These questions are from different books of the Bible.
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1 Was it Enoch or Enosh who walked with God?
2 What special event took place in Enoch's life?
3 How old was Enoch when this happened?
4 Who is said to be the oldest man in the Bible?
5 How old did he live to be?
6 Who is known as the father of lies?
7 What was the name of the wife of Joseph (of the line of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph)?
8 When Moses came down from Mount Sinai... what made him mad and what did he do to show his anger?
9 How many days was Moses on Mount Sinai?
10 What did God write the 10 Commandments with?
11 Can you list the 12 Disciples?
12 This man was burning incense in the temple when an angel told him that he and his wife would have a son.
He doubted the angel bearing this news because his wife was barren so the angel struck him mute.
Can you name him?

Who were the first people recorded in the Bible as having lived in a cave?

14 What's the longest word in the Bible?
15 Name the only book in the Bible that doesn't contain the word God.

What is the main (major) book of prophecy in the New Testament?

17. Who had surgery performed on him while he slept? (Genesis 2:21)
18. Does the Bible specify how many wisemen were there? (Matthew, Chapter 2)
19 What famous mountain smoked like a furnace and quaked voilently? (Exodus 19:18)
20 Who is the first child mentioned in the Bible? (Genesis 4:1)
21 According to Jesus, what person will appear coming in glory on the clouds of heaven? (Matthew 24:30)
22 Fill in the blanks:

It is easier for a _____ to go through the ___ of a _______
than for a ____ man to enter the kingdom of God!

(Mark 10:25)

23 How much faith does it take to move a mountain? (Matthew 17:20)
24 Who said "Lord, do not hold this sin against them!" (Acts 7:59-60)



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