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"For God so loved
the world, that He gave His only begotten
Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal live."

John 3:16

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with Me."

Revelation 3:20

"Let your character be free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, 'I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you', "

Hebrews 3:5

All verses quoted from
"The New Open Bible",
New American Standard.

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Crochet N More Prayer List



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If you have a prayer request email me "exactly"
what you would like posted for your
request and I'll add it to our prayer list.



"For where two or three have gathered
together in My name, there
I am in their midst." Matthew 18:20

Makayla has hurler syndrome which is a form of cancer. Her lungs are filling up with her own blood. They are not able to stop it. Makayla is only 4 months old. I know that this hits hard for us around the holidays and knowing I have baby that is almost 4 months old also. Here is her website that you can learn more about her and what she has. please take time out of our busy day and left this baby and her family up in prayers. I will worn you this is a heart breaking story.



Today at 12:37 Makayla passed away in her mother's arms. She only lived for about 20 minutes after the dr took her breathing tube out. She turn 5 months old today. Please pray for her family in this time. You can go and read her mothers story at her website. Arlena

Please join with me in prayer for the strength, courage, and grace to meet the challenges facing my stroke survivor (blind on left side of both eyes and mentally slow....also appears to now have vascular dementia) is hard to watch someone you love dearly leave you day by day...... I am also disabled, I am an RN but have been on disability for ten years now and very ill for fifteen years....I worked for five years prior to having to stop due to the illness. My own illness impacts what I am able to do for my husband and myself. And of course it has greatly impacted our finances and our ability to get the health care, dental and vision care we need. I am very concerned as his teeth and gums are so bad....I am praying that God will show me what to do to help Bill. My heart also aches for others on your prayer list....we bring our pains and sorrows and losses to the foot of the Cross for hope and blessings.......In spite of all my husband and I have suffered.... and we are in our fifties now......God has been gracious and brought help to us in various ways through the intervening years usually through friends who have known us most of our lives.... and in particularly those who know the Lord. Thank you so much, Doris L.

please pray for me i have sever arthrites in my knees nad need to lose weight for some relief,although it will not stop the pain it will help.i need all your prayers to god to grant me the ability and strength to lose weight, thank you and god bless. cythia

Please pray for healing of swollen stomach, slight pain in chest and arms.
Thank you God Bless You Ollie Brown

Please we are broke and no groceries. I need a Christmas miracle. I am disabled but am looking for work and my husband has emphysema. I was told I could get work through the rehab dept in Jan or Feb but nothing this month. Please pray as I have to feed my grandkids too. Thank you God bless Judy

My grandfather is making his transition to a better place. All I am asking is to give him the strenght to carry on. He is a old 79 years old and has had a rough life being in and out of the hospital for multilpe reasons in the past 15 years. Last night they started giving him morphine to calm him down and put him in a pain free state. The nurse told us about what was going to happen and I was not ready for the info.. I love him enough to let him go because he has been trapped in a body that will not let him do the things that he has enjoied doing in life (fishing hunting riding his tractor and most of all spending time with me) I am his oldest grandchild and we have had a good long life together. Please just one good prayer my DaddyPaw kl

Pray for Senator Tim Johnson and his family. Thank You, Judy M.

Please pray for Jake... he's 3 months old and has been hospitalized with RSV. Also prayers for his Mother.

Please pray for my dad as he was diagnosed with leukemia on yesterday. Pray for him to have the strength he needs to fight this and for our family to stick together in this time of need. Pray that God can guide our steps in order to help him. Cc

Please pray for improved health and finances for J Allen and P Miller.

November 29, 2006

PRAISE REPORT: My sister's (P Miller) last mammogram was questionable for cancer.
She had a biopsy last Wednesday and found out Monday that what was questionable is not cancer. Praise God !

Please pray for Abby, my cat, who needs a kidney healing. Thank you. Suwh9

Will appreciate your prayers as my house is still not sold and I need my moving money.. Carmen

Dear Prayer group please pray in agreement Matthew 18:19 & 20, I would like you to pray concerning two major health needs listed below: Margaret Edwards - pray for the restoration of her sight. She is starting to have deterioration of the vision in her right due to macular degeneration. and Janell Berry - pray for the healing of Lupus and kidney problems and has been bleeding internally and in and out of a coma.

Sheri Barrow

I have a praise.
I had an echocardiogram performed on 10-9-06. By accident the technician discovered that I had two gallstones. I had been having trouble with my stomach and such for a while. I ended up having my gallbladder removed and the two stones were actually 22-23 stones. I thank God for intervening and for a successful surgery.


I have a prayer request for my brother Joe. Please pray for him in his battle with drugs and alcohol. He was 1 year sober this past August, 2006. He relapsed over the weekend,November 2006. May he find the power of the Lord again. I also pray for any family who is dealing with addiction. Dawn

My father BJ "Bobby Joe" Moore passed away on 08/08/06.
My father passed away at the age of 78. My mom and him would have celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary on August 13th, 2006 the day that he was burried.
Bobby Joe "BJ" Moore
1928 - 2006

Bobby Joe "BJ" Moore passed away Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006, in Athens.
He was born June 14, 1928, to Elmer and Leona Moore. He was preceded in death by his parents, Elmer and Leona Moore; sister, Geneva Moore Sullivan; son, Bobby Joe "Korkee" Moore Jr.; and brother, T.M. Moore. B.J. was a lifetime member of Texas Outdoor Writers Association. He retired in 1993 after 20 years of service with American Airlines. He was a loving husband, father and grandfather.

**** Side note.... This is still unimaginable for me, my dad has always been there regardless of the situation...With the upcoming Holiday Season, i am asking for the strength to get thru this with out being a total wreck.


I have a prayer request it is for the family and friends of the two teenagers that passed away in one of the car accidents on Friday. The boy was in band with Emily. I think all of them are taking it really hard. Just remember them in prayer. Thanks. Love, Becky Parsons





Hello I would really like prayer's sent out for my son in his fight with drugs and alcohol.
he is 34 yrs. old and his name is Jay. Thank You and God Bless you all and
I pray for all those who have struggles with drug's and alcohol. Harold

Once again I am asking prayers, firstly for my cousin's family. Kitty, my cousin, died recently from cancer after a very short illness. She was a wonderful person and so cheerful right up to the end. Please pray for her husband and their children as they are missing her so much. Secondly I request prayers for my nephew in his new job. I think you are all so wonderful and I thank each one for their prayers in the past. I will remember you all. God bless. Charlotte

Having puter problems and with the move..stress is so prevalent. Need to hurry and get to Georgia but the hoarding of 40+ years is not good. Lesson learned but not soon enough...Please pray for peace as the devil is alive and well and causing all kinds of havoc..So glad I can turn to my Father and ask for mercy...Will be enjoying your site more when I get to Georgia...Till then..PLEASE pray for move..Thanks so much...Carmen

Hi my name is Edna and I need every body in the world to pray for George
-he is my Son who just maded 21yrs on 9-9-2006. And I have been going all over church or people to pray for him he has been dianosed with Cerebal Palsy wheel chair bound. He seems to be angry alot God bless and heal him and bind that angry spirit in the name of Jesus. Please pray for him and myself his mother.

He seems to want a puppy dog and Ive asked the Lord for the puppy.

God bless everyone and may everyneed be met

First I would like a prayer of Thanksgiving to our heavenly Father, we had a house fire on 8/23/06, luckily we are all safe and have our home still. I also ask that you pray for my family for financial relief and continued blessings from God. Tina

Hi and thanks for being online! Please pray for me that God will give me strength to fight the evil forces that cause me mental and physical pain every day. Pray that Guidance will come to make me feel better about praying. Thanks for your prayer. Pat


Please pray for my family...Carolyn

Hi Family, I want to thank everyone for praying for my brother, Vaughn Hairston. Please continue to pray for him and our family because today, we were told that tried to hang himself. We don't believe that he did this to himself. We do believe that it was attempted murder - even the police who was there at the hospital with us are not ruling out fowl play, but none-the less, he is on life support. We were told he was unconcious for more than 15 minutes when they found him. He's fighting to survive. He can't breathe on his own. Our local hospital in Columbia, has done all they can to sustain him, so they flew him to Shock Trauma in Baltimore. We want him to live. Please pray that the Lord will save him. When we first arrived at the hospital, we were told he wasn't expected to make it. That was around 4:30 pm. Then we were told that if he did survive, he would be a vegitable for the rest of his life. We don't claim any of that. We claim the healing power and comfort of Jesus Christ! More than anything, though we want the Lords Will, no matter the outcome, but I am pleading that you will lift my brother in prayer and pray in agreement with us that the Lord is delivering him, and strengthening him and leading him to recovery even as I type this email. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your love, continued prayer, and support. God Bless You All, Steve colfield

My mom is in the hospital and is recovering from a terrible staff infection, she has lost part of her leg from the infection. With trying my best, I am trying to get my bills paid and am having a terrible time, because with the stress I am enduring, I have no money to pay my bills and I don't know what else to do, I have been praying so hard for my mom, and she is getting better (slowly) but I have had to ask God for some financial help too. I hope that is not wrong. Lori

Please pray for Leonard Hardy that he receives a transplant healing. In addition to having multiple health problems at 50 years old, he was just diagnosed with 2 liver tumors on Tuesday. Thank you and may God bless you!

Please pray for our family. Our daughter in law committed suicide Thursday the 14th. We are in shock and extreme pain.

Please pray for my daughter VICKIE. She has very bad non healing ulcers on both ankles and is in much pain, and she is still a very young woman. Thanks so much !! Rosa

Sounds like you have everything till Tuesday planned out already. I'm getting observed my college coorindator on Thursday of next week so please pray that everything goes by well for that. I'll be home on the 13th of Oct. Lord willing. Have a great day. Love, Becky Parsons [God] will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. --Philippians 4:19, NLT

My mom' s sister Jackie has just be diagnosed with uterine cancer and is scheduled for a complete hysterectomy on the 25th. Please pray for her. Sandy

Hi Lisa, I enjoy your letters each month. I recently had to have a total knee replacement on my right leg. I had just had the same done on the same leg 2 yrs ago. The bone had started to break off so they had to go in and revise the knee and had to put steel rods into the bone to hold the new knee. that was at the end of June and now it is Sept. Had just went back to work and had a appointment with the surgeon and they had taken x-rays. I have another break near the new knee and now am off work for another 2 months, Please I ask that you and this family we have here to pray for my recovery. if the healing does not take and the bone doesn't heal I will have to have another surgery. I am not allowed to put any weight on this leg and I am getting so discouraged. Sorry for being so long, but I wanted you to know the whole story. If you want you may print all or any part of this, I just ask that you would pray for me to get better. Thank you and May God Bless. Janie Marshall

prayer for restoration and reconcillation. -Barbara

i need a lot of prayers i was in ccu for 10 days am doing better but would love prayers
vi carey
waterville maine
thank you so much

Have been diagnosed with 2 leaks in heart valve that are inoperable due to size and weakness of heart. They said I would not survive the surgery. Was told I have 2 alternatives...meds or a heart transplant. Was turned down as a heart transplant candidate. Am on meds...tons of them, it seems. Am 60, mother of 5, grandma to 14, and great-grandma to 2 brand new baby girls. Please pray for a healing of my heart. Pray for peace of mind, trust in the Lord, and that my fears be erased.

Please also pray for my husband and the rest of my family. Thank you.

Elaine Stickney
Garden City, Kansas

p.s. Am awake in the middle of the night from leg pain caused by having to sit or lie down so much to rest. I used to be very active. This is very painful right now.



Please pray for Carol Daly and her family. They left Monday to head up to Duke Medical Center for her husband Mike's kidney transplant. He and their son, Michael, will both be going into surgery Wednesday (9-6-06) . . . Michael to donate a kidney, and Mike to receive it.

This is a very stressful time for the family and all prayers are appreciated.



The prayers I requested on her behalf are working in a big way. Praise the Lord and God Bless you for your work. I love how you combined your love and knowledge of crochet with spreading His word!
Love and prayers, Barb Becker




Please pray for all of the family and friends of the passengers and crew of Comair Flight 5191.
For those who do not know... Flight 5191 crashed at BlueGrass Airport in Kentucky early
Sunday morning (08-27-06). Forty-nine people were killed and one person survived.

Another plane crashed in Breathitt county, Kentucky, this week. Seven people were killed in that crash.
Please pray for their family and friends also.

Please pray for Destiny Turner. She's 6 years old and has been diagnosed with Leukemia.
She and my niece attend the same school and the teachers have asked for many prayers for this little girl.

Please pray for my good friend Shana. She is 25 years old, and just found out she has lukemia. She is in the hospital starting chemotherapy and now today she found out she has pneumonia. The kicker is she is so young and she just lost her mom two months ago to cancer. So so very sad. Thanks so much, i KNOW God has a plan to heal her very soon. Brian

Please pray for Terry & Heather's daughter, Stephanie. Bless the surgeon's hands, the decisions made, and those who stand in prayer for them. God's will for Stephanie is what the family wants most.

Please pray for Anna, niece of Patty. We place Anna in your loving hands, Lord. Please guide all the decisions, and the healing. Bless their family, Lord.

Please pray for Carol and Mike Daly. Mike is scheduled for kidney transplant surgery on 9/6 at Duke Medical Center. The donor is their son. The family needs prayers of healing as well as prayers for help paying for drugs associated with the surgery.

Please pray for God to heal Robin of her infection and the itching associated with it.

Please pray for Hayden Feltner. He's in the hospital with a really bad ear infection and the doctors think he could lose hearing in his left ear.

Could you please pray for my Father Ian he has emphysema and is having breathing problems. Also he has sores on his feet and they are both swollen,and he has poor circulation in his legs. Please pray that he doesn't have an aneurysm as he is having a lot of back pain, I am so sorry to be asking for so many healings at once but he is not well, I am so Thankful I have found this prayer group could you please pray urgently for him God bless and Thank-you

I would like to pray for my family to get a financial blessing we need 8500.00 by 8-6-2006.i also would like to pray for my wife to get the job she applied for with speedco and she has been on pins and needles waiting for a reply hopefully she will hear by 8-3 or 8-4.pray also for our daughter who may be bi polar and whom i had to put out of my house she is 24 and will not grow up has 2 children and needs to be helped by God.Amen Daniel

i am asking for Gods help in my getting a job ,a financial blessing of 8500.00 by 8-6-2006 to keep from losing our home,a blessing that the charges against my son will be dropped by all parties involved.a healing for my oldest daughter who thinks that i hate her because i cannot allow her to stay here any more because her and her brother fight so much.helaing of my husbands and my marriage.healing for my husband to stop drinking and be able to get a better job to keep up with the bills. healing for him to want to go back to church and get a closer walk with God again something to happen so that my grandchildren can come back and stay with my husband and myself who have really tried to raise them since birth.healing of my parents relationship with my parents and my husbands who they do not really like espically for my husband to see that God will give me the job i need and applied for and am qualified for to hear today so he will not worry anymore.Perhaps for my parents to be able to provide the money i need as a loan because my husband does not understand why they help my brother and sister but he does not think they help me,which they have in the past when i needed help.healing from my old employer where i did something wrong and i know God has forgiven me and hope that they will to.AMEN Beverly

Lisa and Tim, First of all thank you for allowing the Lord to use you as an encouragement to those that know Him and a light to those who don't, you are truly a blessing. My husband and I Pastor a church and need all the prayer we can get to be who we need to be for the Lord and the people in our church. We have several elderly people who have various illnesses and need a miraculous touch from the hand of God. 1 Peter 2:24c says, "by whose stripes ye were healed " I pray that each one reading this will accept the healing Jesus provided with His sacrifice and be made whole in Him. My husband and I are expecting our third son in October and I just ask a special blessing on his little life before we even meet him that the Lord will use him and his older brothers to serve Him always. We have some personal needs that are being taken to the foot of the cross as well and ask for agreement that the Lord's will, not our own be accomplished. Thank you again may the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others. LG

I could use a little extra prayer right now. July has been a most difficult month. My mother broker her hip, a close friend was diagnosed with lung cancer, and another good friend died suddenly last weekend. I am really having a hard time right now. Thank you, my friends. KJ

I will sing and make music with all my soul. Psalm 108:1

Thank you for a Christian web site and for prayer warriors. We are in dark days and need to PRAY for our Country as well as our President and those making decisions. My personnel request is for The Lord to bring my son back to church. He has been a dedicated christian even a deacon in church until a year or so ago. I don't know what happened but he won't go with his family to church. He says you can still be a christian if you don't go, but something is troubling him he seems be depressed and since we are over 400 miles I can only talk over the phone to him. But I feel he is desperate need of concentrated prayer. My other need is for my granddaughter who has recently returned from being deployed. She was married less than a year ago but when she returned she will not have anything to do with her parents or her new husband who is also in the airforce and has been deployed 3 times, but not together, she will not talk to her parents and is only nice to her husband when she wants something, she even made him move out. She did get a back injury while over there and is in pain. We are afraid she has gotten some drug since she is completely changed to what she was when she went over, she doe s need to find SALVATION. She emails me - occasionally and I try to get through to her, but she just sends a line or two at a time once in a while. I would appreciate it if you keep these requests lifetd to our Lord. We do serve a MIGHTY GOD who can do all things. Thanks, Dorothy

August 9, 2006

Thank you for prayers for my Grand daughter who has just come back from being deployed, She has come back to her family and seems to be getting along much better. However there are still problems with her new marriage that have to be worked out with BOTH of them. We hear first one side then another, what they BOTH NEED is a BORN AGAIN experience with the Lord, HE guides us when we LET HIM!! Just please keep praying that the Lord's will be done in both their lives. She will be moved to another area in a couple of weeks, so we are praying for forgiveness in both of their hearts before she is moved. Thanks and God Bless you and the prayer people. Dorothy

Please agree in prayer with me that my relationship w/G will grow and flourish. Ask Heavenly Father to touch the heart of G to remember, feel responsible for, and carry out the behaviors he said he would do for me, and help me to improve in the areas I need to do better for him to make the relationship work and last. Pray that the barriers and people coming between us will be eliminated, and that we will both be very happy together with each other, and both honor and build up the other. Please agree with me that Heavenly Father will help us make this relationship grow into something that lasts forever and brings us joy now and in the future. If for some reason I can't be with this person then ask God to remove the pain and suffering out of my heart caused by losing him and instead send me someone or something new. But, ask Heavenly Father if He hopefully WILL help us increase in love and kindness to each other and have a happy, lasting relationship and marriage. Either way, please pray for my heart to be healed. We have had some challenges lately and my heart is very heavy and aching about this. I am exerting all my faith to ask Heavenly Father to send a miracle of love and help to improve our relationship, and I ask that you will please agree with me and ask Heavenly Father to help our love grow stronger and our relationship better now and forever, and bring us much lasting joy. Thank you. Amen. CM CF

Looking for something else here on the internet I came across your web site and knew through the Lord that I was directed here. My dear Father passed away July 12, 2006, 7:20am from Pulomonary Heart Disease after struggling with it since 1975 after his first mitral valve replacement. My best buddy, my baby Scrappie my beloved terrier mix dog passed away on July 14 during a violent thunderstorm. My loving Mother is still very sick following an espisode of food poisioning, intestinal blockage and an severe reaction to the drug Lexapro. My younger brother suffers a maniac depressive from bipolar desease and I have the horrible dibilating disease of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, (RSD), and my hubby can't cope with me not working or getting on with my life. Stress is over coming me along with other family problems and fiancial burdens of thousands of doctors bills arriving each month. Thank you all for you kind words of faith and understanding. Bless all of Gods creations in love and health today. Love in Christ, Nancy DeBiase

I split up with my boyfriend (engaged) and I worried because I study in the same class as him at college. also, I can´t concentrate on studying for my exams. Celit.

Please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops around the world.

Prayer "Dear Father in Heaven, Holy is your name, we come to you in Jesus name, petitioning for your grace upon the troops that are in Iraq and elsewhere. We ask that you keep them in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Please help them to make it thru the weather extremes. We pray also that you will give each leader wisdom. Lead them not into temptation but deliver them from evil. Please heal the broken hearted and encourage the down cast. Please bring wars to a quick resolve. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen."

Thank you for praying for my marine son who will be going to Iraq for the third time. He has two children and a lovely wife. Pray for him to be ever alert and ready to do his job as a marine. pray for his two buddies who are going for their third time also. They are married with kids too. deborah

please put, my friend. Maria on your prayer list. She has breast cancer and it has been found in the other breast. Linda

Please pray a special prayer of agreement (Matthew 18:19-20) for Margaret Edwards - for healing of Macular Degeneration (causes vision loss) and that the Lord restores her eyesight. Please continue to lift up both of this woman of God in prayer - there is power when the church prays unceasing. The Centurion in Matthew Chapter 8 was not even in covenant with Jesus but asked the Lord to heal his servant (we have a better covenant with better promises, thus how much more effective are our intercessions because of covenant relationship). God Bless You All, Samuel Barrow and Sheri Carter

Please pray for Norma Lynch. Her son passed away on Thursday, July 13th of a heart attack.

Please pray for Ann Guidry. She's scheduled for surgery on July 21st for:
1) Tendon Repair; 2) Another Heal Spur removed; 3) Heel Bone Repaired.

Please pray that her surgery goes well and that she can be healed of all pain.


Lisa, I'm not sure if Ann had the chance to tell you yet that she has Neuropathy in her foot and the doctor's say she has a risk of losing the foot . She was on a new medicine for it but it kept her sleeping 2 times a day, but we can't afford the medicine, but seeing how much pain she is in now I may have to try to afford it . It's so much worse for her to walk now, she walks slower than a person that is 80-90 years old. Its very upsetting to her to not be able to get around and do like she would like. I tell her to not worry about the house but she can't help it she still tries to clean the best she can. She told me she sits in the wheelchair and sweeps the floor, then she passes the vaccum while sitting in the wheelchair as well. She will dust the best she can . I will have to just take time to help her clean places she can't get too. Well have to close now. Burt

Dear Prayer Team, Please pray in agreement Matthew 18:19-20 for our relationship (Samuel Barrow and Sheri Carter) that all hinderances to us being able to go forward in marriage are removed. Please pray that the Lord continue to bless us physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally and very soon we are together for good as a married couple. Currently we are in different states, Ohio and Arkansas, respectively. God Bless you all, Samuel and Sheri

My precious son was recently diagnosed with ADD. My prayer is for God to cure him and to help us with decisions regarding his future. Thank you and God Bless. C

I would like you to pray for my sister Diane who is having surgery on the 18th of July. She has had major health problems recently and has had health problems most of her life. We are praying that this surgery will be the answer to her prayers. Thankyou Michelle


I would like prayer for a lady friend of mine who is a Christian and lives far away. She is Bi-Polar and wants very much to follow God and have a new life but is still struggling with her flesh a lot. My prayer is that she would find a weekly Bible Study with people who understand the Lord's love(agape). I also pray that she would be healed of her mental illness. Thank you and blessings in Christ, Steve.

I'm asking for prayers for my brother-in-law Dennis who was just told he has kidney cancer. They will be operating monday July 3rd, to try to remove the mass or possibly the kidney. Please pray for him that the cancer has not spread. Also for my sister, for God to give her strength. Thank You, Tricia

Please pray that the Lord will guide our company's administration to make better choices and decisions concerning running the department I work in. The decisions will be very difficult to maintain quality work, good moral and continued performance. These very same decisions and choices have been made in another department with minimal success. It's all about power and control, not about making the environment better to work in and the company to work for. it's making it an extremely stressful and non-productive environment. Sincerely, Colleen


Update on my prayer request. Still need prayer for my work situation. We've had one supervisor quit because they wouldn't work with her on her hours (she's raising 4 grandkids and the time would have been very difficult on them) and our company's made it know under no uncertain terms they want a contract ratified and have made it virtually impossible for most to vote on it (i.e. keep the complainers away) so we'll see how that goes. My boss is snowed under now doing the work of 3 people and there's no relief for my co-worker and I. So the beat goes on. Thanks! Colleen

Please pray for my son, daughter in law and grandbaby. They are going through many trials. Pray that they would make good choices and for safety for the baby. l.s. atwood

My prayer request is to pray for my husband Dave. He is going for a promotion at his workplace. His interview is July 5, 2006 and his is going for the position of Research and Development. Please pray that he gets the job. God Bless Monica

This prayer request is for my father who has been suffering from Huntingtons Disease for seventeen years. His brother and sister have the disease also. I pray that God will help my father get through each and every day and that new medications will come out for this helpless disease. God Bless!!! Monica

Dear Prayer Team, Please pray in agreement Matthew 18:19-20 for our relationship (Samuel Barrow and Sheri Carter) that all hinderances to us being able to go forward in marriage are removed. Please pray that the Lord continue to bless us physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally and very soon we are together for good as a married couple. Currently we are in different states, Ohio and Arkansas, respectively. God Bless you all, Samuel and Sheri

Please pray for my hubby Wilfred who is 3000 miles away working for 2 months. Please pray that he returns home safely to me. Paulette Paquette

Please pray for my 84 year old mother. She fell last week and has been in a coma since. The doctors said she won't regain consciousness, but I believe in God and he told me my miracle that I prayed for was approved and to believe. I do believe he will bring her back whole to me, but I'd really appreciate you praying with me for her. She is my entire life. I love her with my entire being. God is sending her back to me (I REALLY BELIEVE THIS), but the doctors don't want to give her any time. Please pray for her. Thank you. God be with you.

Georgia Salmons

Please pray with me in agreement (Matthew 18:19, 20) that I am blessed financially in accord with Ephesians 3:20 (greater than I can think or imagine). There are a number of business opportunities that may be opening, please also pray that I am able to meet and exceed my financial needs and yet not have to work a multitude of hours. Thank you and God Bless you all! Sheri

Please pray for my nephew that he will be successful in the job interview he recently had. I feel your prayers will work for him. Thank you and God Bless all in the group. Charlotte


Thank you one and all for your prayers which I requested for my nephew. He was successful and got the job. I have no doubt but that it was due to your wonderful prayers. God bless each one of you and I hope that you too will get an answer to your requests. Charlotte

Please pray for my son Tim so that he can lose weight before he develops serious diseases. Thank you.
Janice B.

Please pray for my family... My dad had to go into a nursing home with Parkinsons and has to have help going from the bed to the wheelchair and Mom lives by herself and is depressed all the time...She is 84 and he is 86..Mom also treats me like I am three and sometimes I cannot stand it..I am 51, married and trying to have my own life. I get tired of seeing him like this and having to deal with her all the time. She gets upset and cries and does not understand why she cannot live with us (we have a small house and it is not fesible) Plus she gets upset all the time..Please pray for peace in our family. Thank You NITA OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

My name is Linda. I have bone cancer even though I have been in remission for two years. I am now addicted to morophine and am trying to lower my dosage. With out my regular dosage I am very weak and in a lot of pain. please pray that I can stay in remission and get off of this drug. thanks a bunch.

I really need your prayers right now. My best friend Joy has been married for almost 10 years and just adopted 4 girls. The last year and a half, her husband has made a HUGE change and has been very abusive toward her, mostly emotional. He has accused her off having affairs and even accused her of having one with me. He has been completely irrational and has made her life miserable. In the past he has emailed and talked to other women but promised that all that would end. Tonight he left his email open when he left to go to the store and she found out that he has been Emailing with several women all of whom are single. She has also found their numbers on his cell phone bill. She is devastated and is scared to death of being a single mother to 4 children, especially since she promised to give them a loving 2 parent home. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, her self esteem is shot and she doesn't know what to do. She also lives about 2 hours from me so it is even more difficult. Thanks so much girls. Crystal

Please pray for me and my family, we are under witchcraft attack. Also pray for us to recieve deliverance from the spirit of death and python, the spirit of poverty, bitterness, anger, fear, laziness and envy. Tsitsi

Please pray a special prayer of agreement (Matthew 18:19-20) for the following people: Melisa Farkas - for healing of breast cancer; and Margaret Edwards - for healing of Macular Degeneration (causes vision loss) and that the Lord restores her eyesight. Please continue to lift up both of these women in prayer - there is power when the church prays unceasing.

God Bless You All, Samuel Barrow and Sheri Carter

June 19, 2006

Glory to God - you have been praying for Melisa Farkas for healing of breast cancer. She had her biopsy Thursday and her tests came back that the cancer was benign! Amen.


Dear Prayer Team, Please pray in agreement Matthew 18:19-20 for our relationship (Samuel Barrow and Sheri Carter) that all hinderances to us being able to go forward in marriage are removed. Please pray that the Lord continue to bless us physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally and very soon we are together for good as a married couple. Currently we are in different states, Ohio and Arkansas, respectively. God Bless you all, Samuel and Sheri

Dear Lisa, I am asking for prayers for my brother who has left his wife of 31 yrs and moved in with a 34 yrs old woman last June 2005. My brother, Charles, is an alcoholic who has always seemed to live in the periphery and lately has shown that he is very confused about everything. He abandoned his family and none of it seems to make sense except I know he was unhappy with himself and it grew over the years. His wife, Jean, is devastated and continues to pray for him. Pls pray for clarity and discernment in this matter. The woman my brother is with doesn't seem at all bothered that she is an adulterous. Her name is Shirley. Thanks, Beatrice

Good Afternoon Would you please continue to pray with me for the salvation of my wife Yvonne. She desperately needs the urgent and powerful intervention of the Lord in her life. Also for his protection over my children and their speedy return to me. I believe in the absolute miraculous works of our God but satan is still resisting with everything in his power. Please pray with me for the release of the power of satan over her life. And so that she also may know the joy and love of Christ in her life. Satanists in South Africa went on a campaign to pray in the name of Satan to break up homes and marriages, and even went as far as to put posters up in this regard. Please pray with me that God in al His power and mercy and glory will deny satan this bondage that he has placed over my and thousands of others peoples life’s, and that He will mend what satan is trying to destroy. And that the Holy Spririt will move stronger than ever before in my family’s life’s, as well as in the whole of South Africa. Regards in Jesus. Danie, South Africa

PLEASE PRAY Our son has had a stroke of some kind and he does not have clear thinking at times now. He is in prison, PLEASE Pray That they will move him into Stafford Creek Corrections which is near our home In Wa State, Other wise they will send him far away, Which means he will not beable to see his son nor his family He is not in Good heath Thank you for your prayers
Blessed Are The Peace Makers
Jansen Farms

Please pray for me that I get thru heart surgery. I am so scared that something will happen to me and I worry about my wonderful husband who I have been married to for 34 years. My daughters also need me. I ask God to keep me safe and well and get thru this with flying colors. Thank You Brenda Whelan

Please pray for my son and his father. His dad has been in the VA hospital at death's door for more than a week and it doesn't look good. My son needs help with his dad and his finances due to the fact that he is not able to work. Also, pray for my cousin's son. I will not go into details here due to lack of space, but God will know when you pray for whom and what it is. Thank you in advance for your prayers. I know God can and WILL answer prayers when two or more are gathered together praying. I have been talking to God a lot hoping that my son's father will be better and that some help will come through for my son. Tish

mom is back in the hospital and things are getting worse not better for the whole family we are being attacked almost daily wiht something new satan has for us. we need god to undertake and very fast. im at my wits end and so is my family. weve had it. please put us on a prayer list and let others know we need gods help and fast in these matters. thank you and god bless. sheila

I just read your prayer list. There I see so many people who are in need of prayer. I ask the lord to touch and hear everyone. I request a prayer for my granddaughter (Lashea) and everyone in my family for our lose on the year 2004 and 2005., well I lose my son and my husband. On April 23, 2004 I lose my son Julian Jr (Lashea’s, Jay, Justin and Jovoni) father’s-Lashea is still very emotional and not accepting – I am so scare she might hurt herself--- pray for her. June 2005 I lose my husband I need your prayer. This is so hard for our family at this time—pray for us. Thank you and god bless you. Cecilia M. Carbullido

Please pray a special prayer of agreement (Matthew 18:19-20) for the following people: Melisa Farkas - for healing of breast cancer; and Margaret Edwards - for healing of Macular Degeneration (causes vision loss) and that the Lord restores her eyesight. Please continue to lift up both of these women in prayer - there is power when the church prays unceasing. God Bless You All, Samuel Barrow and Sheri Carter

Please pray for my daughters. One is due to have a baby in Sept. The other one is devastated having to go thru a custody battle with her ex husband. He has lied and turned the kids against all of us. He is a evil person who deserves what he will get some day. The children are so mixed up and the court sides with him because he is a cop and misuses his authority. Thank You BW

Please pray for my best friend Ruby...She had breast cancer surgury and It is a very fast growing cancer...They hope they got all of it but she sure could use all the prayers she can get...She is a very special person.....Thank-you Dameemag

My husband had by pass surgery 3 years ago and now has a leaky valve again and the doctor said he will not survive another heart operation and only 25% of his heart is working,he also just got over staff infection in his heart and still on meds for it,we also need help in selling our home,he is on alot of heart meds and they are very expensive,right now we are living in our daughters home. Thank you all Cecilia

Please add my Mom to your prayer list, she is very ill this year, and from her symptoms I fear lung cancer , she hs smoked for 50+ years and is losing weight and coughs constantly and has had numerous bouts with pneumonia this year, and other signs. she is in the hospital now having tests run, please pray if she has cancer to take her quickly and not let her suffer she is 74 and says she is so tired. Please pray for her. Thank you , she is so loved. Lynn

I am asking for your prayers. I will be having heart bi-pass surgery May 8 in FTW. I have 3 main arteries that have significant blockage. This was found by me taking part in a study through the UNT Health Sciences. Part of that study included a cat scan of the heart. The test showed elevated calcium. The doctor had a stress test done--nuclear dye test--just to be sure there was nothing there, since heat disease runs in the family. It showed either blockage or damage to my heart. They then ordered a heart catherization to be done. That cardiologist said you need surgery, but there were other options. The cardiologist I am now seeing, said surgery and set me up with a thoracic surgeon that I saw Tues. They notified me today that the surgery is scheduled. This has taken a month to get to this point since we started the procedure. If you have an opportunity to be part of a study that could identify problems that you are not aware of, do it. This just shows me once more that God is in control. I have not had symptoms, I did not contact them about this study, they called me, since I am one of their patients and met the criteria for that study. My PCP was also part of this study. They told me that they have found several patient that had problems that no one suspected from being part of this group. Another thing. Bobby is scheduled to leave the country next week also. He is suppose to be gone 6 months. Do not know where he is going, but it may be over in the Saudi area, or Afghanistan. Keep him on your prayer list also. Thanks Rita

First of all I would like to thank everyone who prays for those listed on this page. You all are such a blessing!

Please pray for my Niece, Sasha. Her Grandfather passed away today (5/14/06) and Sasha and the family needs prayer.

Please pray for my Aunt Susie who was in the hospital this year with breathing problems related to extreme allergies... she's doing better now.

Please pray for her best friend, Virginia Ogan, who is in the hospital at this time. I was told Virginia supposedly fell and broke her hip and due to some complications she is in rehab now and may need to spend a while at a nursing home while her hip mends.

Please pray for my Dad and his brother James and sister Brenda. Thanks to prayer for Dad.. his back is doing better. Dad and my Aunt Brenda are going to see James on Monday 5/15/06... James is having part of his leg removed. One leg has already been amputated and he is still having problems. Please pray for Brenda... that doctors can help her not be so tired all the time.

Please pray for Mom's friend Mae. She has problems with her knees and has trouble walking. She stays in bed alot. Please pray she will feel better and become more mobile.


We need some financial prayer..... we had some money stolen out of my purse.... and it just so happened to be my husbands paycheck that I had just cashed.... we dont have anything until next month... and we have a 10 year old daughter and a 6 month old grandson that we are raising. We need a blessing and a miracle. If have any advice can email me at God bless, Your sister in Christ, Allison

please pray for my son's family we just recently lost him in a tragic accident it was raining bad and a car had rolled over with 4 teenage boys in it and my son stopped to help and while he was helping another truck came down the road and crushed my son the four boys lived but my son died instantly and he left behind a 1 month old baby boy and a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl and their mother whom he was supposed to marry two weeks after his death they have lost all faith and they need your prayers


Good Morning Would you please pray with me for the salvation of my wife Yvonne and for the Lord to save our marriage? She desperately needs the urgent and powerful intervention of the Lord in her life since satan is using her to destroy our family and household. I believe in the absolute miraculous works of our God but satan is resisting with everything in his power. Please pray with me for the release of the power of satan over her life and consequently our marriage. And so that she also may know the joy and love of Christ in her life. Regards in Jesus. Danie, South Africa


My name is Cory I would like it if you would pray for me, my family and my friend Janna. I have a drug and alcohol problem I was sober for three and a half months. I back slid twice I find it very difficult. I also have Bipolar disorder and Iam on disability no car either things are tough at the moment. My prother commited suicide 2 yrs ago my other bro is addicted to meth for a very very long tim. My mom is so depressed she is a good women but has always had a hard life. Her kids have put her throug hell. My dearest friend in the world Jannna is so so so depressed. She was sexually molested by father at age two and by twin brothes and by uncle and her fathers friend i met her in AA. I actually was looking to see if there were any places or doctors that could remove all the horrible deep scars on both of her arms. She does not cut herself anymore. She doesnot have extra money she barely gets by . She has so sos so many deep scars she never wears short sleve shirts. To have those removed would help her I think with the healing procees. Thank You Cory Colbert

I understand the weather in Iraq is very difficult to bear right now. Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance and safety. Please say a short prayer:

"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us.
Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need.
I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen."

Please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops around the world. Of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine deployed in harm's way, prayer is the very best!!! Thank you.


Please pray that God will please heal my mother of her cancer and that he will heal y body and that God will restore my marriage and bring dean back to me. God dont beleive in divorce and I would like for your prayers and others prayers for God to bring dean back home to me very very soon. make haste and bring him back because where he is isnt where hes to be satan ahs a hold on him and god needs to please undertake fast. i thank you for your prayers. god bless sheila

April 20, 2006

I need the prayer badly not just for myself but for my mom. shes got her cancer and shes taking her chemo next week. And also things for my husband and I are getting worse not better. Please pray that God will get hold of him and bring him back to me and to God. That God will remove all things stopping dean from returning to mePray for my complete healing also that the tests I get are clean and Im ok. thank you and God bless. sheila

Please pray for my Grandson, Aaron Samuelson, as he goes Iraq. He is in the navy and will be stationed there for 18 months. He knows the Lord Jesus, just hard to let him go there. Thanks and Lord bless ya, Carolyn Carter

Hello, my name is charlene and I live in wichita, kansas. I am asking you to please pray for me, because I am about to lose everything, and I have a minor child, I was working as a home health care technician until March 10th, when I had to have an emergency hysterectomy, now I don't have the money to pay my lights, gas, water or phone, I can't even buy groceries for my daughter, and I need help, and I am out here all alone, I have no family to fall back on for help. I am having to send my animals to the pound, because I can't even afford to feed them. I keep saying God will provide for me and my daughter, but I am afraid that I may be losing my faith, my lights are due to be shut off April 4th, if I can't find the money to pay my bills, I do not want to pray for riches, because I want to stay humble before God, but I want to pray for God to send me the money to give to the ones that want to have the riches, unfortunately, I have to give them money in order to keep my lights, gas, phone, and water. Do you know how hard it is trying to decide on what you can live without just to feed your child, its not fun. And my child went to bed hungry tonight, and I have been going hungry for the last 4 days to make sure she had the food that was left in the house, and I hope God forgives me, but I lied to her and told her I ate already, because I knew if I told her I didnt eat, she wouldnt eat, and not having the nutrients, it is slowing my recovery from surgery.Please pray for me and my daughter, we are at our wits end. Thank you!

Please pray for me and for my son Jason Mclamb. He is addicted to crack cocaine and I am at the end of my rope. I know God can heal him. I don't know where he is at this time or if he is alive. He lives to get high. He was raised a Christian, but at this time he is worshipping cocaine. He is 30 years old and I know God is not going to be patient with him forever. Judy Loftin


Thank you so much for praying for Jason. The Lord has performed a miracle! The week I asked for prayer, Jason found out his girlfriend was expecting a baby. He came home and got a job. He has worked for two weeks and took all of his check and rented an apartment. He has never taken on any responsibility before. He said next week they would be married. He has even found a church within walking distance of his apartment. Please continue to pray for him and Lindy ( his fiance) I know it has only been a couple of weeks, but I believe God can heal and His word does not return void. Judy Loftin

Please put Cassandra's friend's little boy on prayer list, Janson Slaughter, he is 7 years old and they were in Tenn. this week end. They live in ga. He was acting strange and had to go to hospital , he could not answer questions that he should know. I have been in bed the last two days i am so tired and no energy, hope i do better Thur. Love Brenda

Can you please add me to this list and please pray this prayer for me.

Dear God,

Thank you for the complete healing that is coming upon Debbie Milam. Thank you for a successful surgery on Monday March 27th and return to optimal health. Thank you for excellent doctors. Thank you for her family, husband and children and their trust that you dear Lord have Debbie in your loving hands. Please dear Lord guide her healing and guide all of those who are involved in her care that they be skilled, supportive, and all parts of the procedure and recovery flow in perfect harmony.

Thank you God for your strength and love that at every moment surrounds Debbie, her doctors and her family.

Thy will be done
Thank you

Surrounding you in showers of peace and joy, Debbie Milam

Please pray for a young teacher I work with. Two weeks ago he contracted the flu. From there it went to pnemonia and into septic shock, then renal failure. Do to all of this, he had a circulation problem and this past Friday, both feet had to be amputated. He will have to go back to surgery to have part of each leg removed so that he can be fitted for prothesis. He is married and has a 3 yr. old daughter, who is also having a hard time because she is unable to see her father. This is going to be a long healing process for all of them. To all, thank you for your prayers for this family. Connie

APRIL 26, 2006

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for the young teacher I work with. He has begun the slow process of rehabilitation from the removal of both legs below the knees. He is having a hard time adjusting, but I know the Lord will bring him through this. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Connie

Please pray for a young man named Andy that he will accept Christ, be released from his addictions, get away from the company he keeps and get his life together. He is a good, wonderfully talented person that has made a lot of wrong choices because of situations in his life. Barb

Please pray for my secretary and her husband, Kelly and Joe Scott. Joe has been diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. It is very rare and it has already spread to his abdomen and lungs. It usually happens to young people. They have 2 young girls Sierra and Samatha, 9 and 3 yrs old. They are such good people and such hard workers -- good parents. Please pray for them. Mary A. Layne

It seems like our family is going through a bad cousin Mikey died in January from AML related non immune his brother in law, his sistres husband has be diagnosed with the same thing. He has been at Duke University since early February going through a very aggressive kemo program it was 5 days a week for 6 weeks but after the 2nd week his white platlets dropped to 1 instead of the 30 range and kemo has been stopped, he was transferred to a nursing hom on SUnday with little hope of coming home......this has been devasting to our family especailly all of us cousins who are all around the same age...we have turned to God to either make it better or take him up to heaven...the waiting and sickness has just about defeated us, prayer is out only solice.... Irma

I'm not sure how to do this, but my daughter is having a bad time just now. She needs prayers. She is Michelle. Thank You Linda

Please pray for my son, Paul that he get a Drug Rehab program that will work for him and that he won't have to go to prison if it be God's will. Thank You, Paul's Mom

Please pray for my son Richard who has a drug problem that he be released from the cravings and hold that drugs have on him. Thank you His Mom

Please pray for Margaret Collins. She was in a 4-wheeler accident and is in the hospital. She is in the 8th grade at my niece's school.

Please pray for Haley, she has an earache.

Please pray for Earl Stacy. He has heart problems and is in alot of pain.

Please pray that my Sister's job is less stressful and that her health improves.

Please pray for Jackie. She is on a ventilator.


Please pray for:
Gaylene Sales... her Mom passed away.
Lynn's Dad is still in the hospital, he is real confused and problems with blood pressure.
Jimmy Robinson he is o.k. and was not in the action on Thur. but he is in 101st co.


Usually I don't ask anyone to forward anything, but I felt this to be important. The more people we can reach for prayer the better. Because the word says if 2 or 3 agree it shall be done. Hailey Jean Begley (she is the grand daughter of my sister that passed away). age 5. Hailey came into this world with the left side of her heart being small, and the aorta being too small. When she was 6 days old they did open heart surgery on her. She was in the hospital for the first 33 days of her life. God did a miracle for her, and she came home. She has been a happy, active, beautiful little girl up until this past Monday. I received a call from pre-school, that something was wrong. Her Mom wasn't home at the time, so they called me. I went and picked Hailey up, you could just tell things weren't right. To make a long story short. She was taken to the local hospital, and then to UK Children's Hospital. They seem to think she has had a light heart attack with some small damage. Since my sister's death I have tried to fill her shoes with being Nana to Hailey. When they said small damage, to me it didn't make any difference, small, big, damage is damage. I would love for all of you to forward this on to praying people. Let get a chain of prayer going for Hailey. I pray she will never have to go through what she did Monday. Thanks for all your prayers, may God bless you all. Suzanne Woodruff

we would like to ask for u to pray for Paul Cronon he is very sick and the doctors are not looking for him to live. thank you

Dear Blessed Friends, Please pray for my Son Mike. Pray that he will be released from all of his addictions. He's a good soul. He became addicted to Rx medications. Also, he is addicted to cigarettes. He needs your help dear ones. God Bless you all. Yours in The Christ, Margie.

August 16, 2006

Dear Beautiful Prayer Warriors, I want to thank you for your prayers. Many weeks ago I requested prayer for my Son be freed from the bondage of a drug addiction. He is doing well, joined NA, and is now going to church and took his two children with him. Praise to God!! And thanks and appreciation to all of you. Keep on praying for Mike, that he stays strong and committed. I Love you All and I know God Blesses you. I see the proof!! Yours in Jesus the Christ, Margie.

Please pray for me. I have been a born again Christian all my life. I have had a crisis of faith and now do not believe. lin

Please pray for my daughter who is undergoing chromosome tests.
Please pray that these test come back fine.
God bless

Would you please put a few people on your prayer list? My friend Will is in California with his dad. Today is his dad's gastric bypass and we haven't heard yet how it went. It was at 11 a.m. their time, so we're kinda wondering what's going on. And my friend Lynn who lives in a town just down the street from me (guess it's kind of a suburb of Tulsa) had to go back to the hospital today for the 3rd time this year. I haven't met her in person, not even talked to her on the phone yet, but I have e-mailed her several times. She crochets too. Can't have a sister crocheter laid up! Lois

Please put my husband on your prayer list. His name is Richard and he is very sick with a liver disease.Please pray for his recovery and that God's will be done and pray for me that God will give me strenth and comfort to acceot his plans for us. I know he sees to our needs as he knows best because He loves us and I trust all things in His loving care. I thank you for your prayers and your love and may God bless you all. Sincerly Juanita

please keep my family in your prayers. my daughter in law has got a conflict going on with our entire family. it has torn us apart.please pray that God will help us to deal with the problem.and that God will keep our son & grandsons in the palm of His hand safe & secure from all harm. thank you so much,deborah

Dear Lisa, I am requesting prayer for healing. On Jan 28 we were at a mall and on the way out some guy tried to hot rod my hubby who to avoid getting rear ended swerved and ended up going over a median which was not marked and it was dusk out so it was hard to see it. I got an airbag in the face and while the brusing and brush burns are mostly gone there is still lot of swelling and I am having a lot of headaches. Cat scan showed not broken bones but it is still very swelled around my eyes which is where the airbag hit my glasses. Second just last Thursday 2/9, my hubby fell on a spot of ice and shattered his left wrist. he has four pins placed it when they did the surgery. He is in a cast for at least six weeks. Would appreciate all prayers for healing. Sheila

Please add my husband to your prayer list he has just has a massive stroke. this is his second in 14 months and has affected his opposite side so now both are weak. As of now he is total care but with therapy and the grace of God I hope he will be able to walk some again. My prayers are also with you and your grandmother Liz

Man whose son is abusing and lying to him. Shelby

The other day I was shopping at a yarn and bead store in another town and state and this woman offers a group time to come and knit a "prayer shawal". I told her I was interested in getting involved but I live quit a distance from there. She told me they just simply knit a "prayer shawl" and then donate it to hospitals etc. That got me thinking and so I went into the internet to check out patterns for prayer shawls and found several that you can knit or crochet. After the holidays I plan to start a group in my area and donate them to a hospice unit in our area. I am hoping to get donations of yarn from local stores such as Walmart, Pamida and the Ben Franklin stores. Would you please pray that this will be successful. Thank you. Betty Pape

Please pray for my cousin, Doris, who has cancer. She was given hope, but needs prayer to help her through this. The road will be tough, but she can do it with God's help and love. Thank you, Donna

At this time of my life I am in need of prayer. Please pray that my ulcerative colitis will soon be under control and I will be able to live a normal life once more. The infection in my bowel has bought me to a point where I can no longer eat. I thank the Lord for my supportive family and wonderful friends who pray for me and call to see how I am. Praise the Lord for my husband who has been such a help to me, he did indeed save my life. The Lord has been good to me and I give Him praise for all his goodness. Susan in Eastern Canada

My name is Frances, and i am requesting prayer for me, that God will heal my heart and kidney problems, also bad back problems. I will be 67 years old,in February. I thank God for the years he has let me live, because my parents died in their 50's, and my husband was only 49 when he died. Thank him also for my children and 3 grandchildren. God bless everyone on your prayer list, and answer their prayers. Thank you, Frances

Please put my daughter,Lisa on your prayer list.She was diagnosed with MS 13 tears ago .She is 42 now and is not doing very well.She cannot walk and is confined to a wheelchair.Also her speech is very distorted. She has 2 daughters who can no longer be with her and they miss her very much. bmats326

For my 2 yr old great-nephew Dominic who is battling Astrocytoma, a rare childhood cancer. He was just in the hospital over the weekend with bad side effects of his chemo treatments. Our whole family is so devastated especially his grandmother (my sister)! I also pray for strength and courage for her to endure this pain of her youngest grandson. Cathe Garnett

Visit our Caring Bridge site:

Hi,I'm twenty five years old and still has not decided what I want from life.I went for an interview yesterday and wants that job so much because it's the wish of my parents and mine.I'm so scared that I might disappoint my mother this time as well if I fail the interview I have disappointed her several times and she still loves me.I want to be what she wants me to be and this is one of the last chances I got.Pls pray for me.Pls hope everything will settle and my mother and father be happy and proud of me. Nir

Hello, my name is Linda I live in Ohio. My husband David was diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer last Thursday.Please add him to your pray list and me the strength to help him.

dear lisa,i dont know if i shoul even ask for this prayer request but it meens so much to me both mentally and spirtually. i have been doing on my own crocheting and knitting things for homeless and hospitals ,shelters and such for about 7 years now. i am in a wheelchair and dont go many places. i live on a goverment fixed income and am just making it .sometimes people have to bring me food just so i can make it thru the month. in the past there was always donations of yarn from people so i could continue the charity work. i thank god and know he had a hand in on the yarn coming to me. but suddenly and quite abruptly the yarn stoped saddens my soul because it is the one thing that makes me feal good about what i do in life,it gave me the need and want to go on//get up every day. now i feal lost and empty. i know that i never put my crocheting ahead of god cause everytime i start to make something i thank god for the gift of knowing how and the gift of the yarn.i also pray for the person or baby thet gets it. .so i just thaugt if you could pray for me to get thue this and find guidance of what i need to do,i will greatly appricate it, ava


Hello, I'm starting a campaign via email to Christians from everywhere to pray for a little boy with Leukemia. His name is Bryce Anderson and he recently lost a dear friend of his to leukemia on December 5th. Bryce has been in the hospital for over 400 days and has spent the holidays for the past two years in hospitals. Currently Bryce and his family (Emily, James and James Jr.) are with him in Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a website chronicaling all he is going through. Please pray for this beautiful child as his parents are strong believers in the strength of prayer! I know God has his hand on this beautiful boy and lifting up his name in prayer will make him stronger God Bless You All! Christie Anderson

Please pray for me and my wife we both have health problems and i am unable to work now due to a severe back problem, and a possible Hurnia. We are totally broke have no health insurance to pay for the much needed surgery i need,and my wife has diabetes and has to go often to the doctor. We have had to depend on my Grandparents for finacial support and were forced to file bankruptcy this past year. I am in much pain and the stress of the situation has not been good for my wife as it causes her diabetes to go out of control. We also have 2 little girls who need us, we really need to be restored to good health, as I can no longer stand to pick them up. We have a deep faith in God that He is the ONE who can help us with this despeate situation. Please pray that we will continue to have faith and that we will receive guidence from God, in this trying time. God BLESS YOU

I would like you to pray for my 40 yr old son & his daughter. He is Skitzophenic & does not take his medicine every day & his 17 yr daughter is doing things that are not right. Bunnyfran

Respected Prayer Group, Please Pray for me that may I get my Lost Love who has gone far away from me due to the Disagreement of his Family for our Marraige.Please pray that may Jesus show him the Love I have for him and May My Lord Bless me back with his Love and Family's Agreement for our marraige Forever & Ever.May He come back to me Forever.And may Jesus bless us Both with the strenght to face this difficult situation with Faith in Him.I Love him Very much and want him back in My Life.I know nothing is impossible for My Loving Jesus.Please Pray for me. Praise the Lord. Thanking You for Your Prayers Yours In Jesus

Hello, Please join in prayer with me to request the following: 1. Financial success - in particular I need to increase and maintain a steady income and get a permanant, safe, living place of some type. 2. Closer, positive family relationships - also for their health and safety, and that they can afford to return to the US to live nearby permanently. 3. Help me to behave and think more positively, proactively, and to be more kind to everyone. 4. Help me reach my weight loss and fitness goal - including helping me gain strength to resist eating the unhealthy foods that hurt my health. Much thanks!!! V. Hamish

Please pray that God will give my family extra strengh during these sad days of the passing of my brother. Thanks Jeanette S.

My sister Leslaie Powers was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer April 2004. She has exhausted all her chemo treatments, she has and is in a clinical trial for radiation sphere treatment out of Denver University. She lives in Garden City, Kansas and makes the commute to Denver every 3 months. Before that she made the commute to Wichita KS for chemo on a weekly basis. My 39 year old sister was diagnosed April 2004. She is the baby of the family of 3 daughters. She has 3 sons of her own, 17, 15, 13. Please send out your prayers for her and her children. My nephews! They still need their mother! The boys are all doing extremely well with school and sports, This is what Leslaie wanted as she was also extremely strong in sports--softball, swimming, football, gymnastics, track. I ask just please pray, that her doing good (clinical trials) will eventually pay off------if not for her but others that have the cancer. Hers is sarcoma-a rare cancer of the soft tissue. Hpidz4mes

Please stand with me in prayer for my friend Alvin in Boston, who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2003 and had a Stem Cell Transplant. He has been in remission for 3 years, but was signed of work due to the nature of his job. Alvin is now receiving Radiotherapy for Plasmacytoma of his chest wall, the mass is near to his heart and lung. After radiation today 07:02:06 he was told a previous CT scan showed a spot at the base of his skull, which could be the reason, why he has been complaining of numbness of his bottom lip and chin. Please pray in the name of Jesus, for complete healing for Alvin, coming against every form of Cancer, for him to start working again, regain financial and unlimited favours, and a closer walk with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Alvin's' faith has not diminished, and by Jesus stripes we believe "ALVIN IS HEALED"
Yours in Christ Sherry-Ann (Trinidad)

hello lisa, my name is german. i am 23 years old and yes i do have a daughter. for a time i was depressed because i moved here in va from pa in march 2005. me and my childs mother thought it was best that i move here because i would make more money down here and support my family from afar. the mother said she had missed me for so long but coming in june-aug she became distant and actually thought i was a burden when i called her everyday. later i found out why. we shared the same cell phone and it was sent to me an i saw that she had made other phone calls. i called these numbers and found out she was with 5 other men. it did hurt me but it hurt me more when she thought i got too snoopy and even threatened to me that ill never see my daughter again. for 6 mos my daughter and i dont have any contact and i cant afford a lawyer but she can because welfare will pay for it. i still love her even though she has done evil things against me but i love my daughter and she needs to know her father. please somebody pray for me because everyday my daughter grows up w/o me and the mother moved away and now i dont know where they are because i dont have a phone number. please pray for me. i just want to raise my daughter under our Lords light. thank you. german

Greetings, My name is Pamela and I come to you with a very urgent request! Will you add our family to your spiritual list of people to ask for help in your daily works? My daughter goes to court tomorrow on a man I have a stalking on but because she has a child by him they overlook that and are trying to get visits with him for my 5 year old grandaughter...She has stressed that he did things to her as well as he murdered a woman years ago yet they still are trying to allow this...My grandaughter was to young to tell everone before and so they dis-missed it.....What I am asking for is prayers/meditations to assist us in saving our little girl any more grief and stopping this man from anymore harrassment. Also for the judge and all others to see his true colors of who he really is tomorrow as well as from here on out. Thank you so much for all your assistance, Pamela Morse

Please join me in prayer for my son, Stacey. He is an alcoholic. He loved our Lord as a young child, then my husband left us. He became rebellious, and very bitter. He felt God had abandoned him. He was about 12 years old. He just thinks God cares nothing about him. His father put this idea into his head, when he left us. I have asked our Lord to do whatever it takes to bring him back to Him. That is probably the most difficult thing I have ever done, besides telling him I can not help him anymore, until he gets help. Please pray for my family. kemo4173

Please pray for my physical and mental health. I am having a hard time dealing with some issues. Joan

Please pray for a young friend who just had a stroke and is having trouble with her memory. Also her husband who is ill. Joan

Hello Lisa, A friend just asked if you would please pray for: Troy Alexander, was born on January 10 at 3:58 p.m, weighing 6lbs ½ oz and 18 ½" long. He is very ill, though. He has a heart defect called Ebstein's anomaly. Additionally he is experiencing Pulmonary Hypertension. These two things together are a very serious combination God Bless You! Claire LeJeune Kemp

Please pray for DW's little girl. Her name is Gabrielle and shes 7 years old. About 3 weeks ago her appendix burst and they didn't find it until several weeks had passed. They did surgey and sent her to lexington. This passed Saturday they had to do surgery on her bowels because she had an obstrucion. We just received word that one of her lungs collasped and shes in really bad shape. She really needs a healing touch from the Lord. Also remember DW and his wife Lisa. You know what its like to have a loved one in the hospital and how it takes a toll on you mentally and physically. They also need a touch of his mighty hand. Please have everyone to pray for her complete healing. Sandy

Can I please request your powerful prayers, once again, for my nephew. He is having an interview next Friday for a job. It would be wonderful if he could get this as his finances are not too good at the moment and he has a young family. I know that your prayers have worked for him in the past. May God bless each and every one of you. Charlotte

Please pray for my Uncle James (Dad's twin brother). He had one of his legs amputated below the knee last July. He is diabetic and has been having problems with is other leg. He just had surgery and is in good spirits and doing as well as expected. Please pray that God will heal his leg and help him with his circulatory problems.

Lisa H.

Please pray for Lisa. She is 25 years old and has been a heroin addict for about 7 years. She is currently in an out-patient rehab and is trying once again to get her life back together. Please pray she finds some christian people that can help guide her. Please also pray for David - 27 years old just diagnosed with hodgkins. Thank you, God bless you.

At this present time my children and I have less than two weeks to find a place to live, if we do not find a place we will be homeless. I have been praying and asking GOD to give me strength and to guide me to find a place that is decent and affordable and big enough for my children and myself. Right now I am getting weak. I put on a brave front, and I will not let no one steal my joy, I just need strength to carry my children and myself on. Not to mention I have a supervisor who is not understanding. I do not fault him especially since I know he is not a spiritual person. Please keep my f amily in oyur prayers. I would like to also request a to find a christian lawyer to help me file for a divorce, the man that I married broke our vows, and two of the ten commandments, and I have tried on numerous occasions to forgive him, but I can not keep forgiving and he continue to do it. Please help me stay strong through your prayers. Thank you and may god bless you Happy holidays Lashil and family




Last year I my daughter in law was going to have a baby 5 months along she lost the little baby girl, It hurt me to my heart very much and still does, well she is going to have another little girl but is having problems again she is about 18 weeks along I pray to God every night to keep my little grandbaby safe and healthy and let her come into this world. Please say a prayer for her I really appreciate it very much Thanks, Debbie

UPDATE: 01/11/06

I would like to reply to my prayer request today I received bad news I have lost another granddaughter I am trying to come to reason why the lord has taken 2 grandbabys from me I don't go to church but I believe and have prayed every night for my little grand daughter only to receive news that she has gone to heaven the only thing I quess I am asking is if anyone knows the reason we have had to go threw this pain again. Thank you, Debbie

Please put my brother and sister-in-law on your prayer list. My brother is Eb Williams and is having kidney problems, he has to have dialayis 3 times a week and his wife Lucille is in hospital with cancer, dehydrated, anemic. Also my other brother Earl Williams has gout and can hardly walk. Also put my neice Judy Gracia and her family on the list. My neice just lost here husband last week. His name was Fred. Thank You Estel Ottney

December 16, 2005

Please pray for my families? My sister-in-law Lucille passed away Dec. 5, she was on the prayer list in your last issue, so I hope everyone keeps her family in their prayer. Also my brother Earl that I mention also passed away Dec. 10 one day after my sister-in-law was buried. Earl's family needs your prayers to. One consolation is that Lucille & Earl both knew the LORD and I know I will see them both some day. This is always hard around Christmas to lose someone. I really felt close to both of them and will miss them very much. Please pray for me also that I can get thru with this. I pray everyday that GOD will get me thru and I know he will. He is a good GOD. Estel Ottney

Would you send up some prayers please? I had to take Sean to the ER last night 'coz of chest pains and shortness of breath. He has cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, and he did indeed go into full blown heart failure this weekend. His arrhythmia was really bad - heartbeat ranged from 80 to 130 in just one minute. They're keeping him for a while and going to put in a pacemaker/defibrillator on Wednesday. Hugs, Lois


November 20, 2005


November 20, 2005

my son is in the hospital in germany and has sustained damage to his larnex and jaw from shrapnel . he cant talk but he can write what he needs. his shoulder was damaged from a bullet . he will be having surgery in washington dc he will be arriving their tues. i will be going to see him wes. or thurs. ! thank you for all of your prayers and thank God for saving my son. i give him all the glory! i just now am praying for all the men their and our enemies. that is what God would want. pray for your enemy, and he can not add to the confusion. God will give you victory. and our men needs all the victory they can get. and pray for them to get home safely. roman 8v 28 look it up , its worth the read. thank you all pat MAY GOD HELP EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!


November 27, 2005

ROOM 7512

1718 A 14TH ST NW
## 202-667-7888


Hi I am from Kenya and I have a prayer request. My very good friend just got her travel visa to the US today and frankly I feel so much pain because God has been doing wonderful things for others and I feel he has forgotten me...I have done some pretty bad things and I want his forgiveness....most of the things are debts, lies about my personal life to my friends and family. I have a boyfriend in the US who I love very much but lately he is busy and doesn't call me frequently...we have been dating for a year now and I would love to visit him from here...he is an illegal immigrant which makes our love more complicated to be together. Pls pray for me that God may show his wisdom in all this. Also pray for me to get financial freedom as I feel terrible having to borrow money from friends and family all the time.....May God Bless and hope to hear from you Lisa Best wishes, muthoni nganga

I am asking for prayers for my best friend from high school whose husband passed away from this past Sunday. They have always been very strong in their faith and belief in the goodness of the Lord. I know she feels blessed in knowing her beloved husband is no longer in pain, but she does miss him terribly. Please hold her in your hearts during these difficult times. Kathy Jeske

August 7, 2006

Thank you for the prayers. I am feeling greatly comforted. Today's memorial service was lovely. Much music, stories of happy memories, and acknowledgements of what a blessing she was in our lives. So comforting. Kathy Jeske

Please in our Lord Jesus Christ's name pray for my daughter Gina's comlete healing of cancer and please pray that her heart and kidneys function properly. God Bless all.....Praise the Lord
Linda Squires

Please pray for my daughter,son in law and our two small grandkids.They are more or less homeless and we have done evrything we know to help them, from offering to staying with us, to paying rent for them as long as they went to work and neither parent seems interested in going to work I am so worried about our two small grandkids and Christmas is just around the corner for them.Thank you so much Sue

This is Christy, Gizmo's mom. My husband needs prayer. He had a heart attack in May and although he is recovered now, he still needs prayers for continued good health. I also know many people who need Jesus Christ in their lives. I am having sinus surgery on November 28th. This is the second one in two years. Please remember me in your prayers. Thanks. Christy

For my father. He had a stroke and is still trying to recover from it. Everyday is painful for him as he learns to walk and talk all over again. Peggy Hagood.

our 14 year old son Gary lee has been diagnosed with a childhood cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma stage 4. he has alsready had is first chemo treatment about 2 weeks ago well a few hrs after his chemo treatment he had a respitory problem and has been on a breathing machine for two weeks now and he is starting to heal. we pray fro him everyday and would love any prayers we can get. thank you all who will pray for our son. Gary & Lisa Welch

I have a dear friend who's husband has been arrested for something that happened 30 years ago. They are wonderful christians and he cannot remember anything about that night but 2 men had accused him. If they could be remembered in prayer that everything will turn out OK, that would be wonderful. Char Zimmerman

A friend asked me to mention her friend who has been in remission and now her cancer has returned. I don't have her name or anything. Claire Kemp

My husband was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer - stage 4 - back in August. He has been given only 6 months to a year to live. The cancer has spread to his head, and possibly other places, even though he's had radiation and chemo has been started. He's only 51. Pray for healing, please. Danny and Ann

My wife has filed for divorce. I am praying for reconciliation for our marriage and to have our family restored. My wife's name is Beth Cox. My children are Blake and Maci. Please pray for my wife and family. I love them very much. Can you please place us on your prayer chain. The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous person availeth much. M. Cox

Hello, please pray for my son travis brandon martin. He was supposed to register when he moved to another state and is wanted for faillure to register, his only crime. He's trying to make things right by coming home and turning himself in. Please pray that he will find favor with the police and the judge because of his honesty in turning himself in, that he will be safe in jail if he has to go and that the time he must serve will be minimal. Please pray that all he will have to do is register and that he won't go to jail. Thank you so much. Sunny

Please pray for me and my wife, Shannon Fraizer. Pray that the Holy Spirit fills us, overwhelms us with its Grace and Hope. Pray that Shannon can find forgiveness in her heart and the strength and courage to work on our marriage. Pray that God will touch her body and take the pain and suffering caused by her gastroperesis. Pray that Shannon can focus on the future and that her prayers become specific and determined. Pray for me (John) that I can remain patient yet hopeful. Pray that God gives me peace and strength. Thank you, John Fraizer

Hi Everyone, My Name is Diane
Please would you all pray for me. I am 48 years old and I am going this Weds 10/19/05 for my second Breast Biopsy on a lump. There is a doctor and a radiologist that have two different opinions on the results. Please pray that everything Comes out O.K. and I do not have cancer. I am scared, My Mother died with Breast Cancer When I was 10 years. My Family does not know anything about any of this. I don't want to worry them. I have been dealing with this by myself along with GOD of course Pray for me to gain strength to deal with whatever the results may be.GOD Bless each and everyone on this Prayer list. Thank you Little Diane

October 31, 2005


Please keep me in your prayers. My situation is that there has been a misunderstanding between a couple of my co-workers/friends. We have not spoken in six months and now one of them is doing everything she can to make things difficult for me at the workplace. I keep praying, but to no avail. Things seem to be worsening. Thank God for people like you who I can turn to in order to have more than one person praying for my situation. God bless you. Thank you so very much for your prayers. B.H.

My mother-in-law passed away on July 30. She was 63 and was raising her 4-year-old twin grandchildren. Birth mother is in prison for abuse on a younger baby. My husband and I are now caregivers for these precious ones. A boy and a girl. We are in the process of adopting them, with the birth mother's blessing. I have given up my full-time position as a RN to care for them as they have several behavioral and some psych problems due to all they've been through. Things are very TIGHT for us financially since I was the major breadwinner for the family. I feel the need to be at home with the kids. Please pray for us as a family and that we will be financially blessed so we can continue to provide for these precious ones. Thank you, Cindy.

My daughter Jan has left her husband Scott.They are both 30 years old, no children.They were good Christian people , teaching in their church & singing but the Old thief stole from them their joy & peace through gossipers .Now I am afraid for their souls as well as their marriage. Thanks to all for prayers sent to the heavenly father for them.I believe God will restore them back in church and put their marriage back together . Thanks to all. Elsie

Please remember to pray for me and my son. We live in Jackson, Mississippi and our home was totally destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. We have rented a new place to live and we love it. However, it is much more expensive than where we were living. It will be a real test of faith to meet the rent and utilities each month but we are determined to stay there. God bless all who read this.

Please join me in prayer for my son Daryl will consistently work, not being let go home early due to lack of work and eventually find a full time job putting in 40 hours. Currently, I (mother) is unemployed and my husband disabled. We recently lost our home and car and he enjoys helping us financially. Also, please pray to God that I become healed and can go back to work, plus my home business will bring in additional income. Blessings, Lori Stevens

Hi, I am in need of a NEW CAREER that has been annointed for me. The old job is adversely affecting my mental and physical health ! I need GOD To open doors ! Ken

Please pray for my sister Debbie who is dying from complications due to pnemonia. Her lungs have collapsed and she is non responsive to stimuli. Tomarrow they will be putting her on dialysis. Pray that God heals her and gives our family strength. Things are not looking hopeful, prognosis is very grim, So please pray, pray, pray. Thank You Nikki

good day, can you please pray for my brother in law..had cancer in his colon got operated,they found that it went to his liver,had chemo for months,it did shrink had an operation aug16 to remove the cancer in his lover removed 50 percent of the liver.after 2 weeks or so in started to have infection,his wound has 2 holes and at the end of his incisions it is bright beet red looks like it is blistering...back in the hospital taking antibiotics,to heal the opening that has improved but not full closed,he cannot start chemo unless his wholes close up and he also needs another operation in 3 months to remove the other spot of cancer in liver on the opposite end.he has been very strong through out this difficult time,now he is very discourage .please pray that the lord will heal him give him and his family the strengh courage to fight this battle god bless Tsitsitete


Please pray for all of the people in the path of Hurricane Katrina.

"All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people. You can help the victims of this disaster and thousands of other disasters across the country each year by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which enables the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need. Call 1-800-HELP NOW or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish). Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund may be sent to your local American Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P. O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013. Internet users can make a secure online contribution by visiting"

Hello...My name is Jenny, I would like to ask if anyone would please pray for me. I am disabled and mostly in a scooter. (Electric type of Wheelchair) I have severe back problems and restless leg syndrome. I have had 4 back surgeries and 17 other surgeries. (I don't count the outpatient ones.) I can only walk a few steps and I have to set down. I have trouble a lot at night trying to sleep because of my legs. I just can't get them to stay still sometimes. I got really sick a little over a year ago and lost around 80 pounds. Actually...I could lose more weight. I am still over weight and that don't help my diabetes at all. I am having a lot of troubles with my eyes to. Just in the past couple of eyes have gotten so bad...I can't read the license plate on the car in front of me and I can barely see the computer screen. This old computer is a LOT of my outside world. I laid down for a nap about a year ago and woke up and couldn't hear out of my right ear. I went to my Dr. and he sent me to an ENT Dr. He told me before he ever done any tests on me that he thought I had a brain tumor. I was soooo scared. I asked many people for prayers and God answered. There was no tumor. Thank you God!!!!! So I do know that prayers do work. I have a friend that lives in West Virginia and she prayes for me and knows all about me. She sends me a card every once in a while. I love to crochet and sew and she will include a little surprise in it for me every time. I just love surprises. She will put in some sewing needles, a crochet hook, a book mark, a pattern, a small crochet friggie she made or something. I just love her mail. To be honest with you...I am 46 years old and I feel like I am honestly fading away. I live out in the country and have no neighbors at all. I get so lonesome I could cry. I would really appreciate all prayers but if anyone would like to send me a little would really brighten my day. I'm so sorry if I seem selfish. I don't mean to be. I am just so lonesome. I don't know if I can write you depends on how many...if any cards I get. But I will try my very best to reply to every one. I promise you that. Well, that's if I can buy the stamps. I am FAR from rich. I am in the very low income bracket. God bless you all. Thank you to all that reads this. Love & Blessings, Jenny

Jenny Russell
2552 Louisville Loop
Maryville, TN. 37801

I ask in help of prayer for my daughter this is an unusual request but she is 24 on her 2nd baby, single I have custody of the first embarassed to say she seems to have them and discard them when she tires of them, I guess I really need the prayers for the baby's sake I have been going through a rough time with her she is only 3months old and already has had somay problems with her stomach because the parents of the father won't listen on feeding and caring for the child, I sit many nights listing holding the little one while she screams in pain because they just feed her anything they seem fit, I no sooner get her back to being healthy happy and normal and my daughter just ups and takes her and dumps her off again for days at a time, I am assamed to say she is not the mother type and never will be, I need all the prayers I can get for that little one and perhaps my daughter as well to see what she is doing to these 2 beautiful children. Please help

I'm a 42 year old man living in centeral California.I think that it is safe to say that as I look back at my life I am at the point to where I really don't like what I see.I have done things and said things that have hurt people.I have had three failed marrages and have been threw things in thoses marrages that brought me to this point in my life to where I really don't like who looks back at me in a mirror. Ive been doing alittle praying and asking the Lord to help with the strength to change my ways of doing things.Also open some doors for me to meet and make friends with caring people that are not judgementle. You see I really have no friends.To be truthful with you I do go back and forth with my old ways.I am truly getting tired and almost to the point where I no longer want to be here.I have attened church before and have been babtised yet I know that I have fallen from Gods grace so far that I am begining to be leave that he has written me off for good.No matter what or how I pray I seem to get no awnser back from him. I need some doors opened for me. I'm willing to walk threw those doors if the Lord would just be willing to give me a clear sign,Yet I get no reply.I am so week and need his strength to pick myself up and start moving in a positive direction.What good am I for Gods purpose if I so week,And how I'm I ever going to gain strength and belive in myself with out the Lords help. Could you and your Prayer Group pray for me that the Lord will ingulf me with his love and support so that I mite change my life around. That he would show me in ways that I could see and understand for steps he would see me take. Thank you so much, Jim


Please pray for my New-Age neighbors who need salvation and deliverance. I am aware of a coven of wiccans at Meadows Apts. I am needing backup prayer against spiritual darkness that want to combat me and other believers at my church, Christ the King Citichurch. I am also praying for disability payments to be approved for me wtih no more delay! My whole family needs deliverance from a dumb spirit whick causes schizophrenia in my brother, bipolar disorder for my sister, a gay lifestyle for my older brother, (who needs emotional healing) borderline personality disorder, and ADD for my 22 year old niece, and me who has been diagnosed Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder( I am a Spirit filled prayer intercessorer who prays for my family and has NOT stopped for the past 12 years!) Also, my sister is a witch who operaties in the spitirual realm. She needs salvation and emotional healing! I need to lose about 100 pounds and really need supernatural strength to cut back on portions, as healthy, fit saint is a solid withness to the unbelieving world. I need my appetite for food to diminish! Thanks for you prayers and be blessed! Gods Battleax, Ruth D. (intercessorer)

P>S> Please note no hard feelings intedned for descriptions of these people. I am one in need of deliverance, also! God bless me and them!

Please pray for my friend Rebecca. The lukemia she thought was gone is back. We need prayers desperately for a cure and that she gets through the treatments as easily as possible. Thank you.

Hello, My needs seem so trivial after reading all the prayer requests. My name is Priscilla and I am 63 years old. I am battling very severe depression and anxiety. My closest daughter is addicted to drugs and is bullying me for money to buy the drugs. I am afraid of her at this point, and might have to leave my home and stay with another daughter for safety reasons. I have BiLateral Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is very painful, and this stress adds to my pain. Could I please ask for prayers to figure out what I must do. I send my prayers for all the people on the chain. I am a firm believer of prayer, and Footprints. God is always with us....all we have to do is ask for help. Thank you so much. God Bless All !!!! Bright Blessings, Priscilla

Linda, I am at the end of my rope with my job. I have been sending out resumes with no success. My request is for finding a new job with better pay and benefits in an environment of support and kindness. Thank you! gloria bray

For my husband, he has been in ICU since last Friday (7/28/05). He had a perforated ulcer in his stomach and small intestine, now he has periontinitis, sepsis and respiratory distress and his fever will not break. Please pray for him he is only 45. Thank you and God Bless, Mary G

Please pray or my daughter and my self. My daughter Julie wants to start a family after almost 8 years of marriage but she now has had several miscariages and one tubal pregancy. She is I am sure afraid but is thinking of trying again in the fall. Her doctor will have to watch her closely but has explained that another tubal pregency has a maybe 50-50 chance again. She has had one tube removed in emergency surgery. Pray for a perfect pregency and healthy baby when she and her husband Gerard try again. Also prayers are requested for myself. I am 60 years old and need some kind of employment immediately. Can't seem to find a job and need one badly financially. Health issues are also needing prayer requests. Diabetes, kidney, high blood pressure and other. Please pray for healing. My name is JoAnn. Thank you.

my name is shirley i am about to my end you see in the past year i have lost my mom dad and my husband he had cancer and it was bad to watch him die and know there was nothing i could do he was next to me when i lost mom and dad i know the lord is beside me and they are to i am disable so this machine is all i got tell me how to face this.

I would like to send a prayer request for my daughter who just had a baby girl. I pray that the baby' s father who is stationed in Iraq will be kept safe and will return and do what is right by my daughter and granddaughter. I pray that they will become a beautiful family. I am also requesting prayer for my very introverted son who is going off to college in August. I pray that God will give him wisdom and knowledge, lots of good friends, and a lifelong female companion.


Please pray for Jason's mom Betty. On July 8th she had a bunion and I think a little bit of bone taken out of her foot. Pray that this heals quickly for her. Love, Becky Parsons


Betty went to the doctor today. The doctor took her stitches out of her foot. She can drive short distances. So, next week she is going to start to go back to work. The doctor also told her ifd she went to Wal-Mart or Krogers to get one of the carts so that she doesn't put to much pressure or walk long distances on that foot. August 8th she gets the boot off. I know she is looking foward to that date.


Betty is home and doing better.


THe prayer request that I have is for Betty, Jason's mom, she is having problems with her foot that she had the surgrey on. She goes to 2 doctors tomorrow including the foot doctor that did the surgrey. Thanks.

Please pray for me I have a mitral vavle prolapse . and I have touble takeing medince I have to take low dose and still feel effects. so it.s hard so it.s hard on my nervous system. I feel so sad. Barbara

I am in need of guidance. I hope that I will not sound selfish in requesting a prayer for myself and my three boys. The father of my two youngest boys have been together for 10 years, and we have been having problems for about the last 4 years. I feel as though it has come to a breaking point. Our issues are just that we no longer seem to get along and that there is no communication any longer. We live under the same roof and yet it seems that we are so far apart...I feel like a roommate in my own house. I would like prayer for guidance in this matter. I still love him in my heart I know that he loves me also. I would pray for communication between us and the power to be able to understand what God feels is best for me to do. Thank You. DEBRA MOORE

My husband was laid off from his job a month ago. He is 58 years old and we have two teenaged sons living at home. It is very difficult at his age to find a good job. We desperately need for him to find another job that will meet our financial needs and help us to get out of debt. His name is Jack and is a college graduate. Please pray for us and our family. Thank you! Angela in N.C.


Thank you so much for your prayers. I e-mailed you the beginning of July stating that my husband had been laid off from his job and was in desperate need of another. God is good!! He has blessed my husband with a wonderful job in the Atlanta area. My sons and I will be relocating there to be with him as a family once again as soon as our home sells. Please pray that our family can be joined soon and that our older son will decide to go with us and attend the University of Georgia next year instead of staying back here in North Carolina attending NC State University. It is a great school, but it would separate our family if he stays here. We already have a married daughter living in Tennessee and a married son living in Florida. It would break our hearts to have a third child living in yet another state. Please pray for God's will to be done. Thank you so much for your prayers and lifting my family up. Angela in N.C.

I have requested prayers on several occasions for my nephew and I now wish to thank everyone who prayed for him. His business is now up and running and please God will do well for him, although it is going to take quite some time. Can I now ask for prayers once again for him on next Monday. I pray that God and his Angels will guide him and be with him. May God bless all the wonderful people in the group who continuously pray for each other. I have just returned from Medjugorge - what a wonderful experience and the people are beautiful and loving. I prayed for everyone who had asked for prayers and I know that Our Lady and her Divine Son will hear our prayers. God Bless you Charlotte

June 13, 2005 I have a prayer request for my great granddaughter (Denise Contreras) 2 months old. She will have brain tumor surgery tomorrow @ 10: am. The doctors say they have no choice. She is my granddaughters first child. My daughter first grandchild. My first great granddaughter. Please keep her in your prayers. All our family thanks you. Lord hear our prayers. Great Grandma, Irene

Hi I need prayer for my son Joe. The fair was last week here in Brandon, Manitoba. My son went on Friday and was beaten up by 10 guys. He may loose the sight in one of his eyes. His retina is bleeding outside and inside the eye. Please pray that he regains his sight and has no complications. Thank you! I will contact you later this week to tell you the results with the specialist on Wednesday. Cecelia

Dear Lisa, Kindly pray for my sister who is a widow, left with two growing children and is looking out for a job to make ends meet. And also for my nephew who has cancer of the testicles and is operated. He is only 19 years old. Please pray for spiritual and physical healing. Thank you, God bless you and your ministry. Jeanne Pimenta India.

Hi Lisa. There are five ladies from our church in LaVista Ne. going to Moldova (formally part of USSR) this Saturday, May 21. They will be there for 12 days. Satan has put up a lot of obstacles, but God has persevered and each obstacle has been overcome. We are asking for pray for a safe trip over to Moldova, protection for them while they are there, a safe trip home and, of course, for their families while they are gone. It is great to know that there will be prayers offered up for them because of your great prayer request part of your web site. God bless you Jerry Poe

May 29, 2005

Lisa, an update on the ladies in Moldova. They arrived with no problems. One of the things I did not mention in my first e-mail was they were taking about 100 pounds of medical supplies with them. There was a real possibility that the supplies would be confiscated. They were not. The only problem they are having now is extreme jet lag. Moldova is 8 hours ahead of central time. We ask for prayer for them to adjust to the time difference and for safety while they are there. Thank you, again Jerry

June 25, 2005

Lisa, I do apologize for not giving a finial update on our ladies from the Moldova trip. They did arrive safely on the 6th of June. They are all well, though notably tired from their trip. They will be giving a report on their trip on June 26th in the p.m. service at church. God was so good to them. The people were very receptive to the information they gave them on abuse and female slavery. I thank everyone who prayed for them. I only wish everyone could hear them and know how God took care of them and the women of Moldova. Thank you again for your prayer Chain. Jerry

Put my buddy on your prayer list..His diagnosis was not good but all things are possiable. I don't want to mention anything about his condition it would be like confessing two things ..God Healing him and the negative.. God Bless and keep in touch and I will do the same.. In His eternal love......lilrose/roselee

My brother-in-law Ralph died suddenly a few days ago of an unknown inherited heart disease. Although he passed away in his sleep without any pain, his wife an family are having a very hard time. Please pray for their peace of mind and heart, as well as rest for Ralph's soul. Thank you so much, LeiAnne

Please pray for me to get better and to regain my good health. Please pray that my medical tests come out with good news. Thank you very much! Debbie

Please pray for my Mom Phyllis Lawton, she has just found out that she has lymphoma. Pray that my sons James and Josh Beattie and my daughter Megan Beattie find good jobs. Pray that where I work Loyola Community Learning Centre stays open and continues to grow and thrives. We provide a much needed service and it would be a shame to have it close due to cutbacks, and shortsightedness. Pray that baby Owen Jaynes's heart continues to get strong and healthy and that he grows into a healthy young man. Thank You very much Cheryl Beattie

I received the following prayer in an email from Lloyd Ann Caston. The email was meant to be forwarded via email but I wanted to post it here. The prayer touched my heart! If we don't pray for our children, who will?

Let us all join together in corporate prayer for our Children and claim those children and youth for Christ. We CAN, through the Power of Jesus Christ, make a difference! Heavenly Father, we come asking your Mercy upon our Children and Youth. Father, we ask that they will come to to know you as their Lord and as their Savior. We ask that You will send angels to each of them to protect them from the powers of darkness and the hands of Satan who seeks to steal them from us, or destroy them or kill them. We corporately agree that we will stand in the gap for those in our cities, and we ask for a Mighty Miracle to occur here in America. Father, we ask it in the Name of Jesus the Christ, The King of Kings, and the Lord of ALL! AMEN and AMEN

I would like to have my husband and daughter put on the prayer list. My husband has COPD and Diabetes he is fighting a very hard battle to get his diabetes under control and need lots of prayer. My daughter and her husband are having marital problems and need extra prayer. We also need financial prayer since my husband can no longer work and I also have health problems but still am able to go to work everyday. Any and all prayer are greatly appreciated. Ask and you shall receive. PAULA MCDOWELL

Please pray for my husband Bud Hoskins, he has a bad heart, diabetes & copd, he is in very bad health, but with the prayers of others he will get better. Thanks Pat

My husband Bud Hoskins Passed away on Sunday the 17th.
Please pray for me to make it thru this difficult time. Thanks Pat

I just had to talk a moment and tell you how excellent your site is. I am currently awaiting major surgery and this has been a blessing to me. I am going between praying, beading, and crocheting during the day and even at night when I have trouble sleeping. I have been diagnosed with firbomyalgia as well as sever asthma and bipolar. Due to over 30 years of steroid use for my lungs, I am now in desperate need of a gastric bypass surgery to relieve the pressure on my body. I am currently in appeal process with my insurance to pay for the whole surgery. They have offered to pay $7500 but that still would leave a balance of about $19000. Well enough rambling about my problems. Could you please keep me in your prayers and my family as we go thru this waiting process and the pain meds and everything? I would greatly appreciate it. Once again, Awesome Website and Keep It Going, God Bless You, Tracey A Collier


I went back to the doctor on Friday and he had to increase my pain medication due to the increased pain in my body. I am now only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night. I am still in the process of applying for disability and waiting to hear back from the insurance company on the status of my appeal for them to pay for the surgery. Please continue to pray for my family and I as I can feel the strength of Jesus trying to heal me. I pray for all of you as well for your support through this trial. God Bless You All, Tracey Collier

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts for myself and my family. I am still waiting for the surgery and dealing with all the pain involved in the condition I have. Also please pray that my disability request does not take too long to go thru. I am beginning for testing at National Jewish Hospital to see if they can prolong the wait a bit more comfortably. All day testing on May 26, se please think of me helping. God Bless You All!!! Tracey C.

I have a prayer request. My boyfriends mom, Betty, is having a lot of trouble with her head lately. She had a MRI done today. I think sometime this week she is going to have some blood work done in Lexington. So, please remember her in your prayers.
Love, Becky Parsons
Give thanks to the LORD , call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.
Psalm 105:1


Update on Betty:
She sent me this about her tests that she had: They were much better than they could have been. I have to see two specialists on Thursday morning. Continue to pray for her as she goes to the doctors on Thursday.
Love, Becky Parsons

I have a new Granddaughter. This baby makes 16 grandchildren for us. She has a problem with movement in her left arm and the Dr. said it could get better but it is possible that she will never get any movement in the upper part of that arm. We are praying for her and would appreciate if you could offer a prayer for her. Thank you for all your help. Angie

I just want to thank you again for all the prayers for our new granddaughter. We believe the prayers have been answered. She has started to get a little movement in her arm . We are so grateful and have hope that she will continue to improve a little each day. Angie

Please pray for an urgent financial matter. I need an answer this week, as we have a number of bills coming due. Our van is not running, or insured, and it will take a lot of money to get it running. I have been out of work for 6 months. Unemployment has run out. Our savings our gone. I have applied at everything under the Sun, but all I seem to be able to get is interviews, but no job offers. My last job 3 yrs ago paid me well, but they closed down. I have been a good giver in the past my local Church. I really need a major breakthrough. Thank you. God Bless. Ron


Pray for my daughter Dawn,who just passed away at 27 years old, on March 10,2005. She wasn't sick,she just died in her sleep. My heart is so empty right now, all I do is cry, I have my son with me right now who is 25 but lives in N.C. I live in Vermont. Please pray for me and my family to get thru this horrible thing. Marianne McCarthy

I so BELIEVE IN PRAYER!! We've had alot of tragedies in our life as do many. My aunt committed suicide (Shirley Davis), my 28 yr old brother (Kory Pasquin) 28 yrs old drowned. I lost my father (Pete Cazier) he died on the table from heart problems. My beautiful 23 month old grand daughter drowned in our pond at our home recently (Stevie Jensen) and my daughter (Tanell Jensen, Stevies mom) was raped by 3 men, devestated over Stevie and is now battling addiction as is my son (Brandon Jensen). I have Lupus and severe back problems. Please PRAY FOR US!! We are SO TORN!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!! ChrisDee Lerch THANK YOU!!

Please pray for my husband Mike who is fighting terminal lung cancer, his remission only lasted 3 weeks, they continued to treat him for pneumonia until Dec. when they told us the cancer was back & in new locations throughout his body. Our family is holding together & prayers are offered daily but we need all we can get to fight this demon who is attacking my beloved husband of over 45 years & our Dad, Poppy, Uncle etc. Thanks so much, Pat in Canada

Hey there. I have a prayer request: One is for my Reading and Language Arts teacher Iona Patrick and her family. Her dad has suffered a stroke and they don't think he will make it.

Love, Becky Parsons
He gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone.
This is the message that God gave to the world at the proper time. --1 Tim. 2:6, NLT


Sadly, Iona's dad passed away. Please continue to pray for the family. Thanks.

Please add my daughter's name to your prayer list. Loretta has brain cancer...and is need of God's healing. Thank you. Peg

Can I please ask prayers for my Nephew. He is in the process of buying a business and everytime he thinks it has been finalised some other problem comes up with the building. It should all be finished within 3 weeks but we do need prayers. Also my Grand Nephew who is having his own problems at school. His parents have split up and he is getting a bit out of hand. Please pray for him as he is a very bright student who will be going into 2nd level in September but he needs to get his act together. Thank you for all the prayers in the past and I know we will come through this period with God's help. Charlotte


The other day I asked for prayers for my nephew and also for my grandnephew. I just want to thank the Lord for helping with my Grandnephew as his father and his school master have sorted him out and I know he will be OK. Can I please ask for continuation of prayers for my nephew tomorrow Friday. If everything works well on Friday he will be able to finalise details of his Business Plan. I will let you know how it works out. When I read the other requests for prayers ours are so small in comparison to what other people are going through. All we can do is trust in the Lord and pray for each other. Charlotte


I promised to bring you up to date with the business my nephew was purchasing. Well he moved in on Good Friday (I was so happy that it came about on that day). Please keep him in your prayers as it is a very big undertaking and I am praying that he will make a success of it. Also I would like you to pray for my brother who is very ill at the moment but is refusing to go to a Doctor. Please pray that he will seek medical help. Thank you so very much for your kindness in the past and I promise to keep you all in my prayers. Best wishes Charlotte

Please pray with me as I ask in Jesus's most Holy name for the miracle conversion of my wife Martha McCormack, the healing of our marriage and family, and the STOPPING OF ALL COURT PROCEEDINGS! Sincerely, John McCormack


I ask for prayer for my fiancé, he started using heroin around 3 months ago ( second time round ) and has since stopped again. I would like to pray for continued healing for William. I pray for healing and forgiveness for William, he starts visits with a psychiatrist next week, I pray that the psychiatrist will be able to help William understand and believe in his heart that life is better than drugs. I would also appreciate prayer that myself Evelyn and William can heal from this and that our love will blossom. I will pray for those who have also posted a request. God Bless and thank you. Evelyn

Dear Prayer Warriors, God Bless All of You. Please pray for Joseph Gary Mazzilli to find Clients for his Estimating work. Thank you so very much. Your prayers are POWERFUL! Yours in Christ, Margie Schlicter.

Please pray for my husband, Bob, who has just been told that he will be undergoing kidney dialysis before long. He suffers as well from cerebral problems caused by diabetes. We pray to God to give us the strength to withstand the stresses of his illnesses and treatment and, if it is God's will, to keep his kidney working. Arlene

John was 16 years old. Last Sunday he committed suicide and left our High School reeling! Please pray for the kids and for John’s family. Such a great loss and so difficult to understand! Sample Room Coordinator Cathy Talley

My sister who lives in New Hampshire, grandson is fighting for his life after liver surgery. He is only 3 years old and in the last week has had 6 surgeries and is in the 24 to 48 hour of critical time. He rejected the donated liver and then got a part of his dads liver but things are not going well. All though many are praying for him I was hoping that all your prayers might help so here we are asking you to take time in your busy lives to pray for a little boy who has suffered for so long. Bless you all Shirley Duis

JUNE 1, 2005

In March of this year I asked for your prayers for Roger the 3year old grandson of my sister who lives in NewHampshire.Jan 28 2005 Roger received his donor liver, because of major clotting and complications resulted in the loss of that donor liver. Through the grace of God his father was a match the next 75 days in the hospital delt with many complications and many trips back to surgery.Roger came home in April. Things have not been going great for Roger and he is back in the hospital as the portal vein has blockage. So I'm asking for prayer that the portal vein will clean its self. Shirley

July 30, 2005

Update: On June 1st I asked for more prayers for Roger my sisters grandson who had liver surgery I asked for prayers for the portal vein to open and supply the liver with more blood. Roger is home all the tubs have been removed and the portal vein has open some,we pray that it continues to open. Thanks to all who have helped pray for Roger. Shirley

December 16, 2005

On July 20th I wrote you about my sisters grandson Roger who had undergone a liver transplant. Well sorry I'm so behind here is the upate. Through we have made many trips back to the hospital during these last months Roger is trying to be a 4 year old boy he still has a lot of battles in front of him but he has been such a great fighter. So thanks to every one the vein I asked you to pray for to open did so, and many other problems are slowley healing. Thanks I ask you to keep Roger in your mind. Thanks Shirley

Please pray for our family, like many we have a family member serving with our troops. Tim Gross, his unit just got deployed today, pray for his mom. Also pray for me, I need a job that allows me to be at home with my kids. God is so Awesome and good. I ask him to bless everyone who has asked for prayer, or has prayed for someone on this page. Thank You. -- Cathy

I have a friend named Janine, who is 37 years old. She has been diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and is undergoing a mastectomy on Valentine's Day. She lives alone and has gone through many personal trials in her life. Please pray for her recovery. Thank you so much, Kitty Bauckman

Our daughter Shalaine Williams suffers from Crohn's disease and has had one struggle after another. She has undergone 7 surgeries in 3 years, and now is trying to overcome an addiction to pain medications. In July/04 she suffered a blood clot in her lung, just two weeks ago she was so anemic she had to have 2 blood transfusions and an iron infusion. Then just to top things off she had to have a root canal for an abscessed tooth on Monday. She is married and has a 13 year daughter. Her family have been supportive but it is extremely difficult for them as well and we fear patience is running thin. We continue to pray they will all come closer to the Lord and learn to trust in him. She gets so discouraged at times. We would be so grateful if you would pray for her and her husband Bruce and daughter Braylea. Thank you. Lynne (her Mom)


Hi Everyone! Looks like Kevin P. needs our prayers!
Also I would appreciate if you would pray for me in my intermediate composition class;
it is writing and creating a portfolio and I must pass this class to graduate and I am getting
attacked my the killer disease Senioritis (hint: I want to graduate). Love - Joyce

Please pray for my marriage. My wife and I have been married for 9 months and things are very tough. Also please pray that God would give me restoration from the severe sexual abuse I suffered as a kid. I have been in counsling for 2 months and it is very difficult. A.K.

Please pray for my son Colin. He is in a new job which is quite difficult, and at the same time is suffering from depression and anxiety and having a lot of trouble with his medications. Nancy M.

My family and I were blessed w/ a beautiful baby boy on April 16, 2004. On June 16th, 2004 he had his first surgery to remove what was originally called an "inoperable brain tumor". We are now just a couple of months from his first birthday and he has been cancer free since June 16th. I ask everyone to continue to pray to God that Levi remain cancer free forever. You can visit his website at Thank you. Thank you, We feel your prayers! Levi's Family April Dawn, Jason and Sissy Livie.

Please pray for my eldest daughter, Eloisa, who needs to get rid of an abusive and visibly homicidal boyfriend. She is a single mother with a beautiful son for whom I fear. Please pray that God finds a way for her. Lorraine Mother of Eloisa

Lord God, I thank you for giving me the breath of life today. I thank you for forgiveness of my sins. Please Father, I have but one request. You brought this special man into my life 2 years ago. You brought the two of us together to become one flesh, 'til death do us part. I am in the trial of my life Father. I cannot bear the burden of being unloved by him. Satan stole him from me, and I declare and decree with your mighty sword of salvation that he be returned to me 10-fold. That is all I ask Father. Convict him of his sins, heal his heart, close the wounds that caused him to leave me in mind, body, and spirit. Sever all the relationships that pulled him away from our marriage which threaten to separate us and could come back from the past, and let no relationships form in the future that would separate us. Lord, I know how you must have cried to see your only son, die on the cross, for our sins. I cry for my husband to return to make our family whole again. Let him see favor in me. Let him not seek another. Allow him to forgive himself and see forgiveness in me, and sin no more. Everywhere he turns, should be back to his loving wife and family. Let your light guide us on the path of life together as one again. Give us wisdom, strength, joy, peace, patience, and the comfort of love. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Lorie R.

Im in financial dire straits, and please pray for my marriage and family.

Financial Troubles, Heavenly Father, Most Gracious and Loving God, I pray to you that you abundantly bless my family and me. I know that you recognize that a family is more than just a mother and father, sister and brother, husband and wife, but all who believe and trust in you. Father, I send up a prayer request for financial blessing for not only the person who sent this to me, but for me and all that I have forwarded this message on to. And that the power of joined prayer by those who believe and trust in you, is more powerful than anything. I thank you in advance for your blessings. Father GOD; deliver the person reading this right now from debt and debt burdens. Release your Godly Wisdom that I may be a good steward over all that YOU have called me to be in my financial Blessings. Father, for I know how wonderful and mighty you are and how if we just obey you and walk in your word and have the faith of a mustard seed that You will pour out blessings. I thank you now Lord for the recent blessings I received and for the blessings yet to come because I know you are not done with me yet. Amen Shawn


Urgent Prayer Request Needed!

Hi, I'm in urgent need of a answered prayer for myself, I have only $3 dollars and some cents on me, and I have no other ways of getting money, which has to last me, one all this month of March. I'm asking for a heavenly miracle to have doors open to me, and to have all of my poverty removed from me forever. I ask this in Jesus's name and of the Lord God above. God Bless you and thank you for your prayers.


Matthew 18 Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. 19 Again, (amen,) I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father.


Hi, I will not be able to be online much, I have to sell my computer, so you can email me at: Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I still believe in my dreams and prayers. I pray God will be good to me soon! God Bless! thank you Shawn

i am sandhya and i am deeply in love with a boy called jayesh,he has accepted and loved me knowing everything about my past and the same goes for me .We really love each other deeply.We want to have a happy married life and be together for ever with the grace of God but our parents are not agreeing so Please pray that God showers his blessings on us and gets us married to each other with the consent of both our families. I beg you to pray for us because we are really hurting.

I pray that God will develop an everlasting relationship between Linda and myself.

William and Mary Johnson needs your prayers. Thanks

Please pray that God will continue to bless us and meet our needs. Thank you!

Lisa and Tim

Dear friends, please pray for me as I found a lump,
a rather large mass, on New Year's day. I go to the
doctor next Thursday for my normal appointment
re: my arthritis. There is Cancer in my family! Please
pray for me! Take care and God Bless us all, Pat

please pray for my sister willa she has been dianosed as
having(friedreich's alaxia) she cant walk & it's hard for her to hold
anything, thank you arleen

Dear Brother/Sister,

My husband is working in USA. I couldn’t go there due to VISA problem. Kindly pray for me to get the VISA at the earliest by god’s grace and your powerful prayer.This will help us to alleviate the pain of our separation , also I am pregnant now,kindly pray for our Baby for safe delivery without any problem.I am feeling very lonely{ no one in this world knows the feeling that we have…} My husband also trying in so many ways but nothing has happened so far.At last we came to you..So, please….hear our despirating prayer request and help us together by your merciful prayer. Thankyou for answering our request. Please bless our family and may our family be modeled upon the holyfamily. We shall always praise and thanks to JESUS for his infinite mercy.


Ever loving god’s child



I would like a prayer request in honor of my family, and for those who do not know how to pray. I also would like to request a prayer for those who need to be guided through Christ. I also would like to request a prayer for the many lost lives during this time whether it be at War, in Asia, or other unfortuante incident. I would like to also request a prayer for me to continue to be strong with my faith in God and to find my family and myself a decent home to live in a decent neighborhood, with plenty of room and within my budget. I woould liek to also request that God continue to Bless you for allowing people like me to enjoy your articles.

Thank you and Have a Healthy and Bless HAPPY NEW YEAR

Please pray for my Dad.
He has problems with high blood pressure and his hip bothers him.


We got a call from Wes during the holidays and he is having lots of
problems and is very depressed. I am enclosing his address. Would you
please flood him with letters of support and keep him in your prayers until
he gets through this. He will be home on the 20th(dec) for a holiday break
(they are closing the base down to ecential personel)
Pvt Kunkel, Wesley P.
A Co., 4 Plt, Class # 0501
3d Bn, 13th Inf Regt
5285 Jackson Blvd USATC&FJ
Fort Jackson, SC 28207-5000

May the love of God enrich your life and may your life enrich those around
you. May God's love flow freely from you and give you peace.

Your loving sister

Caroline Kunkel
Virginia Beach, VA

Please pray for Andrea Chaney.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy but is now doing chemo.

Please pray for Jim Short. His mom, Berniece Short, passed away December 29th.

Please pray for Wanda Johnson.
She has been having back pain and needs prayer for healing.

Please pray for my Dad Joseph LeJeune. He died Sunday. My Mom is so broken hearted and the rest of us are too. I’m actually a mess. We were so close. Daddy’s memorial service is Thursday at 11:00 at St. Wendelin’s Church in Pittsburgh. Please pray for us.



Hello I really need a prayer request. My name is Tom Harmon. I really need a van with a wheelchair lift. Please pray for me to find the money or a loan to help me to find one. Please pray for our troops and for world peace. Thanks and God Bless. Praise JESUS
870 Blue Road
Dickson Tn. 37055

I have to have hip surgery. I'm only 35 years old. The pain is unbearable on a daily basis. I pray that God will heal my right hip completely so that I may walk again without severe pain. Jannymael

Please pray for Jane Ranville's speedy recovery from a brain tumor. Her and her family are waiting patiently because on Monday, Dec., 20th, 2004, Doctors will be doing a biopsy at 12 noon so please pray for them. Thank you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with God's blessings.

Jeanne Kinney

i would like to ask for prayer for my sister (w.t)&my cousin(c.t), my sister is in va, my cousin is in ky,they both have in&out of
the hospital several times the dr dont know whats wrong with them please pray for wisdom&knowledgefor the dr to find the problem my sister cant walk&my cousin looses blood thank-you a.a

I hope I am good enough to ask for prayers.I don't know the proper/correct words I might need to use in requesting this,so please bear with me.I was diagnosed with breast cancer,had a radical mastectomy,chemotherapy treatments,additional 8 surgeries from complications in 3 years,and in 4 years have been critically ill and in the hospital 37 times...My then 12 year old son has truly devoted his young life caring for me,because his dad,my husband, no longer has anything to do with me because my body/breast is not like before.,no love at all for me nor my son,(since my son is/has looks after me). I will never be able to work again.We were very,very comfortable as far as money was concerned,no debts,,I've even had to use the money allocated for my son's college,for my medicines alone...My husband will no longer support me,and I can do nothing about it. I have my precious 92 yr. old mother living in another state suffering with Alzheimers and only 1 brother,who cares for her,and that is the extent of my family. Now,my dear,dear, son is suffering with severe depression and after going to 2 different doctors for awhile he can no longer go for help since our insurance has "done" all they will,how do you explain to your child that to these doctors,money,getting paid is more important than helping someone overcome their illness? I know my son is afraid of me dying and being alone...Please, anyone,I have been good in my life,no,not always doing what I should have;however,I honestly need help and how do I ask for help for my son to be healed of this horrible affliction? How can I ask for my husband to "return" to us with love.Money does NOT buy happiness.It can buy medicines and food,things we need to survive,but oh,please somebody,have mercy on me,I need help,I need love,I want more than anything in this big world for my son to be well,happy and know that I love him so much that I feel like bursting as I can't contain it all! Please dear friends,please pray for us all and please somebody try to teach me how to ask God to heal us.Do I have the right to ask Him for help? Even though you can't personally reach me,somehow you will get through so I will know how to ask God the right way for help.Please help us. Love, a child in need of love,help,healing and God's touch.

Susan Weldon

Mike is in his 40's and has had colon cancer 3 times, but was working up until 3 months ago.... he cannot work now. Mike has been on paid medication 24/7 for about 3 mos. now and has gone to every doctor known to man. We thought he had cancer again but we just recently found out that he has severe nerve damage from the radiation he had from his last round of cancer. This is causing severe pain in his stomach, back and hip to the point where he has to be on meds all the time and is in bed most of the time. The doctors told him he will have to live with the pain for the rest of his life! The pain management doctor wants to implant a device into his stomach that will administer the pain meds 24/7. Supposedly it will give him more relief than the pills and it will last longer too. He has to wait for the results of another MRI before they can make this decision.He has his good days too but 95% of them are bad. He's not going to quit trying to find a doctor that maybe one day can fix this though. There is a slim possibility that one day it could go away on it's own. He still manages to have a good attitude and we still go out and do things when we can. Mike and his wife Treva are not saved. There is a lot to pray for here. Thank you so much for your prayers. God is able and faithful.
Connie Lolli

I am suffering from gum recession in my mouth. Please, pray that the Lord will completely and permanently replace all of the periodontal tissue that has been destroyed and repair all of the damage done. I have difficulty believing for the miracle, because I am of weak faith. But, I know that He can do this. Please, please, please, pray that this miracle healing will be poured out upon me soon!

Phillip Collins

my father mr ramesh anant verlekar met with an accident on 29thseptember which lead to serious brain injuries.he was operated forbrain surgery on 1st octomber. from the day of accident till aboutnovemver 10th he was in semi-comatic state and disoriented.he wasdischarged from hospital on 22nd nov. now he has lost his memory andhas become weak.he was operated for HEART BYPASS operation twiceearlier.his blood pressure is also not stable.we are also in financialcrises do to the cost of operation, medicine and hospitalization.pleasepray that he gets his memory back fully and recognizes us ,and is onceagain fit to leave independently.let ur prayer eliminate all traces ofinjuries and illness from his body please...............we need urprayers badly

hemant verlekar

please pray for our family. my husband has been locked up for the last five months. he had a false positive on a drug screen and was arrested for probation violation. we go to court in the morning. we have a 12 year old handicapped son who needs his daddy home. this has been real hard on the whole family and our last chance to get him home before Christmas. please pray for his that he comes home tomorrow and we can get our lives back like they should be. thanks melody

My mother (Julia age 53) was enticed by a family friend (Timothy - 40 years) into some truck business and he separated her from us our family was against it. She usually went on business trips and over a petty quarrel with dad for coming late she left the house to stay with her cousin. Soon she was involved so much in business that she stopped contacting us. Even when we try to contact her, Timothy doesn't let us. We know she is being pressurised by him not to contact us. In September 2003 she left us. Now her business is fully down and in a loss. She is involved with some lakhs of Rupees. For the last six months we have no idea where she is or whether she is alive. She has been a loving and caring and respectable women who gave her life for her children. She brought us up in all godly manner. We feel that she is in some pain and stress by him and is uanble to come back to us. Her Birthday falls on Dec 19. We want her home before this day. Please pray for her.


Please pray for my son Javier Villa JR. He is 9 yrs old, and has had the asthma for about 7 years now. I pray God will heal his lungs.

Elizabeth Villa

Please pray for a total healing for Dan White of Pancreatic Cancer. Dan is
54, a wonderful father to three precious daughters, Joanna, Moira, Angela
and a dear husband to a great lady name Mary. Dan is a quiet and humble
man who has given his gentle heart to many. We believe in prayer and
Please pray for a total cure of cancer.
His family needs their father. God Bless you!
Connie, a family friend
Barrie Ontario Canada

Please pray for my son Jason who is in Iraq. He has been ok so far but has had so many near misses. Please pray for his safe return to the US. Thank You God Bless each and every one of you. Ge

Every time my son, H. D. goes out driving truck I pray that God will protect him the whole time that he is out and bring him home safe. Well, today God did just that. Those of you who live around the Dallas/Fort Worth area may have heard about these accidents on the news. H. D. heard some truckers were talking about a wrong way driver coming down the interstate in the opposite lane from what he was driving. They were warning everyone to slow down because someone was driving the wrong way. The next thing that was said that the wrong-way driver got clipped by another car. About 3 or 4 minutes later H. D. heard screeching tires. He started looking in all of his mirrors and saw nothing. He heard it again and that is when he saw the reflection of headlights going around on the hood of the semi he was driving. Then he looked in his rearview mirror and saw the car sitting in the middle of the highway. Unfortunately another semi hit the car broad side and the person probably did not make it. Then 2 other semis hit trying to avoid that accident. There were several other vehicles involved and H. D. was the only one who was not involved in the whole ordeal. I told H. D.. that God had his protecting angels around him. I am happy that he was not hurt, but feel for the family of the person in that car. We should pray for them.

Now for my prayer request. My oldest son, Gabriel was walking on cross beams before plywood was put on a deck about 3 months ago. He twisted his ankle and fell on his knee. His back was hurting too, but the main focus was put on his leg and knee. The doctor had him do exercises for his back. Well, last week it was discovered that he had a ruptured disc in his back and the exercises caused further damage to his back. There is leakage as well. He was supposed to go to a back specialist Monday, but there was some kind of problem with workman's comp and that was postponed. I am asking that everyone would pray and put him on your prayer lists at church that he will be completely healed with no residual effects. That is the same prayer that was prayed for H. D. when he was almost killed in a motorcycle accident almost 3 years ago. That prayer was answered and I am expecting no less with his brother. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

Love in Christ,
Joyce~n~S. TX

Yet in all these things we are more than
conquerors through Him who loved us.
Romans 8:37 NKJV


I wanted to give you an update on my son, Gabriel. The Lord is healing him. Praise the Lord!! His back is not bothering him as much. He is not in as much pain in his legs and feet and just about all of the numbness has left in his foot. He even went back to work Monday on light duty!! He asks that everyone, please keep him in your prayers, but we are thanking God for His healing power. I am praying for complete healing and expect no less!! Thanks, to all of you who have been praying for him.

Love in Christ,

Hi, my neighbor, Pam, recently confided in me that she is pregnant and is unmarried... the guy she was with scheduled an abortion for her on tuesday november 23rd. She told me she wanted the baby and she was really confused... She is also drinking and drugging almost daily... PLEASE pray for God's will in her life and for the life of her unborn child... I pray that she keeps it or gives it up for adoption... not following through with the abortion... PLEASE PRAY!!!!!! ~~Julie


please post this praise report....
Pam did decide to keep the baby... not abort it...

Please pray for me in this time of trouble with dealing with stress and worries with these nursing exam.

Thank You,

Kimberly B.

Please pray for my husband --he is dealing with addictions and trying to quit... ~~Pray for our relationship as well, it has been very strained by choices.~~Julie

would you Pray for our daughter, Bunny. She is depressed so bad, and we think she is on dope. Pray that she finds her way back to GOD and happiness and understands we want to help her. and we love her every much. We find that she lies to us and it is so heart breaking at the things she does. A Family that cares and loves her

Hi, before I write this I just need to be honest. I'm a 49 year old woman who is scared and lost. I lost my belief in God years ago, you see I took care of both my parents in when I was in my 20's and 30's and watched them die a slow, horrid death of cancer. I have 2 brothers, one has colon cancer and the other is recovering from prostrate cancer and just a few months ago had a benieg turmor removed from his liver. I also lost 2 cats 7 and 21 to cancer may sound dumb to most people but they where my family. My dad was an Anglican minister. I myself have been on disability for 4 years now do to arthristis and mental issues. I'm on so much medication I rattle and cry all the time.

If you publish this, this is all I ask and believe me I've never asked for prayers before but I've reached my limit, you never know maybe it will help. Thank you for reading this.

"I feel selfish to ask people I don't know to pray for me but I'm so lost and alone. My life hasn't been easy but I'm sure it's nothing compared to so many others. I ask for some guidance, some purpose, some reason to keep going, I'm so very tired and so very scared. Thank you. pat (rose and harry's daughter, the best parents ever and best friends too)"

Please pray for my nephew Bob. he has Melanoma cancer. 4th stage.It is in his bloodsteam, doing research drugs.


Please pray for my friend's mother, who is very ill with pneumonia. She is
very ill and has to be fed thru a tube.

Thank you,

Today I'm not writing to request prayers for myself or my family. A very kind woman that I know from work is going through some very trying times right now. Her daughter has 2 children 3 and 1 1/2. She is deaf and not very mentally stable. Two months ago she put both boys in the tub and proceeded to go downstairs and watch tv for awhile. When she went back up the 1 1/2 yo was drown (by accident mind you). The poor little boy has been in and out of a coma with collapsed lungs and constant sepsis since the accident. The woman was just told that her grandson is going to die and it is just a matter of days. Please pray for her and her family. This is really hurting her. Also special prayers for the brother who knows he "hurt is brother". I just hope they have the resources to find the correct counseling for this boy so he can grow to accept the accident for what it was and not live in guilt for the rest of his life.

Thank you
A friend

Please pray for my son, Todd, and his children, Devon, Bethany and TJ. Todd's wife was just committed to a mental institution and chemical dependency. Please pray for them to get through this trial in their lives. Thank you and God Bless You.


Beautiful lady, Meredith Campbell. I recently met her at a county hospital.

She has Scleraderma, (SP?) Rheumatoid Arthritis, and was diagnosed with Lupus the day I met her. Meredith also has other serious internal organ problems.

She was inspired by Christ, and her sisters to write some words down that entered her heart at different times during the years. She put them together at her sister's request at a local printing company. It is filled with poems and prayers that are very touching to say the least.

She titled this little booklet "Heart Whispers" The cover has hearts on it drawn by her daughter, The back cover is drawn by her son. She unselfishly gave me a copy, and I have since shared this with my daughter. Meredith said she wanted this to leave with her children.

She may not realize it, but it touched my family as well, I may never see her again, but we can communicate through email. She is in my prayers, and I would love to have her on yours. Thank you.

Bless you,
Darla Sayres


James Agnel Slone
passed away Sunday, November 7, 2004

His parents, Marcel Len Slone and Zanna Combs Sizemore
need your prayers as well as a host of other survivors.

Ruth from Church has a daughter in law named Joyce.
Joyce has been fighting breast cancer for several years now and has had awful side effect from chemo.
She was diagnosed with the cancer now in her bones and on the weekend fell dreadfully
ill with severe headaches and they have found that the cancer is now in her brain and chemo will not help this now.
She is in hospital now and after they were able to give her steroids she has been able to communicate with family and I have been told that she even managed to have a little joke
Her husband's name is Russel and she also has 2 grown up boys so they also need prayer.
She is in her early 50's - so young.
I really don't know what to pray for except for her peace and that if God calls her home
that He will be merciful and take her peacefully.
The doctors have told the family that if the swelling in the brain increases it will stop her breathing but the hearing is the last to go.
I feel that we can stand in the gap for Joyce if she cannot pray anymore due to pain.
I am finding this so hard to write and choose the right words but what I do know is that out of this God will do something wonderful, we may never know what but we know the Truth.
thank you
much love and blessings
yours sister in Christ

Please pray for my aunt Mireya Campos who is very sick at this moment in intensive care with complications of the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. she has been hospitalized now for fourteen days and doctors says only God can save her, they are doing the most they can and there has not been a positive result according to them (I see it different because as long as I see that she is alive I have hopes and faith that she will recover) I believe in miracles!!!.

Thank you so much for your prayers, God bless all of you.

Please pray for my cousin Redonna.
She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is to have surgery the week of Nov.15th.
Please pray the God give the surgeon and/or doctors wisdom to
remove all of the cancer. Also please pray for the family.
ReDonna's daughter, Tabitha, has taken this really hard.



ReDonna's surgery went well and she is cancer free.
She's doing great!

Redonna had more bad news on December 29th.
She has to have a complete hysterectomy.
The date isn't scheduled yet but please keep her in your prayers!

ReDonna had surgery on Jan. 25, 2005.
Please keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

ReDonna is doing great and since her surgery
has become the Grandmother of
a beautiful baby boy named Landon.

Please pray for my husband,he is fighting alcholism on his own. he hasn't had a drink since 11-05-04, going thru withdrawals right now. please ask God to take the craving for alcohol away from him. thank you, Darlene. My husband's name is David.

I would like to submit a prayer request for my deceased brother's soul.
He died a tragic death on July 29, 2004 in Mexico. We are not sure of how he really died.
Please pray for his soul and that he is resting in piece.
Thank you,

i was set free from evil spirits recently. i've backslidden recently and im kind of hard hearted. i think too much of myself. pray for my breakthrough. pray that i be full of love,compassion,faith,joy,boldness,humility,wisdom & hunger after God, lose pride,envy,greed,hurts,selfrighteousness,fear, be one with others,be freed from strong conscience,enjoy fellwship,&let go of everything & be led and filled by Spirit, see the truth clearly, and my mind & heart to be completely changed. pray that i would just receive Christ's love and forgiveness and stop trying to pay for my own sins and that i let go of everything and receive every thing God has for me, & he move strongly in my life. pray for my family for revival, my brother, sister, mom and dad; that we all see God's love for us, and that He move strongly in us, because we are going through much struggle. pray that my mom would trust in God and stop worrying, that my brother would be healed of all his hurts and be moved by the Spirit and used by God and go to church and lose pride, and my sister for accepting Christ's love and for my dad that he too would let go of his hurts and forgive and accept and understand God's love and lose his spirit of anger. pray also for tony yang, my friend, a college student. pray that we all keep ourselves steady in the Lord, and pray that especially I and my family will be willing to forgive others and will continue to do so as we understand God's forgivenss, to let the spirit of forgiveness come and we have understanding, so we dont have to put ourselves in bondage anymore.
-Paul myung hyun kim

For Chris, A wonderful,kind, 19 year old boy just found out that he has stage 4 Hodgkins lymphoma. He will be starting chemo right away. He needs everyone to pray for him starting NOW! He is very depressed and upset and knows he is going to die soon. Please God and everyone save this young boy and keep praying for him. Pray that God will save him and let him live a healthy life. Thank You to all that can help. I will let you know how he is doing. His Mother is raising 3 boys alone and they do not have health insurance. Pray for them.

I want to thank everyone that prayed for my daughter and her sons while she was in the process of getting a divorce. I ask for prayers in Aug. Now I really need prayers for my husband. He is disabled (aids, he contacted while working in a hospital), now the drs. think he has cancer of the throat. We will know Friday, he goes in for a biopsy. I need all the prayers I can get to get through this. The hospital he is going to is the same one that he contacted aids at. The knowlege that the personal is not as responsible as they should be hurts even more.
Thank you all so much



I want to thank everyone who prayed for my husband. It seems the doctor miss read his test results, and he dosen't have cancer on top of his hiv. He has a very deadly CMV virus
that most aids victims die from. Because of this set back, he is about a month behind on his treatment.
Please keep him in your prayers.Thank you.


Sorry to say, Mike has cancer too. He has C M V and aids also. We just jumped the gun. He has a 20% chance of surviving the surgery, chemo and radiation. If he makes it through that he has less than 5% chance of surviving 5 years. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. We sure had ours up, but God has a plan, and I believe he will make 5 years easy. We will have to go to M D Anderson hospital in Houston, Tx. It's about 350 miles from our home. We haven't heard form the hospital there yet. They have to wait until they have a slot.
Thank you for all you have done,

Jan. 2005

Everyone this is to let you know that Mike passed away on Jan. 2, 2005.
Sorry to take so long in getting back to everyone. Thanks for all you did.


Please pray for Michael , who had an anuerysm, pray that his family will be strong through this, pray for his children, pray for his wife, his best friend, pray that he will pull through this and recover,his family and friends need him,
God Bless,


Thank you so much for posting my prayer request, unfortunatley, there was nothing that could be done for him, and as per his wishes, his organs were donated to save someone else's life, which, in my mind, is the most unselfish act a family can do. God Bless you and yours, and thank you again

My request seems so simple as I read the needs of others. God love you all!! I am 62 and disabled. It seems that my life has been turned upside down since I became disabled. There is serious turmoil among my daughters and the rest of my family. I am caught in the middle and my disability, Trigeminal Neuralgia, has become more painful as the days go by.
My family knows that this sort of thing causes my Neuralgia to get very bad, but I guess they don't care. Please pray for me and ask God to help quiet things down.
I am very grateful to all of you and will remember you in my prayers.
Bright Blessings,

Please pray for me my enemies who are attacking me, pray for Derrick and kim my enemies.
Please pray for my dream house and God fearing husband.
Decobra Sansbury

Dear saint:
recently i was bothered by these three matter, i need your prayer.!) i am a college student , i study very hard, but sometime i just can not concentrate my study. please pray for me, not bother by Satan's distraction, and be strength in the Lord. 2) i was very concern of God's heart desire toward human race. May His will be done. May His kingdome come. May His body be build up. 3) i will like to offer myself to the Lord. Let nothing stop His will on me.please pray for me in these matter.
Thank you
Love in Christ


Please pray for David. He is a 37 year old young man with a wife and small child.
David has an inoperable brain tumor.

Please pray for Carol and her family. She has cancer which has spread to her bones.

Thank you Lisa and everyone who visits this site to pray for others in Jesus name. I previously asked for prayers for my brother. "Please pray for my brother. He is 39 years old and has been on dialysis for 2 ½ years. He is in need of a kidney donor". God has answered our prayers and my cousin has donated a kidney! They are both doing well. Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

I am a subscriber of your newsletter and I read the prayer request.

On 14th October my friend Roshan was operated for cancerous ovarian cyst
which was malignant and had spread to the stomach also where two nodules
were found. Everything was taken out. My request for prayer is that she
should get well and the cancer does not spread.

I would be grateful for the prayers for her good health.

Blessings to all

Dear Lisa, My faith in God is strong or I would not have survived the death of two of my grown children in the past year. My son, Duane passed away March 18, 2003, from complications of diabetes, he was 39. On March 29, 2004 my daughter , Donna, passed away after going into a diabetic coma and having a heart attack. She was 33, has left behind 2 beautiful children, ages 8 and 18 months. Now my oldest son, David, who is 44 is having serious complications with his diabetes and I don't know how long he will survive. He has been in the hospital three weeks out of the last four, was out for less than 24 hours and is back in again. I would like healing prayers for all my family, but most of all I would like prayer for a cure for diabetes. It effects foo many families, and is too devastating a disease to be around much longer. The saddest thing of all is that it strikes the young, and whole families are very devastated by this horrible disease. Taking insulin either by shot or insulin pump can help them for a little while, but death is inevitable eventually.

Thank you so very much,
Ursula Feirl

Please pray for my daughter Brittani who is struggling with depression. Since the beginning of the school year she has has a battle. She cant stand the silence for studying and breaks into tears. She has been home a lot. We are seeing doctors and counselors and more counselors. She was put on Prozac but only took it about a week and half, she was getting bad headaches and sleeping all the time. Seemed to make her worse. I am a single parent, my husband Britts father passed away in a train accident when she was six yrs old. I have never remarried and my children and I have been on our own. Britt has a lot of memories of her father my son does not he had just turned a year. please pray that my daughter pulls out of this depression and finds happiness again. Its killin me to see her like this. Thank you so much
Tracy Britts mother

please pray for maria she is going thru chemotherapy thank you jr.

Please Pray that Jodie is happy, calm, safe protected and blessed in all her activities..please pray that she may see the true love, sincerity, strength, goodness, and potential in me and find it in her heart to contact and communicate with me so we may be friends and understand each other, Please pray that God may give her peace of mind, strength, courage, and a Joyful heart. Thanks and Best Wishes, Peter.. Melbourne, Australia

Dear Lisa and Prayer Warriors, Please pray for my nephew Joey Guy.
He went for a job interview at a Chemical Company.
He feels good about the oral interview but is worried about the written test. This fellow really needs this job or he may
lose his house. Dear wonderful people, your prayers have worked miracles and I know you will do it again.
Thankyou and God Blesses all of you, I know. I love all of you. Yours in Christ, Margie Schlicter.


Dear Beautiful, Blessed Prayer Warriors, You have done it again....your prayerful appeals to our
Loving, Compassionate God, have been answered. My dear nephew Joe, has been hired onto a
job that he is thrilled with and he thanks you all from the bottom of his heart. A Special Christmas
Wish to All of You! May all your prayers and wishes be fulfilled.
You are loved and cherished. Yours in Christ, Margie Schlicter.

Please pray for my husband,Harold He has been told he has cardiac arrythemia He had rheumatic fever as a child which caused it and there is nothing they can do but God can Pray that Gods will will be done. He is a Christian. also pray for me that God will give me strength to care for him. A friend in Jesus

A message for Sarah

Hello, My husband has this condition too, and it's not as serious as they want us to believe. Though potassium won't cure the problem, it does help to regulate the heartbeat. Bananas are an excellent source, but one must watch how many are consumed in a day, because they are fattening. I try to keep bananas in the house, and whenever my husband has chest pains, he eats a banana, and within just a few minutes they subside.


Please pray for my sister in law Gail Ramirez, who is in a hospital in Odessa Texas fighting cancer.

Thank You, Ray

Please keep up the prayers for my nephew. At the moment he is waiting
approval for a loan to buy a business. If this comes through he will be
able to get on with his life.

I would like to thank everyone who prayed for my 89 yr old sister who
broke her hip, she is ding better & talks some. Definity need prayer for
my son 40yrs old who is ,I believe doing drugs & wasting money. Also
that I may get closer to the Lord.Would like to get Emals.

I would like for a prayer to be sent to all those whose hearts and mind needing peace. I would like to also pray for those whose do not know that God is with them all the time. I would like also have a prayer for me to keep ame humble in heart and spirit and to continuet to guide me and give me peace.

Please pray for my daughter Dawn who is 26 & suffers from Bi-polar. And just recent she has been bleeding on the inside and the doctors don't know what's causing it. She needs all the prayers she can get.

Our mother was taken back into emergency last night by ambulance and is back in the operation theatre.
Please ask God and all the Guardian Angels to be right by her side.

Thank you so much,
Mairead and Allen

Pray 8 month old Danielle’s head would become perfectly round, my wife’s throat will be healed, and pray for my eldest daughter. Also pray that God would add students to the Bible College I administrate and also day pupils to the separate Christian Music School I run.


I just received a phone call from the school where my 13 year old son goes... They found him smoking Pot with some friends... I am a 53 year old single Mom I don't know how to handle this... Jose's father left us after molesting my granddaughters... I want to give up but I'm all Jose has... I'm tired I'm weary I need strength... Jose wont listen to me he has a bad temper and he lies I don't punish him I talk to him and I tell him about God... I don't know how to make him stop... I already have one son in Prison because of the choices he made while using drugs... I don't want to lose Jose... Please prayer for him and Me... Patty

My grandson (Jonathon) was admitted to the hospital this evening. They are not sure what is wrong with him. There are 3 doctors working with him and they are running tests and should have the results in the morning. Both of his feet are really swollen, there is some swelling in his hands, and some kind of infection under his arms--did not quite understand about that. The doctors believe he has infection in his blood stream. That is all I know right now, but my son, Gabriel, called and asked for prayer. He has to be pretty concerned for him to do that, because he rarely calls if there is a problem. I know there are a lot of praying folks who get answers here, so I am asking for your prayers for his complete healing with no residual affects. Thank you so much. I also ask that you might pass this on to your church if there is a prayer chain or something to that affect.

Love in Christ,


Just wanted to let everyone know that prayers are being answered. Jonathon had cut his foot on a cement pad in the walkway about 2 weeks ago. He got a staph infection, and that is why his feet and hands were swelling. Fortunately it was only in his skin. It had not gotten to the bone. They covered him in what I expect was an anti-biotic cream to fight the infection. He already is improving. Gabriel, my son, said that he would probably be getting out of the hospital this weekend. Continued prayers for his complete healing with no residual affects is coveted. Thanks, so much.

Love in Christ,
Joyce~n~S. TX


I just wanted to let everyone know that Jonathon (age 9)was home by lunch Friday. He is doing great. He will be on antibiotics a while longer, but other than that he is doing great. Thanks for all of your prayers. God does answer. Praise the Lord!!

Love in Christ,
Joyce~n~S. TX

Urgent Prayer for Zane and Mom - Mary Gardner will be taking 10 month old Zane home today from Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to be with Jesus. They have discovered a tumor that has coated his whole brain. He will be under Hospice care until he is passes or until God performs a miracle. Please pray for them. Please post your prayers in Zane’s guestbook. Copy and paste this address in your browser or email them at

Thank you for your prayers.

Bernadette Long, Godmother of baby Zane


My husband and I visited Zane last night, he was very tired and was sighing a lot when we left. It was very sad, and we were very worried. That was about 11:00 PM. We both had to work this morning and we had to leave because we live about 70 miles away. I called his mom this morning and she told us that Zane had taken a turn for the worse about ten minutes after we left. He had trouble breathing, his heart rate soared and his temp dropped. Hospice was called in and he is now on oxygen and Morphine. I was sick to my stomach and my knees got weak, when his Grandmother told me this. I cannot imagine what his mom must be going through. I just called and there have been no changes. His Grandmother says he is in no pain, and Mary (his mom) was giving him a bath. All we can do is pray. His mom and Grandmother asked me to give you this update on Zane and to thank each and every one of you for your concern and prayers. Here are some pictures we took last night.
Although Zane is very ill he looks the picture of health and has the most beautiful color to his skin. It is very strange.

Baby Zane & Me Baby Zane

God Bless and thank you,
godmother of baby Zane

Pray for Allison to find happiness, to look for good in life, to seek to understand the love of her parents.


please pray for my sis in law Angela who has been sick for a while now, she has just found out she has cancer. she has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months and not doing so well. also please pray for her husband (my brother Frank) i am very worried about him as well. Could you please e-mail him to let him know that we are praying for him! (
thanks for all your prayers! love, Charolette


Lisa, I recently wrote you re: my sis in law angela gaudio. She was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago. Unfortunately, she passed away today (Oct.6, 2004) but i appreciate all you do and all your prayers! thanks again Charolette Mango

Please help me dear lord, help me to see what you see in me, help me to hear what you hear when you listen to me, help me to speak those kind words that you speak to me, help me lord to understand you as you understand me. Please help me lord because I can not live this life with out you!

I am back in school after 23 years wanting to complete my RN degree. If feel that I'm struggling with grades and am deciding if it is worth it. Please pray for me tha tmy mind becomes sharper and able to get through all the testing. I have worked in the medical field for many years and would like to continue that work, but not as a LPN, but an RN. Lord give me the strength I need to pull me though these long 7 months. Peg F

Almost every morning I wake up with major pain in the heel areas of my legs, and a bit higher.Please ask God, that the pain will decrease, and that it is NOT MS! if it is his will. Thank you. sf

Please pray for me and my son Andrew. He will be turning 13 the beginning of next month. He and I have always been close and he has always loved the Lord and loved being in church. Lately though, he has started rebelling against me and also has started not wanting to go to church. I ask that you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Please pray for my co-worker named Eddie Brewer. He has undergone an experimental stem cell transplant for cancer.

Sheila Bowman

Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer.

Please pray for Paulina Cooper, a 6 year old from Lawrence, Kansas. She was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor a little over a year ago. The radiation and chemotherapy did not work. The doctors have given her 3 weeks to 3 or 4 months on earth. Please pray for total healing for her and her family. God Bless You All!

Please pray for me. I am 57 years old and had a quadruple bypass 10 weeks ago and am having health problems. I am also dealing with being very dizzy most of the time which I have been dealing with for a year. I can't even drive my car. I am disabled since 2001. I am also having very bad financial problems. Please pray that I get healthy and get financial help from the good lord. Judy in FL.

Please pray for my daughter Amanda who lost all her hair when she was 14 years old. She is now 27 and had to deal with very cruel people all these years. They make fun of her. She tried to wear a wig but people would find out and it's also so hot where we live. She is so miserable all the time. She keeps saying she just wants to be normal. She has a great personality and is so beautiful . Please pray for her hair to finally grow. Mom

Pray for my family..mother (cancer), son (salvation and freedom from jails), and nephew (salvation and freedom from a prison sentence). Thank you

Please pray that God will have mercy on me and heal my body, and that I develop a closer walk with my Lord! Thank you and God bless you! marion


Thank you so much for your prayers! they mean more to me then words can express! My medical test came back and they were normal! Praise the Lord!! He just keeps on blessing me and I don't even deserve it! Thank you for your prayers!They move God's heart! Please have me in prayer this Friday and Saturday. Iam going on a Women of Faith conference with nine other ladies from my church! please pray that we come home on fire for God with a passion to do his work! We all need this! Please pray for me, I am aliitle bit nerves because I am shy and awkward around women! This is a step of faith for me! Please pray me through! I have so much to be thankful for! Thank you for your prayers and I am praying that God will bless you richly with everything you need! Marion

Please pray for all of our troops worldwide.
Cat L.

My 15 month old daughter(Katarah Johnson) has been ill for over 1 year now. She is considered to be a failure to thrive child. We have been in and out of the hospitol. She is having surgery on Tuesday. We ask for your help in praying her through. You are welcome to check on her. (She will be in Sioux Valley Hospitol in Sioux Falls, SD- or
email Thank you and God Bless You,
Sincerely, Sarah and Echoe Johnson

Please pray for my brother, Gene, who is having serious medical trouble right now. And God Bless all of you. Thank you. Loving sister.

I would like prayers for my husband Sal, he has lung cancer and a tumor right above his pancreas...he is undergoing Chemo treatments at the present time...

Please pray father Mel who just after he was
diagnosed with lucemia had a massive stroke. He is
the best father a person could have and my best
friend. He and my mother are the only family I have
and I honestly don't know what I would do without
him. I would and will do anything for him and for
any help you could lend I would bee eternally

Please pray for my son, Jason Archer, who is 18 years old and graduated from high school this year. We found out 2/6/04 that he has alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare, very aggressive childhood cancer, in his left foot and spread to bone marrow so it is stage 4. He has endured the torture of very harsh chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation to his foot for 6 months. On 4/9/04 his bone marrow was clear of cancer cells. On 7/30/04 cancer cells are back in his bone marrow. The oncologists say that they are resistant cancer cells and since they came back while he is still on chemotherapy that there is no hope for a cure no matter what chemotherapy is used, but they did change his chemotherapy. Please pray that God would heal him here on earth and that God would be glorified through this. He asked his doctor how long he has left to live and she told him that she thinks that he has months not weeks. Please pray for complete healing and years of life here.

Pam Archer


Please pray for my beautiful son who has so lost his way and is drinking, taking drugs, stealing and lying. Please pray for me, I feel so ashamed not to have been able to prevent this, please help us to find a way through this. Thank you, sarah

Please pray for my sister 89 year old has been in critical care, She
broke her hip & is a little better. also would you remember my son 40
yrs, he is schsophinic & I believe is still doin drugs & beer. He i
working but he likes to spend money, that is why I think he is doing
some drugs. Thank everyone.


Please pray for my job situation. I am having a tough time finding a place where I truely feel happy. I am a licensed massage therapist in NY, but am not working in that field at the moment because I tried to go for the money and work at an dental office , so it makes me unhappy that I am not doing what I truely want. Also because I ended up not making all that much money anyways. Money definitley is the root of all evils! My boss is also not very nice, and has tantrums and yells at me for no apparent reason. My dream is to have my own coffeeshop/massage shop. I really want to step out and go for my dream, but have no idea how, so its a unfamiliar new thing. PLease pray for me. Thank you!! :)


Please pray for Jim, Dawn and their two children who live in Melbourne, Fl. They expect to get hit by hurricance "Frances" Please pray for them and everyone else down there. Thank You.

My husband John lost his job. He has been in corrections for the last 20 years but will take anything that bringas in an honest paycheck. I have not worked in years. My husband has not given his heart and life to Lord but I have. I just ask that he finds a job and that we candeal with this in the way the Lord wants.

Please pray for my son Ben. He is taking his real estate test for the 5th time and needs only a few more points to pass. Pray that the Lord gives him faith, calmness, strength, knowledge needed, hope and success in passing tomorrow.

My brother Roger has lekumia and his bone marrow transplant is scheduled
for September 17, please pray for him, also pray for all his family. God
is an awsome god, and i know he will help him through the hard times.


Please pray for my son. He is a young father with 3 young children.
He has a very progressive brain tumor. He has had 2 operations already but they can't remove the remaining tumor that is imbedded in the brain.

The Chiodras/Hammond Family
keeps praying for a miracle.

My mother in law Norma was in the hospital with acute renal failure and now in the nursing home tempory. We almost lost her, I am staying with her at this time so we have financial need for me being off work, thanks

Mindy Wiese

Please pray that I find a job. I have been unemployed for two years and
have had to borrow money to pay my bills. Also pray that my debt is
Thank you.
Ernie C.

Please pray for my mother Rosa. Although she is elderly, she is still strong
and gives strength and happiness to many. In the last month she has been
diagnosed with skin cancer (second round) and we are awaiting the diagnosis on a
suspicious spot on another X-ray. Please pray that she keep alive and happy
so as to enjoy life as she was not able to do in her younger years, and that
she continue to bring joy to all who know her for many years to come.

I'm coming to you today to request that you remember my aunt, Jean Jeffrey in your prayers. She has terminal cancer and has been told by her doctors that she has no chance of survival. Her husband is a minister in their church in Little Hocking, Ohio and they have kept strong faith and held up through this for three years. Over the years the cancer has just continued to spread. I know the power of prayer and that its strength grows when it works in great numbers so I'm reaching out to churches across the country and possibly the world to voice this request. So please remember them in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Amber Washburn
Huntington, WV

Please pray for me, Carolyn Whitehead
Pray fro Walter & Annie Gardner, they are both very sick.
God Bless you!

Please pray with me that Lord God joins me in holy matrimony marriage with Wilberforce making him my husband who is God fearing, loving, caring, understanding, faithful and committed to me alone till death do us apart. Please pray that Lord God breaks all forces against our marriage especially my dad's forces and pave way for our marriage so that we begin life together as husband and wife, start up our own family, have our own children and live happily after forever and ever, through Jesus Christ Amen


Hi Lisa-
please include me--- my multiple sclerosis is affecting my strength and balance(among other concerns) and threatening my independence. Thanks!


Thank you all so much for your continued prayers for Rachel. God works wonders. Rachel is well and her life has streighted out. She had her second baby yesterday and the daddy is wonderful caring for her the new baby daughter and Rachel's other daughter. Continue praying for her and her family. I have another request. My husband has suffered from a major back injury and severe bi-polar disorder for years (18). He needs your prayers to help him deal with the pain and his severe depression since there will never be a cure. Also pray that he and his daughter Rachel can one day be able to understand each other and find peace with each other. God bless. Liz

Please pray for my family. I have been sick and off work since Jan/03. My husband has been disabled since Mar/02. He receives Social Security but I've been denied twice and am in the appeals process. I have been receiving disability benefits from my employer, but payments will be reduced by $1400/mo starting in Sept/04. We have two small children and barely meet our expenses. I'm afraid we will lose our home. We both know that God is real, and provides for our needs. We try to be steadfast and pray, but it's so hard sometimes. Please I ask for prayers so that our needs will be met, and our faith never waivers. God Bless! D & B

Please pray for my son Josh and his family they live in Florida [ft
myers] and i have relatives that live in Orlando pray for all the people
of Florida [this is the frist time to stor traveled together with such
force since 1906]

Please pray for my friend, Jeanne . She has had 2 surgeries for a brain tumor. They weren't able to get all of it and now she is undergoing radiation treatments. She is ill and in pain much of the time. She is just plain tired of fighting and ready to give up. Please pray that God will give her the strength to endure. Thank you. Barb
Please add my best friend sherry to your list whom was trapped in hurricane charleys path.


Please pray for my sister-in-law, Marie. For years, she has lived with diabetes and high blood pressure, and she recently suffered a light stroke. For the past six weeks, she has been unable to eat because food makes her nauseous, and she experiences a lot of dizziness. Her doctor told her Friday that there is a spot on her brain, so she is having more tests. Please pray that the doctors can find out what is wrong and that she will be cured. Thank you.


Thanks to all of you for your prayers. A couple of months ago, I requested prayer for my sister-in-law, Marie, who had suffered from diabetes for some time, and was having trouble eating. She had had a slight stroke which left a spot on her brain, and she experienced a lot of dizziness. The doctors determined that the dizziness was caused by clogging in the carotid arteries, and she is being treated for it. I thank all who prayed for her. She is doing much better.

Please pray for my daughter and her fam iin Orlando, Fl. A tree fell on their house during charlie and went through my 2 year old grandsons celing. Thanks to the Lord the baby was not hurt but the roof is damaged pretty bad. They do not have insurance and another tree also smashed the work shop in the back yard.
Thank you so much for your prayers.

God Bless,

Please pray for my grand-daughter who has been suffering from severe pains in her stomach. Doctors and specialists cannot find the cause of her pain. Please pray that God may heal her of this, whatever the cause may be.


Please pray for Bobby Joe Tate, Violet Hill, Ar. He has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. He went from being a big diary farmer to having a death sentence hung around his neck. Having to sell off his cattle, farm equipment, his horses and his past time pleasure, his mules and wagon for trail riding due to this. His wife is not dealing with this at all, or his sons. And I can even imagine what might be going thru his mind. He and his family needs all the prayers they can get. They were told his cancer is of the fast acting kind and his time here will be short. He goes to the doctor today to see if it has spread and if so where. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Connie B.

I'm writing this to request for your prayers for Richard Patrick ODonnell 3rd. For the last 3 years he has been fighting Cancer. It's been a hard battle for him and he's nearly died many times from complications. He's still fighting to recover and needs our prayers. He's confused on what God wants of him. Now because he is finally getting better and is showing hope of a recovery he believes God made him go through all that to bring him to his true path....becoming a priest. It's not a path he wants, it's one he thinks god wants for him. His friends and family have told him that God would want him to have the dream he has always had of getting married and being a father. But he believes this is what god wants of him and is pushing everyone away. He is afraid god will call him home if he doesn't become a priest. My request is that you please help me in asking god that he help him to heal in mind, body and soul and that he helps him to hear gods words.


Please pray for my sister-in-law, Marie. She has lived with diabetes and high blood pressure for years, and recently suffered a light stroke. For the past six weeks, she has been nauseous to the point that she can't eat, and she experiences a lot of dizziness. On Friday, her doctor told her there was a spot on her brain, so she is undergoing more tests. Please pray that God will guide her doctor to the right diagnosis and that she will be cured. Thank you.

I would appreciate prayers for my family. We are all hurting so much right now, and I don't know how to stop. We have lost a son and a daughter to diabetes since March 18, 2003, which is when my son, Duane passed into God's glorious hands. He had been very ill for a while, was a renal patient and although our hearts broke when he died, we at least had a chance to say good-by and was with him when he passed. He was a young 39 years old and we miss him something awful. Then on March 29, 2004 we got the horrible news that out beautiful 33 year old daughter, Donna had passed away due to a diabetic coma and myocardial infarction. This has hit us harder than anything. She left a wonderful 7-year old son, David, and a beautiful 10-month old daughter Vivian. Donna's death was sudden and heart-breaking. Her husband , I don't think has really accepted it yet, and especially needs prayer for guidance in raising his two children. I need prayer that my heart will heal. Donna was my very best friend, and I miss her desperately. More than anything, though, PLEASE PRAY FOR A CURE FOR DIABETES! It is absolutely the worse disease anyone can get. I know everyone thinks cancer is, but believe me, it isn't. Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes is a death sentence and we need it cured NOW, before anyone else has to die, any other parents or children's hearts are broken needlessly. . It may be years, but you will die from this disease and no one else should have to, so please pray for us all . I believe in the power of prayer and I know it can perform miracles. Also, please pray for my oldest son, David who is also a diabetic with kidney failure. He is also fighting poor circulation and possible amputation, which his doctors are fighting to prevent. Thank everyone who prays for my family, and I will pray for all of those who request it. Love to you all. GOD ANSWERS PRAYER! Ursula Feirl


Please pray for my cousin, Jeff Walker, he had a fire extinguisher blow up in his face
and he breathed the stuff in it. His lungs were so bad afterward that he had to have
them cleaned out Friday. Now his oxygen level is dropping. Please pray that he
get better soon and can come back home to his family.

Please pray for everyone in the path of Hurricane Charley!


Please, please, I ask that you all pray for baby Allie Scott. She's is a beautiful 7 1/2 month old little girl that lives in Dallas and is fighting a loosing battle with leukemia. Her parents were told just yesterday, that it was time to consider taking her home, there is not much more that they can do......I know first hand that the power of prayer can heal, I have experienced it firsthand with my own infant daughter......I am adding the link to Allies web site. Thanks for your time.....And please forward this to everyone that you know, and ask for prayers for Allie........

Ashley Lancaster

lease pray for my mother, Shelly, she has been having some problems and had some tests done. They found some abnormalities in her brain matter that are apparently linked to Multiple Schlerosis (MS) and must see a neurolist. Please pray that they find something else, she is the rock of our family and my best friend in life. She is the most giving, most generous person and needs all of your prayers. God bless you, Heather

please pray for my husband and I. our financial situation is desparate. we are at the end and have no outlook for the future. I am disabled and cannot work, he works so hard, and is such a good husband, but the business is closing, he was turned down for another job, we will loose our place to live, and the car we drive. we believe that God is the center of our lives, and we NEED prayers right now. we are at the end. thank you, cv

Please pray for my daughter and 2 grandsons. My son-in law came home saturday morning, after staying out all night, and threw them out of the house. She is filing for a divorce, now he wants everything. This has the whole family tore up, and the children are in a mess, and school is starting, and will likely have to change schools. Our older grandson is being manipulated by his father. my son in law has my grandson lying to us and everyone else they meet, just to get his way. His parents left town so as not to be involved. They said they didn't care what happened, and they would stand by what the law says. Pray the courts can strighten this mess out and my daughter and grandsons can get on with their lives.Sorry to make it so long. I just don't have anyone here to talk to.

Dave and Susan

After 9/11 my husband's company was going to close. Luckily he was transferred however the hours he works are not the same. It has been hard to meet our financial responsibilites and now our son is going to college and we are very worried. Please pray for us that we can get through this. We have faith your prayers will help us.

Please pray for my dad, Frank.
He has been diagnosed with high blood pressure
and needs prayer for him to be able to get it under control.


Prayers requested for my nephew.
Please pray that he will get the loan for the property he is interested in.

I would like for everyone to pray for my sister she had a
stent put in her artery in her leg and is having trouble with it .
please say a special prayer for her she needs it .
thank you

Hello from Canada: Please keep my husband Mike in your prayers, he was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs, adrenal glands & bloodstream in April & given 8 to 15 months to live. He is only 65 years young & such an important part of our family. We pray & attend mass weekly, we pray for guidance to see us through, we cant question what plans the good Lord has for us. Thank you. Pat

My Granddaughter , Rebekah , 8 years old has become so afraid she will not sleep unless she is in bed with her Parents .She cannot tell us why she has become this way.we have all been praying for her & she sleeps with her Bible in under her pillow as well. I know God can deliver her if this spirit of fear .Thanks Grandma Elsie

Make your Plans in pencil-Give God The Eraser


Dear Lisa,
Thank God for people like you who care & take the abilities God has given them to help others with.
Prayer changes things as we both know. Rebekah's mother found out that when she spent a night ( birthday party) with a girl in her class at school they showed a movie called, Goose bumps, & there is the problem.
Her & Rebekah's Daddy just read on the back of the movie at the Video store what it was about . They were so sorry they had let her be exposed to such evil , scary display as this movie .So they are getting her to talk to them about the movie & she is asking , will I soon be able to sleep in my bed again? This is because of the prayers not only of her family & church, but people that read your web prayer site.Thank you again Lisa & may God reward you also. I see I need to go to your prayer request more often & prayer about those request there.Soon I believe I will be sending a praise report about this also. In Christ Jesus, Elsie


Update on my Granddaughter Rebekah:It has been 4 months now since she became too afraid to sleep in her room by her self .I want to say thanks to all who read your prayer request & pray for them. Rebekah has now slept in her own room for 4 nights now & she is sleeping all night with out fear.To God be the glory for great things he has done. Grandma Elsie

We Are Blessed



Hi Lisa,
I would greatly appreciate everyone's prayers as we finally completed our 70' Labyrinth (walking prayer in motion) on our property. We hope everyone who visits will have a positive experience and deepen in Spiritual Growth.
Claire LeJeune Kemp

Hi, My husband has walking pnemonia. He has NEVER been sick before,
please PRAY for a speedy recovery for him & that he will also find the strength to quit smoking!

I pray that Ronnie M. a navy coreman doesnt have to fill the position in Iraq. I pray that he finds the lord, and that our relationship as a couple can grow in the lord. I also ask that we can stand strong and grow during his military time.

Please pray for a young man at our church who has recently graduated from HS.
He is being Baptized on August 15th, 2004; the same day he is leaving for
the Marine Corps. We are all sure that there is no doubt that after the
two/three month boot camp that he will be shipped to Iraq. He is the only child of
his (saved) parents. His name is John "Johnny" Watkins. In Christ, Joanne

I would like you to pray for my husband and me. we are having a really rough time right now. we are on the verge of loosing our home because of employee theft and we trusted the wrong people. I have a non curable disease and am disabled, my husband has many serious health problems as well, including having had cancer. my handcrafts are my escape. there is much more but I cant get into all of it now. thank you for your prayers, we KNOW that God is with us, we see that everyday. thank you so much,
carol and larry hardwicke




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