm praying for someone who loves God , and can be a friend. I also need some one who goes to church who will give me a ride . I can't drive any more . Thank you for all your prayers

Please pray for Marianne McCarthy who will be having hip surgery on Jan 19,she has been been in pain 24-7 for over 3 years. She needs all the prayers she can get.She's afraid the operation won't work. Marianne

Help me praise the Lord for Adrian's healing. His last three St. Jude checkups were cancer -free. Thank you for your prayers. But let me add a new request. I had four grand mal seizures in July and August and was diagnosed with a grade 4 astrocytoma glioblastoma multiforme ( the most malignant brain tumor). I had surgery in September. I am having chemotherapy and radiation therapy now. Please pray for my healing as well. My 18 year old son Adrian is standing by me---fixing meals, driving me to treatment and work. My 15 year old daughter Alison needs your support too. Thank you. Your sister in Christ, Amelia Anne

Hi my name is Pat and my life is a mess. I lost my husband 7 years and I still don't want to go on with my life. I have three kids but they are way to busy for me. My life is nothing but going to work, come home and back to work. I used to believe but when God took my husband I stop. So I don't know WHY I am doing this.

Please pray for Pat Stark, she has terminal cancer.


Please pray for me - I have cancer and been told that I am coming out of remission.


We were evacuated to San Antonio . Oh Lisa, we lost everything, now they tell us both houses (ours & my father-n-law's which we had at one point were going to buy) have to be torn down. 2 contractors told us that it would cost way too much to fix. Then Burt talked to another one and he said he could fix up both houses and we could sell our house, but I'm really leary of that since 2 of them told us different. I told Burt that he better check it out with the Better Business Bureau first . Lisa, please pray that we can get us a home again.


Fred saw a spine specialist and he has a condition where the front of the back bone grows slower than the back of the back bone. Dr says he needs physical therapy and that alot of famous people have this and some even play football. Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for Fred. His back has been hurting.
He had a CAT Scan and is waiting to see his doctor.

Hi, My niece and nephew need your prayers. My nephew, Jeremy, was in a serious car accident in September. Jeremy is in a coma and the outcome is not looking good, dr.'s say he will likely be paralyzed for life if he wakes up. My neice needs your prayers as she feels obligated that she needs to be the one to make a choice if he should continue to live like this. I hope you will pray for them both. thank you for your help. Myrtle

Please pray for my Mother, Barbara Miller.
She is a breast cancer survivor (12 yrs) and had a mastectomy on the left side.
A cyst has been found in her right breast and she's scheduled for an incisional biopsy on November 4th.
Please pray this surgery goes well and she is still cancer free.

Lisa Hamblin

hi to all my friends i would like to request prayer for my cousin she has been in&out of the hospital here is the letter her dad sent me,to everyone that knows my uncle bill smith this is his granddaughter . Arleen

Hello all and welcome to fall. I am giving an update on Stephenie. She is presently back in the hospital after only a week at home. She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and they started her on antibiotics. Unfortunately, those antibiotics caused her to get another infection by killing some of her good bacteria that are supposed to keep her bad bacteria in check, so they are giving her probiotics now as well. She told me yesterday that they also tell her she has tonsilitis now. (can we catch a break here????????) For those that are not local and have not heard, the doctors have said that even with the one chemo treatment that is known to affect her cancer, they have never had anyone live for more than 2-3 years after diagnosis. We of course are going to fight that tooth and nail. We are going to try every trick in the book to cancel this. Prayer is the greatest weapon that we can use, so please keep it up, we appreciate all we can get. That is all we have now, and I apologize for not updating sooner, but I have been working diligently trying to get Mike some medical coverage so he can get his surgery. We are closer to making that happen but have nothing in hand yet. Thanks again for your care and concern and Iknow that God will bless you for your intercessary help. Take care and thanks again Steve and Linda

Please pray for Dana Feltner, he has prostate cancer and is scheduled for surgery this week (10/17)


Dana had a good checkup after his surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

Keep Lynn in your prayers. He went to the doctor yesterday and they found a lump on his neck just below his scar from his last surgery. He has to go see his cancer surgeon next week. I told him that we would get some prayers going and that they sure were answered before. ReDonna


Lynn has surgery on Wednesday... please pray.

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for all your prayers! My boys and I moved right after my last email and are now setled in our new home. The Lord IS!! We have experienced such divine peace as we adjust to life without Len. It was 3 months on the 25th that the Lord took him home. God's grace and favor are unfathomable. I am receiving my minister's license soon (Len was a minister) and am beginning Biblical studies to get my degree in HIM. I will continue to pray for each of you as the Lord moves in your situations. Begin to thank Him in advance for the answers and believe He only has our best in store as Romans 8:28 says.
Blessings on you all!!
Psalm 91:2, Lori Greenawalt


On moday the18th I will have surgery to remove a cancer tumor out of my lung!pray that it is a sucsess! my name it Tina tupper I enjoy this newsletter somuchthanks for doing such a great job! I live in sothern californis! Love, Tina




Pauline had surgery on Thursday. The doctors told her she does have cancer and they couldn't get it all. They gave her one year to live without chemo and 3-4 with it. She is going to take the chemo. Please pray for her and the family. Especially that Pauline be relieved from the pain.


We went to see Pauline. She has been taking chemo but is eating and doing pretty good.

Please pray for our family. We are thinking about going to a different church.



Our family has decided to change churches. Please continue to pray for us as we become involved in our new church.

Please pray for my granddaughter Hevan, she is 11 and is in a very bad situation with her mother right now, please let her come back to me safe and sound and not let her spirit be broken. Thank You so much.

Thank you so much for having this prayer site. My name is Jackie Rowles and I am 63 yr. young an have been born again believer since about 1982. along with my husband Ken and we have 6 children and 14 grandchildren and none of them are walking with the Lord and we believe our one daughter Christy,is into drugs and she has 4 children and they are homeless right now. She was raised in the Lord from the time she was about 3. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and have had a number of bowel surgeries and have constant chronic pain in my right side and have had many tests and they can't find the cause and I hurt all the time and don't get hardly any sleep. I have tried claiming healing but still have pain. Thank you so much for prayer. Mrs. Jacqueline Rowles

Please pray for Houston Martin... he has cataract surgery next week.


Houston had his cataract surgery and is doing fine.


Please pray for Wilma Whitaker.. she has colon cancer and is battling depression.

I'm in great need of your Prayers at this time. Below is a message that was sent to me concerning a dear Friend of mine . She is in great need of prayers . I would appreciate your prayers for her & her family. She is just in her 30's and has 6 young childeren too (3 are from previous marriage & 3 are for the hubby she is married to now that he had with his x-wife). This dear friend of mine (works with Burt) . Please keep her and her family in your prayers they are in great need. Julie has been moved from 3 different hospitals in the last few days. She is now in The Methodist Hospital in Houston at this time. When Julie (under the name Julie Parks-not sure why its not under her married name Denson)she was first hospitalized they thought it was a stroke but we just found out its not. Also she only has 1 kidney. She is at this time paralyized from the neck down . You can read about her condition at this link She is hooked up to breathing machine, heart monitor, etc... . I copied the email I got on her condition and pasted it below for you to read. Thank you for your prayers for my friend & her family. Thanks, Ann

I have spoken with Julie's mother this morning. Julie is being transferred today from Memorial Baptist Hospital in Beaumont to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston . She has been diagnosed with a rare nervous system disorder called Guillain-Barre' Syndrome-GBS(pronounced "gee-YAN bah-RAY"). The disorder is a condition in which the immune system attacks its own tissues as though they were foreign substances, which results in nerve dammage. The exact cause of GBS is not known. Julie is paralyzed from her neck down, breathing with the help of a respirator, and is being fed through a feeding tube. Keep in mind that this deterioration in her condition has taken place over the course of one week! Julie and her family need our prayers! Please pray for Julie's recovery from this debilitating illness and the strength of her family in coping with this.

Please pray for my son who is in hospital mental ward that he will take his medicine when he comes home so he can stay stable & be able to associate with others.. Bunnyfran


My son was in Hospital & is now home & what a difference in him. HE is acting like himself.
I have another request for you. that he may find Christ as his Lord also his daughter.
Thank you so much Praise God.

Please pray for Ada Mae... she has a biopsy on Wednesday.


Ada Mae's biopsy showed cancer. She is having a tough time and needs prayers for healing.


Ada Mae had surgery on Tuesday, August 26th. Please continue to pray for her as she awaits the results.

Please pray for Fred... he had his wisdom teeth removed.


Fred's mouth has healed and he's able to eat again. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Please pray for my daughter as she has been through two divorces has 6 kids two from the last marriage and four from the first. She also needs a good paying job, she is a teacher, she needs a job that she can get a home of her own for her two youngest kids and herself. Also pray for me, as I lost my husband on 3,26,2008 and I have lot of help and support. but would like pray Thank you Rose

My fiance and I have been trying to have children for nearly 6 years, we just a year ago lost a baby at almost 3 months along in the pregnancy, we could really use some prayers in our journey to parenthood.
Laura and Charles


God Please help me as I know she was hurt in the past, I know I hurt her and damaged the trust between us. If i have intentionally or unintentionally sinned please forgive me and help me not to repeat such mistakes again. you know what i am .please show her the truth, that you have changed me. lord Please heal and restore our marriage. Dear all, Please pray for me and my wife. she has been gone since april to her parents house due to some misunderstanding that i dont love her & dont care for her and still doesn\'t want to come home , i ask you to pray with me to help her change her mind. GOD says what ever he puts together let no man take a part. So i ask you to pray with me to help my wife to remember this , she is my world and i miss her I love my wife and want to give the best of life and all the happiness which she deserves. please help me in my prayers to get her back home. i promise and will try my best to keep her happy always thank you one and all jitendra

ok, this afternoon I looked at my bank statement and saw that my account had been 100% wiped out at on line casino. my account is in the negative my life savings gone. I am 32 and just married, and started a business 3 months ago. Please pray that God will provide and keep my family strong throughout this awful situation. I called the number on my bank statement that the charges were to, and they gave me the 5 email addresses used and the ip addresses used and times of the transactions. I gave this info to my local sheriffs office, and in turn to the FBI. The ip addresses came from Germany. I know that God will take care of us no matter what, but I do ask for your prayers. thanks, Jaime and Dixie

Please pray for Lori...

Len has been healed! He went to be with the Lord Wednesday, June 25, 2008. The Lord did not answer our prayers in the way we had hoped He would, but He answered in the way that was best. Len is healed and whole in the arms of Jesus. Thank you all for your prayers. My chains are gone I've been set free!!
Lori Greenawalt

Hello I have a prayer request. Thank you for your prayers
My employer is having serious financial problems. Please pray this company does not close and lay off the workers. The workers are not wealthy and need the job to supply their families basic needs. Please pray that this company prospers and pulls out of the economic difficulties and that no one loses their jobs or health benefits. Please pray that I will always be employed in a well paying stable job with health benefits and good work environment that pays all the bills and rent. Please pray that God will heal me of all emotional and health problems and help guide me so I can become financially self sufficient in a fulfilling job and career.
Thank you.

Please pray 4 me and my son kayden and unborn child..that i get sum kind of help taking care of them..and dat mybaby is born ok

Please pray for financial blessings, health and happiness for all who are in need.
Pray for a good time at VBS next week (june 8-12). Pray for our country and our soldiers.

My 23 year old son weighted 411 lbs in 2004 and had gastric bypass. He lost down to 180 but now he has had many many problems. He has almost died 4 times due to loss of much blood. During the surgery, the surgeon nicked a small place in the new pouch which he left unnoticed . Now the ulcer has eroded and will never heal. He is on several medications for live. Due to this surgery, it has caused restless leg syndrome, and never damage in the lower legs and arms. There are times that he shakes severely. The past two weeks he has fallen twice and we received a report from the orthopedic that he either has a debilitating disc or the back is either broke. We have no insurance and we cannot find a doctor or an MRI office who will do the MRI and let us pay payments. He has applied for disability and we are having to go to court which is July 2nd. He dad was laid off from his job on November 8th of 2007 and we lost everything, our home 2 vehicles and all medical insurance. We are fighting the devil on every hand. Please remember the Moor Family in Trussville. God Bless Pam Moor


We purchased another home 11 months ago to accommodate our children. Our old home still hasn't sold and we have pledged money to drill a well in India to help 10,000 people. Due to the terrible year we had in 2006 I also resigned my position at work. Please pray that our house will sell quickly and that I find another position where I can glorify God. Thank you Renee

Dear fellow Christian, Please place Nicholas Pillot on your list, he is suffering granmaul seizures, and is undergoing an MRI on Thursday 5/29/08 to determine the root cause of the seizures, his parents are very concerned and anxious about the outcome, and hopefully finally will have a cure for them. Thank you and God bless you. Jay Nelson

Please pray for my grandson, he is now is drug rehab. He is a good boy,smart, but got with the wrong bunch of kids in college. Janet

In July my church, Heritage Baptist Church, has planned a mission tip to Caragautatuba, Brazil to help A.J. Hensley at his mission outpost. There will be about a dozen of us going from my church to assist in various projects, and preaching opportunities. We’ve been asked to raise as much of our own support as possible, and the church will also help with the expense. This is a great opportunity for me, and also for you to participate in this project. You can do so in one of two ways: 1) your financial support. Any gift would be greatly appreciated. 2) Prayer. If you can’t financially support us at this time we would certainly covet your prayers while we are gone. Pray over this matter, and if you feel that God would have you help you may send you gifts to Heritage Baptist Church 163 N. Ashland Ave. Lexington, KY 40502. Please do not send gifts to me as I would then have to declare them as income. Indicate on your check that your gift is for the Brazil Mission trip, and include my name. Until Victory, Gary Hurt

Please pray for our family. My husband is trying to gain custody of his two boys from a previous marriage. The boys mother is in need of psychological help but I won't bog anyone down with the details. Please pray that it is God's will to help these boys out of a terrible situation. Thank you! Missy and Jason

I would like to ask you for support in prayers for my friends and me, please:





Thank you very much for support in prayer.
I pray for you.

Please pray for Susie Stacy. She had knee surgery in December, then she fell in February and had to have emergency surgery on the same knee. She is also having trouble with her asthma.

Please pray for Gus. He had guillain barre syndrome and his feet have been bothering him.


Please keep me in your prayers. I'm still having lots of problems with my back. I have a slipped disc and its bone on bone I've been waiting for them to get me into a specialist, I found out Friday they are trying to get it set up.



JUNE 1, 2008

Blessings all, It has been 2 weeks since I updated and God has done the impossible!! Not only does Len still live, he is awake and progressing. The Dr says the horrible pneumonia/bacteria that Len had a few months ago is back. As far as they are concerned it is primarily untreatable. I mentioned last time that Len had had some exploratory surgery on his abdomen. The Dr found a very swollen and non functioning liver, and a diseased gallbladder. This caused some jaundice and a back up of fluid in Len's stomache. The Dr said Len's liver would return to function if it shrank in size the largeness was also making it impossible to close his incision. I told the Dr I felt that God had healed Len's gallbladder, but if he wanted to take it out than go ahead. The liver shrank in size and when they went in to take out the gallbladder, it was perfect!! So they left it in!! I was given a confirmation of Len's complete healing last Sunday during Communion at church. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to take communion for Len too. I began to pray and felt the Lord open my eyes of faith to see the "broken" body of Jesus take Len's place on that hospital bed!! I knew Len would be made whole. Today Len is on some pain medication, but almost no blood pressure medication, he is awake and in a good mood asking to get out of bed!! He will begin trial times off his ventilator again today or tomorrow. God IS!!! Praise the Lord with us!!!
Lori Greenawalt


Len has been healed! He went to be with the Lord Wednesday, June 25, 2008. The Lord did not answer our prayers in the way we had hoped He would, but He answered in the way that was best. Len is healed and whole in the arms of Jesus. Thank you all for your prayers. My chains are gone I've been set free!! Lori Greenawalt

My son has lost his job. He lost one 3 years ago and had to move in with Mom and Dad. Now another lose. Please pray it does not take him 2 years to find another job. That is how long it took last time. Mom and Dad are 66 and 69, Dad is still working and wants to retire. We all need prayer. Thank you so much in Jesus name, Betty Jackson

Please pray for all of the people suffering from the flu virus. This is terrible and is spreading into schools.

I have an urgent prayer request. They have taken Dale Hanlon's mom, June to the hospital. She has already had to take two nitro pills. Please pray for her. Also I have a new computer which I am getting ready to try and hook up, so please don't get angry if it takes a while for me to get your request out. Thanks Gus (2/5/08)

Folks, I wanted to remind you guys of some prayer request: 1) Please pray for Braxton Monday morning, also for Dale's grandchild on Thursday. They are both having tubes put in their ears. 2) Remember to pray for Earline on Wednesday she is having gallbladder surgery. Thanks Gus (2/3/08)


UPDATE (2/4/08):

UPDATE on Cole There is no cancer in the nervous system, no cancer in the brain. Tests on the bones have not come back yet. Cole started Chemo yesterday and they are saying that if the cancer is not in the bones (docs report) that it's 80% cureable.

Please pray for our son John facing brain tumor surgery on February 5th and 6 weeks of radiation afterwards. Also for a daughter having gall bladder surgery February 6th. Thank you/ D & K (02/02/08)

A friend of ours in New Orleans needs your prayers!!! This one is for a little boy named John Merl who is experiencing an extremely low white platelet count. He has had several steroid treatments which have not worked. He is now facing a procedure where they take all his blood out, filter it, and put it back. This procedure will take at least four hours and may have to be repeated five times before they see results. This mean he will have to be sedated and in ICU for some time. Just yesterday I was informed that on Wednesday he was vomiting blood and hemorrhaging from his nose. Please, please, please but John Merl on your prayer list and spread this request around via church meetings and email. Our Lord is an all powerful passionate savior who still performs healing miracles to this very day. Please pray. Please pray now.
In His Name. Robert & Debra Lair.


After the doctors took bone marrow samples from JohnMerl, they gave him a Chemo treatment. His platelet count went to 15 but, that didn't last long. It bottomed out at -1 (thousand) and this is when the episodes of hemorrhaging occurred and we had blood in the stool. We thought the Chemo did not work.

They were hoping the Chemo would kill this virus or whatever that was destroying the platelets. It received platelets that night. The next morning JohnMerl's platelet count was at 50!! but, we didn't want to get too excited. The count stayed at 50 for 2 days, then went to 54 !! yeah, something was going on. This morning the count went to 60 !! He will be going home.

He is not out of the woods yet. At home he will have to have bed rest. No outside activities. No school for the rest of the year. Someone has to be with him around the clock. He will have to go back to the hospital every week, or every couple of days to have his count checked. The Chemo treatments will continue. Every 5 weeks for 4 more treatments. He will need blood transfusions. The Chemo destroys several things in the blood.

If at any time, he starts hemorrhaging and the count drops to critical again, he will be going to St Jude Hospital in Memphis. They are aware of his case and he was going there if the improvement hadn't occurred.

I want to Thank everyone for their prayers. It looks like we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. We have a long road to get back to normal, but we are on our way at last.


We ask that you please continue to pray for JohnMerl;
as you can tell, the Lord is moving.
Thanks for praying!
Robert & Debra

I am usually shy about this, but this time I need help. My husband and I are having some serious marriage issues. I would like some prayer for healing and understanding in our marriage. I am not going into details here, but pray that our marriage will stay together and that we can get through this stressful time together. Thanks. In Christ's love, Marla. (01/31/08)

Please pray for my daughter Susan and grandchildren. She is in the process of a Divorce, and her husband is giving her a terrible time, so, I'm asking you to please pray that he leaves the house, and to stop giving them all a hard time. Thank you Sandra

We are adopting a baby girl and everything surrounding her adoption seems to be chaotic to say the least. We would like prayers for a financial boost (it is increasingly becoming more expensive as the months go by) and for our process to be completed quickly so she may come home to us very very soon. God bless, Jenn (01/31/08)

Just wanted everyone to remember Wesley's moms family in your prayers. Wesley got a call this morning from his mom saying that his aunt, on the side of the family that lives overseas in Panama had a stroke yesterday and died. She was only 49 years old. It's hard on Wes when stuff happens to them and he's not able to see them. He has family that he has only met a couple times, because they live, what feels like, worlds away. Brecken will probably never see them. Anyway, wesleys mom has anxiety issues so just please remember her. Thanks Asena

Please pray for Tonya Williams family Her Aunt passed away Monday. Pray especially for her Dad. Thanks Gus


Please pray for Dale's nephew, Bill Cole. He has and abscess on his eye and needs life saving surgery. Thanks Gus


Gus, Please ask everyone to pray for a very good friend of Randall's. His name is Dave Miller, the doctor thinks he may have had a mild stroke. Theresa

Hello,I Have a niece who has crones disease,The Doctors say if she has any more surgerys she will die.Please add her to your Prayer list.her name is Lynn.Thank You.


Hi friends & family, I just wanted to ask each of you to keep my oldest son James, his wife Vicki, and my new Grandaughter in your prayers. Anna Elizabeth was born Tues evening. She weighed in at 7.2 and she's 20 3/4" long. This evening James called me to tell me she's not doing really good. She can't keep food down, her heart rate is having trouble stablizing, her white blood cell count is triple of what it should be,& she's jaundice. Tomorrow they will run radioactive dye through her intestinal system. Also James hit black ice today on his way to the hospital and totaled Vicki's car he's O.K. but shook up. So please keep them in your prayers for me. Thanks to all, Deb

The doctors think she has an intestial infection. They had a hard time getting an IV in and ended up putting it in her stomach. Now I don't know if this caused the bleeding or if it was something else, but now she has some bleeding as well. She is in a hospital in Bangor, ME, but I don't know which one, but I'm sure it is one that specializes in neonatal care. Thanks!



I don't know if you remember or not but we requested prayer for June's Dad, Terry, last Sunday, but didn't give any details. Terry had gone to the doctor last friday and was told an infection had set up in his big toe, and there was an 80% chance the toe would have to be amputated. Well, he just went to the doctor and the doctor was amazed. He said he had never seen anyone recover so quickly and even had all the nursing staff come in to look. When they were unwrapping the bandage, a prayer cloth fell out and they were all asking what it was, and when they found out, they were asking what church it was from and they needed to go there, etc. This is nothing short of a miracle...and proof that FASTING WORKS! In Christ Daniel


I just heard from my brother about his wife. They have now quarantined her for fear that the staph infection could put any visitors in danger and afraid they might bring something more in on her. She is in a tremendous amount of pain and now even her hubby cannot be with her so there is an emotional aspect add to the phyical. So I ask everyone to please pray for her for healing and my brother for the useless feeling he is feeling right now. Thanks, Christina Johnson


I wanted to give you latest on my sister in law. The place that they removed from her leg had been there for a while and has turned solid. They sent it off to be tested and so we are asking everyone to pray that it is a good outcome with the test results. She is still in a room were my brother has to put on gloves, mask, and gown just to sit beside her and talk. She is still having a significant amount of pain as well. They are saying until they get the tests back she will be in the hospital (they had to send them off). So please keep her and the family in your prayers. (they have two teens at home that aren't even allowed to come to the hospital) She and my brother are the teen ministers at their church and are supposed to take them to some teen worship thing next weekend (can't think of the name) so please pray that she will be heal so she can continue the work God has called her for. Thank You, Christina Reno

Anna Hanlon just called me wanting us to pray for Tyler Cornett, he is facing a bad surgery today. Please lift him up to the Lord. Thanks Gus

Please pray for Allison Hanlon, she has pneumonia and really needs our prayers. Thanks Gus

Please pray that I may have a closer relationship with God. Also for my son Tom that he will give up his bad habits & find God.

Please pray for my grandbaby, Miley Gadbury. Shes had a very bad cold and took her to the Dr. today, and he said she had RSV. He sent her home and told them to give her 6 breathing treatments a day. We are all so scared. I have never seen her this sick. She is only 6 months old. I know the power of prayer, so please join us in prayer for God to heal her. Love Ada

I am calling on my friends to pray for a little 5 year old girl named Hannah here in Rochester. Her mother and I are in the same small quilting group. Hannah started having seizures, so they put her in a medically-induced coma, but her organs began to fail, so they had to get her off the meds. However, her seizures are back with a vengeance, so they put her back on the drugs. An MRI indicated there may be some brain damage, possibly from the anti-seizure meds, and they will be doing a brain biopsy tomorrow to try to find some answers. This was just supposed to be a 48 hour induced coma to settle her brain activity down, but it has turned into every parents' nightmare. Please pray, and pray hard for Hannah, her twin sister Molly, and her parents, Chris and Cheryl. Just two weeks ago, they were an ordinary family looking forward to celebrating Christmas... things sure can change quickly. Thanks so very much. Karen

Please pray for James Miller. He is a double amputee and just had more of his right leg removed.
Please pray for complete healing and comfort for James.

Please pray for
... Pastor, James Madden and his family.
The x-ray showed a little fluid on his lung. They are giving him medicine for that. The doctor said that he should get to come home tomorrow.

Pastor is home and doing pretty good. Please continue to pray for the strength of his lungs and for a quick recovery.


I just spoke to Bea about Pastor's visit with his kidney doctor. The kidney functions that they have been monitoring has gone in the wrong direction. The doctor believes this is being caused by a medicine they have him on, so they are taking him off this medicine and then will recheck his kidney functions next week. Bea wanted me to remind everyone to continue to pray for our Pastor. Pray that his kidney's and lung's will work as God designed them to. Also pray that God will encourage and strengthen Pastor. Thanks Gus


Please pray for

... Raymond Griffie

.... Donna Herald

... Josh Holland's mom, Donna

... Russell Napier

... Ann Bolling (her husband, Mouse passed away Dec. 31st)

... Ronnie Robertson. (He is very weak and is discouraged. Please lift him up to the Lord. Also remember Emma and the rest of his family. )


... Baby Kylie


Derrick just received a call from Pikeville and he has been excepted into medical school.
Our GOD is wonderful.!
Your brother in Christ: Don

my sister Donna has to have a liver biopsy on Wednesday morning at 6 am they found another leasion on her liver .. Please pray for her. Earline


Please pray for Pearl Combs, Fannie's husband.
He is the father of a very good friend and co-worker of mine (Johnnie Lovins).
He is in ICU at St. Joseph. I don't have any details other than he is in serious condition. He was having problems breathing yesterday and went to the doctor. He may have had some type of virus and pneumonia then became septic. He also has chronic heart failure, stage 3 I believe. Please prayer for him (as I know you already have) that God will heal his body and he makes a complete recovery. We also need to pray for Fannie and lift her up during this time. Thanks, Lesa

Please pray for Fenchia Robinson, they induced labor for her at around 2pm yesterday (01-14-08). Verna called around 10:30 this morning and she has still not had the baby. Verna said she was sick to her stomach and she wanted us to pray for her. Please take a few minutes and pray for Fenchia. Thanks Gus

Will you ask everyone to keep Mom (Donna) in their prayers. She is in the hospital with pneumonia. Thanks, Mike Colwell


My Mom called shortly after I got home from church tonight and said the my cousin (Derek Lewis) fell the evening from a ladder and has crushed the bones in his arm, from the elbow down. He is going to have to undergo surgery tomorrow morning to try to repair the damage. I ask for pray for him, they so far haven't found any internal injuries, thank the good Lord for that. I just ask to pray that he hasn't got nerve damage or anything from the broken bones. Remember he is the one with krone's disease and has a low immune system so please pray about that as well, that he doesn't get any infection during or after the surgery either. Thank you all for all the prayers, In God's Love, Christina Johnson


I had requested prayer back when we were at Walker Branch for my old roommate's boyfriend, Ben. He was 24 and found out that he had cancer. He's been doing chemo/radiation since that time. They ran a test not long ago and all the cancer is GONE! They're going to continue this chemo through February, since that was the original plan, just to be safe. But the best part of it all is that Ben and my roommate, Morgan, are now in church and loving every minute of it! Morgan said that Ben is so excited about church that he picks his outfits out on Friday! I thank God for all his answered prayers. I know many people in our church are being affected by cancer right now, but this just goes to show that God can and will heal! We just have to have faith!!! God Bless, Ashley


Please send this out for me. Please pray for my grandsons, Drew, Hunter and Tristan. Drew has pneumonia, Hunter and Tristan both have upper respiratory and ear infections. All of them have been sick for a couple of weeks and seem to be getting worse instead of better. Thank you Theresa


Please add myself to your prayer list as i lost my husband the 1st day of aug 07 and please remember all of my friends that need your prayers as the lord knows who all they are and pray for my daughter she is having a hard time getting over her dads death and please pray for my grandson that he will stay clean and safe

Dec. 29, 2007

I just got word from Samantha that Randall Haney is in the hospital. They think he has some kind of fluid around his lung, they are going to have a lung doctor see him today. Please pray fro and for Theresa.

Dec. 28, 2007

My uncle had more test done and they have found that the lower lobe of his heart is barely functioning and in turn cause significant fluid to gather around his heart and lungs. He is still having a really hard time breathing and cannot keep his o2 levels up high enough, without the added O2 at the hospital. So please continue to pray for him and his family. Thank you and everyone we really appreciate all your prayers for our family. Sincerely, Christina

Dec. 28, 2007

We just got an update from the doctors at the hospital. They are saying that if my uncle's heart beat does slow down (it is still in the high 150-160s) they are going to have to shock his heart to see if that will slow it down a little to were he isn't smothering so badly. He is having a lot of swelling in his trunk area and they are concerned about that as well so please continue the prayers. Thank you all , Christina


My aunt just called and my cousin, Jamie (who comes to church sometimes with us) had to go to the emergency room. She's 11 weeks pregnant and woke up this morning bleeding really bad. They did an ultra sound and said the baby looked like it was fine, but she may have a tear in her placenta. PLEASE pray that everything is going to be okay with her and the baby. She's really scared right now. Thanks Ashley

Greetings, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Prince of peace and the KING of kings. I am Benete Adelle a 25 years old christian girl, I don't have a computer of my own, a missionary from France allowed me to use her computer since she can't help me in any other way. I am a Victim of war in (COTE D'IVOIRE) Africa, I do have a small poultry farm before the war where I make my daily bread but unfortunately the REBELS came and destroyed all my things and set fire on houses including my poultry farm, I lost my farm. I am writing you this mail to request for your prayers and help in any way the Lord lay in your heart, to feed and clothe myself and if possible to re-start my little poultry farm again and I know that the Lord shall bless you in return for doing this. I am recently living with my pastor where we are about 9 people living in a single room. Anything that the Lord lay in your heart for me will really be of a great HELP at this point in time as I am seriously going hunger,Please kindly let me know the help you can be able to render me so that I can send you where to send it. I will be expecting your response. May the Lord bless you abundantly and grant you success in all your dealings. Yours Sister In Christ, Benete

Dec 28, 2007

Please pray for Tabitha Hanlon's sister, Amy. Amy is 32 weeks pregnant and has started spotting and has not felt the baby move since this morning, she is on her way to the E.R right now.

Dec. 07

We have an urgent prayer request from our church in Dry Ridge, a 3 month old child is fighting for her life, she has been in Children's Hospital in Cincinnati for a week, and she is in heart surgery right now. Her heart is simply giving out from this horrible virus that she has had. They still really don't know what the problem is, they admitted her for a stomach flu. She is on a feeding tube and oxygen, they almost lost her last night. Please send this.. Thanks, Lexie

Dec 27, 2007

Please pray for this child her name is Victoria (Tory) she is 5 or 6 years old and she is at UK having a liver biopsy done pray that this will come back normal and please pray for her family also! Love, Freda

Dec 27, 2007

First, I'd like to thank all the wonderful Christian brother and sisters I have. It is such a privilege to be called a child of the Most High. To know that by His grace, we have the right to go directly to Our Father and ask for his help. Knowing full well that He loves us so very much that it is His desire to take on our burdens so that we don't have to. How fortunate we are to have such a loving God. My prayer request is not huge in light of some of the others I have been reading and praying about, but very important to me and to my God in Heaven. I know he always hears my prayers, and now I ask you all to raise my family up in prayer as well. My story is too long- and as you can see, I tend to go on.... so the short version is that my husband and I have three children. My daughter who is 16 has literally put our family through the full circle of heartache. She has covered everything except a pregnancy. She is very self-destructive and an extreme compulsive liar. She has torn our family apart with her lies to get one side to feel sorry for her when she gets in trouble. She most recently accused my husband of doing Cocaine with her. She called and told my entire family about this calling him a monster (she has hated him since @ 5th grade). I immediately had her and my husband tested by a hair follicle test (three times) and all three times, the test came back negative for any illicit drug use (on my husband's part at least-not hers). She insists that he tampered with the tests to make them come out negative- even though the hair was collected by the physician and sent off to a specialized lab. My family feels sorry for her and doesn't agree with our discipline of her (which is all the time because of the issues she causes for herself-which are extremely serious). They felt compelled to call Child Protective Services on her complaints of her dad. Her psychiatrist spoke directly with CPS and all agreed that her accusations/my families report of abuse was unwarranted and no further action was ever taken by CPS (largely due to her past behavior and recent drug test results). They actually never even contacted us- we heard of the report being made because they had contacted our therapist first (he let us know). My family is in denial of how serious her self-destructive behavior is and basically have disowned us. I grew up in a very loving Christian home and I now mourn the loss of a family that will have nothing to do with me because they can't accept the facts presented not by me, but by psychiatrists therapists, law enforcement, her schools and the rehab facility she has spent time at. The enemy is hard at work to destroy a gift that my Father gave me long ago- a strong, loving, Christian family and a jewel of a daughter. I have struggled with deep depression and have been seeing a Christian therapist myself to help me cope at times. My daughter can't be left alone, I can't trust her out in public and I am often compelled to check on her while she sleeps to make sure she is alive. When she is at school, I search her room for drugs- I've learned to look in the oddest places (you'd be surprised where kids' hide drugs). Please raise my family and my daughter foremost in your prayers. She is like so many other lost kids in our nation. I'm not willing to let her fall between the cracks and I'm not willing to loose her. Her name is Alexandria Joy, we call her Lexie. She is one of the true loves of my life- and God tells us that He never gives us more than we can handle, so he must think a lot about me and my family and I'm flattered, but I'd be ok if He could just kick the enemy in the butt and allow my family to get past this and start praying for God's will, not coddle my daughter every time she does something wrong instead. I can obviously go on and on. I have placed my family in God's hands, and I humbly ask for my brothers and sisters to do the same. Bless you all and thank you for your hearts and faithfulness. -Sue from Wisconsin

My Mom is not feeling good at all (she hasn't been for a few days now). She is having alot of pain in her stomach and side, and constantly has to keep a heating pad to help with the pain. She will not go to the doctor, she says that God will take care of it. I believe in all honesty she is afraid that they will tell her something that she does not want to know. So please keep her in your prayers. (We are staying with her and Dad tonight she has been wanting to see Nathaniel (she says he makes her feel better and younger :-).) We will see you tomorrow evening at church, she asked us to stay here and let them visit with Nathaniel in the morning.) Sincerely, Christina Reno-Johnson

Dec 21, 2007


I would like you all to remember Doug Bryant in your prayers. He is at Hazard ARH with a gastrointestinal infection and possible bowel obstruction. It is so good to know that we can reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ in times of need, and even greater to know that God hears every prayer.


Brother Doug has developed post-op pneumonia. They have him on oxygen and antibiotics. He was doing fairly well yesterday and was sitting up, but today started having trouble breathing. We are also waiting on results from an ultrasound on his legs to rule out blood clot. Please continue to pray protection around him and healing for his body. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Thank you all.


Just wanted to let everyone know that Doug Bryant is finally being released from the hospital either today or tomorrow. Please continue to remember him in your prayers. After they found the pneumonia, they also found that he had a blood clot in his lungs. He will go home on blood thinners. We need to band together and pray for all our pastors here in eastern Kentucky. We have seen a huge attack on our pastors recently.

To me, all this can mean is that Jesus is about to pour out his Holy Spirit on these mountains in a way that has never been seen before. Why else would the devil be trying so hard to take our churches apart one by one? We have all heard so much about a revival coming. And I believe that it is closer than ever. We have much work to do. Look at all of us. We have already started crossing the boundaries of doctrine to simply be brothers and sisters in Christ with one goal, to win souls to Him. We need to keep up this work, and keep having events that unify us, and sending emails to each other, and strengthening each other. I thank each and every one of you. May God continue to bless each of you as you grow in Him. I praise God for all He has done, and all He will do. Love you all, Loretta

Also remember Pastor James Madden who had open heart surgery yesterday in Lexington.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Love In Him, Loretta Smith
Youth Team Leader, Solid Rock Fellowship Church
1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Results of surgery, Doug Bryant First, I'd like to give glory to God!! And then I want to say how much it means to know that we can reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and great and powerful things happen with prayer. Doug had his surgery today. Several years ago, he was in a motorcycle wreck and was pretty badly injured. We all have a protective sort of muscular covering over our intestines that holds everything in place. The doctors think that the trauma from the wreck caused several tears in this covering, one of them about 4 inches long, and the bowel had looped out through that tear and began to get squeezed. So, all that had to be done was to put everything back in place and repair the tears. This is wonderful news!! He did not have to have any cutting on his intestines, which makes for a shorter recovery and less chance of post op infection!! Again, I can't thank you all enough for your love, support, and faith. Psalm 7:17 I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high. In Him, Loretta

Hey guys Just wanted to ask for prayer for my great niece. Josi. She has been diagnosed with RSV and she needs healing in her little body. Also my niece Jessie is in the hospital with stomach problems and severe migraines. She has battled with these headaches for about six years now and they have caused her to have to quit work (which she loved) and go on disability. She wants to be healed and have a life so badly so please pray for her complete healing.And pray for her dad (my brother Harold) and her mom (Pat) they are both under so much stress from all of the years of watching their child suffer. My brother is not saved and he does not have God to help him. In a way I think he blames God for not healing her by now. Please keep them both in your prayers. Pat is saved and is fighting a spiritual battle for her family and she needs her arms lifted up in prayer as well. My dad has also been under attack with stomach problems and needs to be healed as well. Thanks so much for all of your prayers. Leshia

I would like everyone to pray for my office. A man that was our Juvenile Specialist (his name is Bill) was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer about 6 months ago. He had chemo and radiation and that didn't really help. He is in the hospital with pneumonia and went into a coma yesterday. They don't think he's going to make it. Just pray for peace and comfort for my office because they are really upset about it (he got sick shortly after I started working here, so I don't really know him). Thanks, Ashley


I would like everyone to pray for my office. The co-worker that had cancer that I sent a prayer request on last week, died over the weekend. Pray not only for our office, but for his family as well. His name was Bill Clemons and he was from Breathitt County. Thanks Ashley

I just got an update on Sue Vance. Last night she was moved to ICU. Her blood pressure and vitals bottomed out when they were trying to give her some medication. She is in a great deal of pain. She also has significant swelling that the doctors are very concerned about. For those of you who do not know, Sue had strep throat and it went to her joints and is now in her blood stream. It has affected her liver and kidneys. They seem to think that her heart is okay but will do further tests to make sure. This infection has basically poisoned her system and she is septic. Sue is very sick and is in need of diligent prayer.

Eric Smith had a pretty severe seizure yesterday (1-7-08) and they are having to take him to Lexington today for tests. The side effects for the some of the medicines are very severe, please pray for this family. Also, a friend of mine from Dry Ridge is at the hospital, her name is Ruth, they think she may have had a small stroke, so pray for her. Lexie

Hey Everybody. One of my worker's in our senior homecare program is asking for some prayer for her father who is struggling with cancer. Praise the Lord the tumor has shrunk, but now we found out today that his blood palettes are extremely low; the doctor's say this is a very dangerous situation and the slightest cut could easily cause him to bleed to death. He is soon facing an emergency blood transfusion and needs your prayers to get through the weekend. His name is Mason Foster and his worried daughters name is Sherry Matthews. Please stop now at this moment and pray for them and then ask the church to pray for them when you meet this weekend.

Thanks! Many blessings to each of you.

Robert & Debra.

"Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy cause." Helen Keller

Please pray for Dalton Hurley.
He's in first grade and has been having problems keeping his protein levels down.

Also pray for his Dad, Nan & Gpa.


Will you please pray for my friend Tonya and her 5 children. Friday night her husband Eric (he is a Huntsville Police Officer) and another officer responded to a car accident. When Eric and the other officer went to arrest one of the drivers for DUI the man pulled a gun an shot Eric in the head. Eric was taken to the hospital and operated on. He passed away Saturday morning. Eric was 36 years old. I have known Erica and Tonya for 14 years. All Eric ever wanted was to be a police officer. In January he would have been with the department for 3 years. In his 3 years he had become a decorated officer. He was a great friend to everyone and wonderful with children. Please keep Tonya and the children in your prayers. My mind can not begin to understand what she is going through. To loose your husband and for 5 children to loose their father right before Christmas. I know that my heart is past broke and completely shattered right now. For something so senseless and a drunks lapse in judegement to cause such heartache. Here is the link for the Fallen Officers memorial. Thanks Donna

As many of your already know my son’s (Colton) best friend Robbie has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia.

Robbie is 9 years and in the 4th grade at Martha Jane Potter Elementary School. His prognosis was very poor especially in the begging. We had been a little more optimistic until this week. Below is an update on his condition and a request for prayers. Robbie praying.

Once again, we are desperately seeking prayers for Robbie. He was suppose to begin his 5 day treatment yesterday in Lexington. As many of you know his ANC have been very low. This number is used to determine a leukemia patients ability to fight infection and the body’s ability to accept chemotherapy. ANCs vary from zero to in the thousands with a normal range of 1800-7000. Anything below 500 is severe. Robbie’s is now in the single digits. His treatments have been discontinued until his condition improves. He’s weak and tired; he has no appetite and when he does it’s quickly followed by nausea. A few weeks ago Robbie weighed 96 pounds; yesterday he weighed 72 lbs.

I know many of you are already praying and we must continue to be diligent in those prayers. We’re asking every person and every church to take time this Sunday, December 16th between 11 am and noon and say a special prayer for Robbie. It’s essential for Robbie to resume his treatments as soon as possible. His numbers will be checked again on Monday.

I have a God who works miracles and that’s what I’m asking for this Christmas. I’m blessed with three healthy children, to ask for anything more would merely be selfish.

Remember to not only pray for Robbie but his entire family; they are very discouraged. Brady (Robbie’s brother) is currently out of school in order to protect Robbie from any infections that he might bring home. They can’t have any visitors until Robbie improves.

Please send this prayer request to everyone. Ask your church to say a special prayer on Sunday for this little boy and his family. I know it helps to put a face with prayer request, here are a couple of pictures that were taken about a month ago when Robbie was doing better. Robbie and Colton at church a few weeks ago.

Celesta J Riffe
Project Associate
GEAR UP Kentucky


Peggy, Robbie's mom, just called and asked for prayers. Robbie has an infection and is on his way to UK (Wednesday, January 16 3:00pm). His ANC count still hasn't come up so we knew that he was at an incredible risk for infection. I went with Robbie for his treatment on Monday. He had to have yet another blood transfusion. He's such a trooper, facing his nurses with a smile and telling them to "fill it up, this time" while they prepped his unit of blood. Today though, he was crying in the background --afraid and not wanting to go to the hospital. Robbie knows and understands everything about his condition including his treatment plan and the fact that if he's hospitalized at anytime with a low ANC count, he cannot be discharged until his count reaches 500. His ANC count on Monday was 42.

My heart aches for Robbie who was hoping it would snow Thursday; he's never had snow cream so I promised to make him some. He wants to learn division, go to Sunday school, play with Hope (his dog) and see Water Horse. Yet I complain about driving in the snow, the kids having homework and the kids playing with the dog rather than doing their chores.


Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we don't recognize the blessings God has given to us.

Pray for Robbie's parents too. They are very discouraged, on Monday while I stayed with Robbie during his treatment and transfusion, Brady (his little brother) went across the clinic to see an optometrist. Brady will need at least two operations to correct his eye, including surgery on his eye lid and the muscles of the eye.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and kindness. The week before Christmas the road to Robbie's house was bogged down from rain, turning their dirt road into a mud bog. Hoping to encourage Robbie to eat, a friend brought Robbie some goodies. The road was so swampy, the small car couldn't get up the hill. Robert and Peggy decided that since so many folks along with Martha Jane Potter Elementary and West Whitesburg Elementary had bought so much for Robbie and Brady, they would take part of the Christmas money they had put back and buy gravel. They patched the road up, but knew it was only a short term fix. But God knows our needs and who can provide them. A contractor showed up last week, with a load of gravel "just wanting to help out." Many thanks to whoever made a way for this to happen.

Monday, we left UK very discouraged. Robbie's next treatment is scheduled for January 21st. It's a 3 day, high intensity, experimental treatment. However, his ANC count has to be at least 750 before they will begin this regimen. His doctor seemed to think that Robbie is a few weeks away to reaching that number. Therefore, Robbie will have to remain isolated until his finishes the three day treatment. I dropped Robbie off late Monday night, a little while later Peggy called to tell me how Robbie's spirits were lifted with 3 cards he received in the mail. His excitement was contagious. "Three cards from TEXAS, and not just the same place in Texas, but there are people from three different places in Texas praying for me," he explained. Again, God knows what we need, when we need it and who can provide it.

I told Peggy that I worried about the expense of the many trips they had to make to Lexington. She assured me that God was providing, not only had someone sent them a gas card but one of the local gas stations filled her tank and sent her on her way, insisting she didn't owe anything. As Peggy relates these stories to me, she says she's amazed not only at the many people who are praying but of the kindness of strangers. She insists that their family doesn't know who is responsible for the many "random acts of kindness" --but it certainly demonstrates that the spirit of Christianity prevails in America!

Celesta J Riffe

Here is update on Pastor. Bea said that the test showed that he would need surgery to fix a damaged valve. He wants to have this done as soon as possible. So they are going to do a heart cath on him today to make sure there is no blockages, then they will schedule him for the surgery. So please pray for him. Thanks Gus

Welsey's grandmother has been sick for sometime. At Thanksgiving she was eating, alert, participating in the family conversation and just like she doesnt know anyone and they sent her home from the hospital,,pretty much to die. She has cancer that has spread all over her body and had refused treatment several times. I just ask that you guys would lift wesley, his dad and the entire family up for strength. They've not had much loss in the family and it's a terrible thing to deal with as we all know. thanks so much and I love you ALL!!! Asena


Wes just got the phone call.....they're saying his grandmother only has a few mintues.....i dont know how they know this but theres nurses there and theyve been monitoring her 24/7,,,so I assume they KNOW!!! He did get a chance to talk to her on the phone last night and she told him she loved him,,,it meant alot to him.

My mom called and asked me to pray for a neighbors son. She doesn't know these people well and didn't even know his name but God does. She said the lady told my dad that her son had something with his heart and they didn't know if he would make it or not. So just ask the Lord to move in his situation because God knows. Thanks Visa

I have a prayer request. Haley's great grandmother Lottie Patterson is very ill. She is 92 (I think). The family has been told that she will not survive. She is a Christian. Most of her family need God. Please pray for them.

Makenzie Foley, who is a preschool student at West Knox, has just been diagnosed with cancer. At this time we believe that the cancer is in her throat, stomach, lympnoids, and possibly her liver. She is currently in UK hospital.

This morning (12-6-07) the doctors will be doing some biopsies. Makenzie will be sedated for 3 days and then begin Chemotherapy. As parents, we can only imagine what the family is going through. One of the greatest gifts we can give Makenzie is our prayers. Please add her name to any of your church prayer lists.

Mrs. Becky, Mrs. Amy and the preschool staff

Please stop what you are doing and pray for Bonnie Thompson. She works in our medical records here at the nursing home and her 16 year old daughter has just been killed in a car accident. Denise Adams

Guys this is a request for my cousin Andy Dean, please pray for him. Thanks Gus

Please stop what you are doing and pray for Tabitha Hanlon. She is having extreme back pain, and really needs our pray. Thanks Gus

Please pray for Ronnie, his feet & legs are swollen again.

Please pray for Gary and Cindy Hogan. Click here to find out more!

As you know I have the greatest faith in the prayers of this group who have helped me so much in the past. I would now like to ask their prayers for the following. My nephew needs urgently to sell/lease a large premises. So may I ask for their help. Will keep you up to date. Regards Charlotte

Please pray for Stephanie Morgan. She is a therapist here at the nursing home and has been diagnosed with a bladder disease. She is having to take a drug that has some of the same effects as chemo and is having to take a treatment every Monday that really has some rough effects on her. She has asked that our church please pray for her. She is a Christian and knows that God will take her through this, but these treatments are really working on her. Denise

Josh Holland from First Baptist had a test done on his heart because of the incident where he passed out a while back. They put him on a tilt table and he ended up blacking out so they think something is wrong with his heart. Everyone keep him in your Prayers. Thanks -Nathan

I have two prayer requests:

1. One of my very good friends from high school had been having some problems...she kept passing out and then vomitting while passed out. She went to the doctor and they told her that she either had a brain tumor or something wrong with her heart. So she went to a specialist and they told her somewhat good news...she didn't have a brain tumor, but she did have something going on with one of her heart valves. They put her on some kind of medicine, I believe it is blood pressure medicine. She is really scared and doesn't really understand what is going on. She's only 24. So please pray for peace/comfort for her.

2. There was a baby born into Jade's Step-father's family. They took him a few months early due to complications his mother was having. They have him in the hospital at UK. Last I heard, they had an IV in his head and a feeding tube in him. We're getting mixed reports on how he's actually doing, so we're going to stop by and see him on our way to the football game tonight. Please pray that God will touch this may be what wins over his parents to the Lord. His name is Blaine.

Thanks, Ashley

I have a friend here at work who is concerned that her son, Connor (I think he is 3) may have cystic fibrosis. It is an illness that effects the lungs and the absorption of food in the stomach and pancreas. The usually keep lung infections and have difficulty breathing. Life expectancy in children with cystic fibrosis in the past does not exceed elementary school. I know that God can do all things and I promised my friend that I would pray for him and put him on our list.
Thanks! Samantha Lewis,

Everyone, please keep my dad in your prayers tomorrow(11/19/07). He is having surgery (he has a hernia). He's supposed to be at the hospital around 11 and his surgery will be sometime after that. So just pray that everything goes well. Thanks Ashley

I just wanted everyone to know that Dad came out of surgery and everything went well. Please pray that he has a quick recovery!! Thanks Ashley

Please pray for Eli Stidham, the chest pains that were bothering him have flared up again.

Aaron has the strep throat . He was sick last night with fever and this morning we took him to DR . so pleas pray for him and us . God Bless.

Please pray for Allision Hanlon, she is having trouble breathing.


1) I just talked to Russell and he said they are discharging Baylor Hignite from the hospital, we still need to pray for him.

2) Braxton Robinson is still in the hospital please pray for him and his mom and dad, it is not easy having a child in the hospital.

3) Please pray for Cassie, pray that she will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Thanks Gus

Please pray for Joan and her family.
Pray that her grandson gets better grades.

My son Adrian has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. He is getting chemotherapy right now and will be getting radiation therapy soon. Please pray for his recovery. Please pray for a new office staff, and my ability to work, and our financial health. I am believing the Lord for healing. Amelia Anne


Thank you for your prayers for Adrian. He has finished chemo and we are leaving Tuesday to go to St. Jude for radiation. Blessings, Amelia Anne


St. Jude was so pleased with Adrian's progress that they stopped at 10 instead of 17 radiations. He has gone back to school and I have gone back to work. Praise the Lord! Please keep us in your prayers. Amelia Anne

Please pray for Rebekah... she has a virus.

Please send out a prayer request for Tahnee Evans, she is currently in the hospital having premature contractions; she is only at 30 weeks in her pregnancy.

Please pray for Ron Robertson he is having trouble getting rid of some fluid. Thanks Gus

I spoke to Russell this morning and he told me that Ron Robertson had made it through the procedure to clean out his lungs just fine. Praise the Lord!! Please continue to lift Ron up to the Lord. Thanks Gus

Please pray for Christina. Thanks Gus

I just wanted to write you and maybe you can pass it on to everyone else. Although I am still having quite a time physically right now, I want to thank you all for your prayers and I am hoping and praying that I will be able to come this weekend to church and the dinner. Thank You all and we truly feel we have found our home with the church and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Sincerely, Christina

I just wanted to pass on a prayer request since I have to work tomorrow and won't make it to church. Christina went to the doctor yesterday and was sent for a cat scan. They wanted to put her in the hospital because she has about 1/2 of her left lung, her stomach and heart being compressed because of fluid that has gathered. She refuses to go because Nathaniel will not stay anywhere without her. So she is going to rely on God and Lasix to get that fluid off. Please remember to pray for her this weekend until she goes back Monday to see if it is going to have to be removed with a giant needle. Thank You all, Randy


Christi is doing better than she was before, still having a lot of pain and shortness of breath. She will not go back to the doctor because she said through God's hand with the help of lasix (120-160mgs daily) she will get better. Nathaniel won't leave her side so she and he are staying with her parents so they can help right now. Please continue to pray for her as we all know prayers get answered we just need to have faith and patience in Him. Thanks, Randy

Please have everyone start praying for Mouse. They had him at the ER on the 7th.
He has a place that has swelled up on his chest and they’re not sure what it is. Denise Adams

I have a few prayer requests. 1) They have told Kristin Madden that her knee will require surgery again. They have scheduled it for Dec. 17. Please pray for her. 2) Pray for Earline's daughter in law Tonya. 3) Remember to pray for Lexie as she recovers. Thanks Gus

Please send this prayer request for me. Lisa Weist (my principal) is really having a difficult time and needs all of our prayers. The medications that the doctors have given her mother for the cancer is causing problems. Now her father has become ill(I'm not exactly sure what the problem is) and needs Lisa to care for him as well. Lisa is strong but she is carrying a heavy load right now and as many of us know, satan will use this to make it difficult for her to see God's light at the end of the tunnel. Please continue to pray for her and her family. Also, the car's salesman that Randall bought a car from yesterday is suffering from skin cancer. Let's pray for him as well. His name is Jeff. Theresa

Please pray for my husband Bob and I. We are having a lot of marital problems! We were going to marriage counseling, which seemed to help me cope, but did nothing to change the credit card addictions and compusive lying. My husband has gotten us into so much debt, I don't know what to do any more. I asked him not to come home on Friday, until he could take care of his problems, get some professional help. But he came home anyway. He said that we could work this out, but then I caught him in several lies during the day on Saturday, and he is still lying about other credit cards debts that he has hidden somewhere else. I love my husband, but I am emotionally and financially exhausted. I really don't know what to do anymore. Anne

Please pray for my father in law, he was hit by a bravada while checking something on his semi off the side of the road. He is now paralyzed and still unable to eat or drink anything on his own. He is left with some broken ribs, broken pelvis and broken arm. He had swelling and bleeding on the brain but that has all resolved its self. My husband flew out from Italy and his main concern for his dad is his living situation. God has already sent us to an organization called Rebuild Together run by a man named Dayton. My contacting him was nothing short of a miracle. They are now running short on funds and are almost finished. My husbands time there is short as he must return to complete his obligation with the Navy. He dose not want to leave without everything being completed for his dad, so when he is able to return home he has one that is able to accomdate his needs. Now this past Wed his brother had a massive heart attack. The man that was hit by the car is named JACK and his brother that had the heart attack is named EGER. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL Donna


UPDATE ON JACK & EGER A few days after I wrote Eger was taken off life support and passed on. As of last week JACK my husbands father that was hit by the Bravada is going to be released from the hospital on 16JAN08. He is paralyzed but doing great. He eats and drinks on his own and is learning how to get into and out of a car. My husband got an extension of a few days from the NAvy and was able to get the house done for him. The Rebuild together got an awesome donation due to seeing what they were doing for my father-in-law. THANK YOU GOD Donna

The principal at my school (Lisa Weist) found out yesterday that a mass that was taken out of her mother's lung was cancer. The doctors removed the part of the lung with the cancer, but I wasn't told if all the cancer was gotten. Ms. Weist is a strong christian woman but this is a tough time for her as it would be for any one. Regardless of her circumstances I always see her find a way to give God glory. Please pray for the strength she needs to get through this and her mother's healing. Theresa Haney


Danny's brother got in a wreck tonight and his seizures will not stop. They are going to ship him to UT. This is the same brother that was hurt a few months ago. Please pray for him he was drinking and pulled out in front of a car that had children in it. They are not injured. Love, Susan

Please pray for the boy who was hurt in the PCC football game on November 2nd.

I would like for everyone to please pray for Jade. Either this Saturday or next, he is taking the PRAXIS. He has to pass this before he can student teach next semester and graduate in May. He has to take 2 sections, so pray that he passes both on the first try!!! Thanks Ashley

Please pray that Fred get good grades in school and that he stays out of trouble.

Please pray that Haley doesn't stress too much about her grades.

Please pray for Mark Stone, he is having surgery this Friday.

Please pray for Lexie Centers, she has been put in the hospital. Pastor said it was her Gall Bladder, so please pray for her.

Please pray for Blayor Hignite, this is Tammy's new baby, bronchitis and they are saying his heart is enlarged. If he does not get better in a couple of days they will have to put him in the hospital.

Thanks Gus

Please pray for Christina.
This past weekend we were out of town for our anniv. and we ate at a Chinese place and she has been having stomach problems and dizziness ever since so if you could remember her in your prayers we would certainly appreciate it. Thanks, Randy

Please pray for Evelyn Fugate. She recently had open heart surgery, and an infection has set up. Please pray that God will heal her. Thanks Gus

Pray for Madelyn Egan, Age6.

Please pray for Thelma Stollings, she had a very bad fall and is in the hospital.

The request I sent out earlier for Thelma Stollings is very important they have told her family that the next 24 to 48 hours are very important, so please pray for her.

This is an update on Thelma Stollings- she is responding but is not out of the woods. Please continue to pray for her. Thanks Gus

Also pray for Ezra and Ketura Knight, these are Russell and Norma's grandchildren, they are very sick. Thanks Gus


I just heard from Russell, he said that Thelma Stollings had taken a turn for the worse, please pray for her that God will heal her. Also he told me that Ezra had not improved, Ezra was at the doctor today and they said if he had not improved by Wednesday they would put him in the hospital, so please pray for him. Thanks Gus

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Subject: Thelma Stollings
I just talked to Vanessa Campbell and here is the latest on her mom.

Thelma now has pneumonia, running a fever, all her ribs are broke, cracked skull, labored breathing and she is non-responsive. The family has told the doctors no life support. Vanessa is sending Zack back to school tomorrow and asks that his teacher help him make up his work. She asked that we all keep her and her family in our prayers. Debbie

I would like for the church to say a prayer for Barb Smith she was in an accident last night and has a fracture in her neck. This is a very serious fracture that could be life threatening. Barb is a christian that works as a nurse at ARH and I feel that we need to pray for her and her family that she will healed with not adverse effects. Sam


I just had an update on Barb and she was just released from UK and all she has is a cervical collar to wear. This goes to further prove that our God is still in the healing business and is all powerful. Thank each and everyone for the prayers and continue to pray for our sick because God can do anything. Sam

Please pray for me... my asthma is acting up.

Also, pray for my FIL, he's in the midst of retiring. Pray that he will be able to enjoyLisa

Please remember John Turner and his family right now they are in possible danger and maybe evacuation due to the fires right in back of their house. Denise called last night at 10:30 for us to pray for them. She was very scared and she said the smoke was making her sick. God Bless all of you today Lou

Pray for Mrs. H. She has a very unruly class this year and needs prayer that the kids will calm down and listen.

Please pray for Kelly Caudill age 23 she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and it is cancerous. The family also needs your prayers. Thank you very much. Love, Freda

Nathan Lyttle has asked us to pray for Josh Holland, he passed out yesterday (10/19) and is at ARH. They are saying it could be his heart. Thanks Gus

Please pray for Tiffany Singleton and family her dad Virgil just died.

Please pray for Daniel and Jaime, they both have opportunities for jobsand want us to pray that everything goes the way God wants it to. Thanks Gus

Please pray for MRSA to be eliminated.

Read about MRSA:

Please pray for Russell Napier and Norma. They are fighting the sore throat. Thanks Gus


I just found out one of my students I had last year got hurt last night. All I know is that something fell on him and cut off his toe and part of his foot. I am not really sure of the details. I was told they flew him out and surgery will be today. Please pray for him. He is 6 years old. His name is A.J. Thanks,Davida

Please pray Pastor Dad. His name is Elmer Madden, he has to go to Lexington tomorrow for a procedure to fix a blockage. Thanks Gus

Please pray for the family and friends of 12 year old Cortney Gross.
She passed away last week from injuries suffered in a motorcyle accident
that happened on October 8th.

Please, please, please pray for Tenaya, a 19 yr. old who is a diabetic and is in the hospital. Her blood is filled with acid ( not the drug), has a bladder infection, gull stones, sever headaches, hasn't been able to eat or drink since 9/27, and because of everything wrong with her, they can not control her blood sugar levels which are falling and raising to dangerous levels. She knows the Lord and believes in His healing power. Thank-you so much, Carla

Please for my granddaughter who will be having surgery on Wednesday, October 3, for a cleft lip, which she was born with. She is 32 months old and weighs 9'1".

Please pray for healing for Susan Watts... she had her gall bladder removed this week.

My husband's health, he is a diabetic, his blood sugar level aren't good. Now his potastium is to high. I'd like to thank God for a save trib to Amherst , Ohio to visit my daughter and family. For all the blessing He has given me. I pray to move closer to my family soon. JANICE


PLease pray for me.
I am having blatter problems. Its very paionful. Thanks
Mrs. Grimes

pray please!! for my family
1 my father in law frank in a nursing home
2 my mother in law in the hospital
3 my aunt a speedy recovery from her surgery
4 my brother in law find peace with his wife
5 my husband find a job hes been unemployed a long time now
6 ease my litle one lee's mind
7 help mike live after his surgery
8 guide mary to a life of her own
9 god please help me find a new job befor the bank takes our home and all 10 of us are homeless

praise report my mom was in a nursing home for months unable to walk or talk doe to brain tumor surgery number 5 she can't walk yet but she talks some. She is back home now with a live in nurse thank you for your prayers J. Touby

Please pray for my husband Bob. Found out today he has prostate cancer.
Thank you
Mrs. Grimes

Dear friends in GOD my father pass away last night,please prair for his soul, the fam left behind ............thank you God, make me strong please.....amen. Bahtiar27

My husband (60 yrs old) has been unemployed for 10 months. We had savings we felt sure would see us through to the next job, but they are nearly gone. Several times we thought he was hired, only to be disappointed. Please keep us, and all those who need work, in your prayers. God Bless you.
Karen W.

Good Morning, I would like you to prayer for the following persons in my family cirlcle. My father Horace Gill, who was diagnose of prospate cancer recently please prolong his life and don't let the cancer be that advance please let he live for at least a decade or more please let him travel the worl before god takes him. Please prayer for my mum Melrose Gill who recently had a nervous breakdown due to the death of her brother who was ailing from cancer of the colon and die. The funeral is today(7/2/07), please let her be strong and be in remission for a long time. Please prayer. Prayer for my sister Rondell Gill who is also has a mental problem and is unable to find steady work please let her find happiness and a job that isn't too much pressure. Please prayer for my sister Anthea Gill let her find a job she is out of work. Please prayer for my boyfriend Randy Williams he has had a hard life, please let him enjoy his life, please prayer for me Carrie i want to succeed in my career and family life. Please protect all of us and bless us thanks Carrie gILL

Plase pray for my right knee ,i have a lot of pain.The doctors say that it is arthritis in the knee.
It is turning my foot to the side.


My Mom has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We want to keep her here at home as long as we can. We all need your prayers that the Lords Will be done and that we will all have the strength and patience to make it through this. Thank You and May Gods Blessings abound. The Stanley Family

Trust GOD one day at a time , I pray for the needs of my church and than I always ask GOD to be with those who have needs but I don’t know what those needs are and I feel GOD hears, it may take a while to receive an answer but we need to just TRUST GOD ONE DAY AT A TIME do I get an AMEN

Sharon Levan

Pray for the salvation fo this list of people from Bangalore-karnataka state- India 1) Shehi-also financial need 2) Seun- 3) Ronke-financial need 4) Isaac kilanko –55 yrs- financial need 5) NESAMANI DEVARAJ- 69 years-healing 6) Maxley wilkins 7) Samara wilkins 8) Glory wilkins 9) Elisha wilkins 10) Roland maben 11) Raksha maben 12) Sadegh arshadi-salvation & spiritual healing 13) Keramat arshadi 14) Bernard Stanley 15) Vincent 16) Oswald- mental healing 17) Manohar & family- mental healing 18) Naveen & family 19) Paul Richardson & family 20) Nickelson & family 21) Irene & family 22) Hudson & family 23) D.ARTHUR ISAAC- FINANCIAL NEED 24) XAVIER –TO CLEAR 50000RS DEBT 25) 25) CHARLES & FAMILY SALVATION 26) samraj & family 27) Samson & family 28) Ezekiel & family 29) Joshua 30) Jonathan archard 31) Regina- healing of leg THANK U Anil K.

My son had a serious depression ,and need to find work, and would appreciate help.Am sure that the Good Lord will help. also better hearing for myself.

please pray for my husband who has to have a biopsey for prospate cancer.

Yes! I need a pray for a friend that is dieing of cancer from her head to here toes, now its in her kidneys, i talk to the guardian angels to help her out too.I;m going to the hospital this morning about 10;30 or so.She is vicki hannentt shes only 48,and she is a grandmother of my grandson too!And poor little jerid wants is nanna home.Hes only 2 but will tuen 3 in july 31,07.I need a pray to ask to heal her of this cancer that has taken her hole body over. Please help us. amen. cindy

Praise the Lord. My husband had mitral valve repair surgery. Last week we went for another check for what we thought was going to be progress. But doc said the echocardiogram shows leakage. We have to go Tuesday May 15 for a TEE test which goes down the esophagus to get a better view of his heart and look at the valves. My pray is that the Lord heal my husband before the test and say the earlier test was wrong. I'm looking for God to do something that would be hard for man but easy Him. My husband has been in pain since 2002 and I'm looking for complete healing for that also. In the name of Jesus be blessed Sister in Christ Viola

Please pray my Mother's eyesight gets better. The doctors say they can't do anything else, but I know the Great Physician, My Lord Jesus Christ." I believe I believe" He has never lied to us His word said ask and you will receive, now I'm asking you to believe with me. He has answered so many prayers for me it's to late for anyone to tell me He isn't REAL May God bless

Once again I am requesting prayers - this time for a very dear friend who is having surgery on Friday in the Philippines. It is cancer but unfortunately he has problems with his heart, so please pray that everything will go well for him. I have such faith in the prayers of this group. I am sure you may have heard of the little girl of 3 years who was abducted in Portugal 6 days ago. Right across Europe prayers are being said for her safe return. Please keep the prayers going as only the Good Lord can help. She is an English child and her poor parents are going through such a terrible time. They were in Portugal on holiday. I know that God will answer us if we keep asking. Regards and God Bless Charlotte

Please pray for our nation's schools. Pray there is an end to violence in our schools.

Please pray that the leaders of the Perry County School Board take action soon to start building a new
Dennis Wooton Elementary/Middle School. Our school is the only one in the county that doesn't have a seventh and eighth grade. The parents love this school and want their children to continue through eighth grade there. Lisa

Please pray that my relationship with my life companion be restored. There has been a devasting situation that has just about ruined my relationship with him and his grown daughter. My jealousy has formed a great rift and envy on my part has destroyed a great part of this life together. I pray also for forgiveness because of this. I am torn apart and now so are they both. Lorraine

Please pray for me to recover with success from endometrial cancer. I love to crochet and want to continue to be healthy. Margaret

Please pray for Michelle. She has cancer and her family has taken her home from the hospital.
Doctors have given her very little time to live. Please pray for a miracle for this lady... she is married and has a little boy who is five years old.


Michelle is with the Lord. Please continue to pray for her family.


Please pray for my 16 year old daughter, Mari, who is 5 months pregnant. Her 18 year old boyfriend is agnostic, bipolar, lies, steals and has threatened to take my daughter and the baby to live with him at his mom's house when the baby is born. Please pray that God would give my daughter the strength to see the truth about this boy and that she would renew her relationship with the Lord. Please pray also that God would release her from this ungodly relationship and put a hedge of protection around both Mari and the baby. Thank you.


Please put Lynn on your prayer list. He had a place that was growing on the side of his head. He didn't think it was anything serious so it took a while for us to convince him to go to the doctor. They did a biopsy and our fears were confirmed. It is melanoma. He has to go to Lexington next Wednesday. They are sending him to the same doctor that did my mastectomy. Please pray that it hasn't spread. We already know that he will have to have surgery and possibly chemo. ReDonna

Once more I am requesting prayers for my nephew. He has an interview this week for a job he would just love to get. Please pray that if it is for his good he will get it. Charlotte


Dear Lisa: Please let the group know that their prayers really work. My nephew had his second interview plus presentation this morning. He felt good afterwards and he was told that he would hear in about a week's time and less than an hour later was informed that he had the position. May God bless you and all in the goup. Thank you one and all for your prayers. I will keep each of you in my prayers. You are wonderful and I sincerely hope the Lord blesses each one of you. Charlotte

Please pray for my husband who has a renal cyst and for my son who is seeking admission for MBA in a very good institute, viz. the Indian Institute of Management. I am having a lot of financial problems as my husband is unemployed. I know the Lord has his own time and plan for us so I request special prayers. I am also a highly diabetic person and I often get boils on my legs. Love and prayers Emma

My name is Sarah Stinton. After losing vision in my right eye on January 18, 2007, I was sent to several doctors for numerous tests. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on February 20, 2007, just five days before my 20th birthday. Although this has been one of the greatest challenges I have ever been faced with and one of the hardest realities I have ever had to accept, I am trying my best to stay strong and positive. I have an amazing support group of friends and family that have been such a blessing to me. In addition, I would like to ask that you pray for me. The doctor's are optimistic about my prognosis since I was diagnosed so soon, so young. I ask that you please keep my family and I in your prayers. Please pray that I stay strong, that I fully recover from my current difficulties and I go into remission and do not relapse. I also would like to ask that you pray that science will bring us to a cure for Multiple Sclerosis soon. Thank you so much. God Bless, Amen.

Please pray for my Daughter-In-Law who is in her 22 week of pregnancy. Early in the pregnancy they sewed her cervix closed as she has problems carrying a baby. Last week when she went to the doctor, they found that a couple of the stitches had pulled loose. They are taking her to surgery today at noon to do a rescue cerclage (stitching) Please pray that this will work and baby McCoy will stay put until the 38th week in which they will do a caesarian to bring him or her into the world. Carolyn


update The request for my daughter inlaw to reach the 38th week of pregnancy. She did make it but had to be on bedrest for 17 weeks. Baby was born June 4th and weighed 5'15". She has a cleft lip and palate. She is having surgery this week to correct the lip. When she is around 10 months olds they will repair the palate. We thank God for her and that the problem she has can be corrected. Carolyn

Please pray for my family. My Mother will likely pass on to Heaven this weekend from a terrible brain tumor. The end is near, as she is not responding, and her breathing has changed over the past several hours. She is at home as she wanted. This is very difficult for us. I am a nurse, so have been caring for her, along with hospice. She and my Daddy have been together, counting dating time, for fifty years. She very much loves Jesus and is ready to go, even though we are not ready to lose her. We will not try to hold her back. Please just keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much. - Cindy

I have great faith in the prayers of this wonderful group. Can I please ask them once again to pray for my nephew on Monday next. He has a difficult meeting with the local planning authorities. Please pray that everything will go well. Charlotte

I am having back surgery next Friday the 16th.Please remember me in prayer.God Bless you.

Mary Taylor

My Father in Heaven please hear my prayers. I humbly ask of you could guide my wife back to me. We are divorced for a little over two weeks. I still love and miss her very much. We made a number of mistakes together and I ask your forgiveness through Jesus Christ. There was never any abuse of violence in our marriage. Instead of turning to The Holy Divine Trinity we turned to 3rd party persons that just added and antagonized our situation. If it is Your will to reunite us again please Lord protect us and our marriage till death do us part. Also Lord please protect her from this new Winter Storm we are having. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Thank you for posting my request last year. My son and his brother Marines ALL returned home from Iraq. But I ask again for his safety and that of his friends. They are over there again (#3 deployment for all of them). Brady, Jordan, Smith, Mac Mullen are their names. Brady is my son. I know you and the other warriors who read this will pray and the boys will come home safe and sound. Deborah

March 31, 2007

Praise the Lord for answered prayer!!!!! My Marine son is home from his third tour of Iraq!!!!!!!!!!! His 2 buddies made it back also!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for his mercy and watchcare over us all. Thanks Lisa for having a place for us to share in prayer! Deborah


Thank you Lisa for holding my son in prayer. You have done so in the past. He is deploying for the 4th time to Iraq. He is a Marine. I would covet your prayers for his safe and sound return. He has 3 children, one just born in January 2008. His time of deployment is within the next few months. Your prayer partner in Christ Deborah

Please pray for my friend, Lois Karklus.
Her dear husband went to be with the Lord and I haven't been able to contact her lately.

Please pray for my cousin Yvette who is expecting a baby.
She is diabetic and her parents are really worried about her.
Please pray that she has an easy pregnancy, easy birth and no
diabetic complications. Lisa


Yvette went for an ultrasound in June and there wasn't a heartbeat.
Her son passed away before her due date.
She and her husband, Tom, spent time with him after the delivery.
They are doing as well as expected but still need your prayers.

Please pray for my sister's job situation and for her to be happy. Lisa


My sister has a new job!
Thanks for your prayers.

I have a few prayer requests to ask of you. First, my neighbor girl, Lindsay Watson is 9years old i believe, she was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and i ask of you to pray for her. I would also like you to pray for my great-grandfather who is strugglling with many diseases. And lastly i ask you to pray for my grandfather who was diagnose with lung cancer a few weeks ago. he has been smoking for 45 years and now he is dying from it, and i am in 10th grade and i would love for all of them to be with us for my graduation. i stumbled upon this site and i knew God wanted me to write a prayer request. Thank-You i am praying for all of you . MAY GOD BLESS!!! ~Judy M. Anthony

I need prayer. Next Tues 9th I am having major dental surgery to cut out – not pull out but cut out 9 teeth at the top and then have to have a full upper denture which I am not keen on but at least I may be able to eat again. I am very scared of the fasting, the anaesthetic the recovery etc so if you can remember me I would be most grateful. Melinda

I pray and commit to the Lord each & every prayer request listed, thanking Him for His Love & Healing and answers already provided, and thank Him in advance for His provision and Healing touch for the other requests sent in. In His greatness, " He can do more than we can ask or imagine. " I have travelled a long road, the latter has been with the Lord who has brought me through much pain, Healing me, challenging me, stretching me & many times I have grown surrendering to Him because I have been desperate and He was all I had. He has walked with me and many times carried me & I am thankful for His love. This new year I ask for His Hand on my life, His grace and strength and peace, wisdom for decisions I have to make following Him in His ways of righteousness. Most of all for Him to fill the void in my heart, which only He can in His love & mercy. I thank Him for giving me patience & commit this year 2007 to Him. In Jesus name J

PLEASE pray for me as I have been waiting for sale of home so I can make my physical move to Georgia and now once I come back I am going to be in a mad rush to get everything ready for move BUT the sad thing is that my house has not closed as of today and I NEED that money for move. The new landlords have been more than patient with me no physically moving in but now I am under a deadline as I am Supoosed to be moving in the 2nd week in Jan but NO MONEY...Please pray for this closing to expedite so I can finally move and get on with my life...FOUR years have been so long and now I do not want to start fretting and doubting God's will..I have always believed if it is God's will everything goes smoothly but I also know the enemy will do anything to stop you if you are really wanting God's best..PLEASE take this in prayer to our Lord as I need Divine intervention....Have to get things ready for trip tomorrow... Thanks and God bless you and praying next note will be more ya Carmen.

September 26, 2007

Re: God is so good...

I LOVE Georgia and am so glad I am here. The 124 apartments is fertile mission field and my dear friend Bettyand I were discussing/praying yesturday how we are going to go about our Father's business...How exciting...Will keep you informed...Making lots and lots kitchen towel holders for residents and loving doing it.


I'm asking for prayer for my son, he has serious problems in his marriage as well as mental and physical illnesses. He is a born again Christian, however he has not been able to turn everything over to the Lord. Please pray for his wife, as she is a no-believer and needs the Lord in her life, they also have 2 children 5 and 2. Thank You for your prayers Trusting in the Lord, EMH

My dad is very ill, he is dying from a diesed heart. Please keep him and my mom in prayer as the time grows closer. We have the peace of him going home to be with the Lord, he faithfully served the Lord in the pulpet for 40 years. Thank you and God Bless You, Debbie

My friend Deb is in need of prayers. She has been my true helper in this move (to GA) and she lost her job due to plant closing and now this past week she lost her brother..Her sister (we are trying to help her get her disability) is sleeping on her couch as her home is so small yet Debby is still trying to be the Godly woman God wants her to be...Please pray for financial miracle and a good job for her as her husband is a heart patient....and they need the blessing....Thank-you so much. Carmen





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