My Silent Prayer

by Ruth A. Chapman

This is a very inspirational message, please take the time to read it.

I hope that you find encouragement within these words
to help you stay on God's narrow path and think about others.

It's early mourn
Night slowly moving away,
Waves receding from the shoreline
Gentle breezes lifting the mist,
No doubt sunrise is near
Bringing a new day upon the world.
This is the place
My own special place,
To talk with my Best Friend
This is where you will find me
Kneeling, hands folded, head bowed with eyes closed;
Crying silently that one prayer
You know the one Lord.

My desire is to be a good servant to You
But I have a troubled and confused heart,
And I don't know what to do
So that You and I will not drift apart.
My heart swept away
By this current known as love,
These emotions deepen with each passing day
Only my Father from above
Can set my life on the right pathway.

It is so true
Life is a road
Filled with twists and turns
It's all so uncertain,
For each and every one of us
As we travel this unpredictable terrain.
And so it is for me now
To be at one of those forks in the road.
Dear Father in heaven
Which path do I take
To reach my destiny,
For that ultimate peace and joy
That only Your grace can give me,
Do I go left or do I go right?
Keeping all that I have--and even more,
Or lose it all and be totally alone
With no hope for love
Much worse though
Is the greater fear of no redemption for my soul.
maybe, I'm to trudge straight ahead
Carrying on silently,
Bearing this inner turmoil
Trying never to think of it again.
I solemnly pray
In Jesus precious name,
Show me the way.
What must have been just moments later
Since I bowed my head to pray,
I felt your hand upon my shoulder
Giving me a warm and reassuring effect
But from you, no less would I expect.

Lifting my head and opening my eyes
There in the risen sun's splendor,
I saw you
With your beautiful smile
That twinkle in your eye,
Somehow, I knew everything would be fine.

That day so long ago
When our hearts touched for the first time,
Try as I would to forget it
It never leaves my mind.
Denial is no longer a choice for me.
Ignoring this bond I have with you,
Results only in grater intensity.
Every moment of every passing day
Flooded with thoughts of you,
Gives me much happiness within my soul
And without hesitation I can say
These feelings never disappear,
Believe me they don't
Whether you are there or here.

Daring to say more
There is that endless struggle too,
Discerning what dreams belong to me
And what is my real life's destiny
Said plainly, what is my future beyond that dream door?

Taking your hand in mine
Gazing upon you tenderly,
What seemed to be again a moment in time

These thoughts and more flash through my mind,
Wishing I could tell you
That is the tough part,
Would it be the right thing to do
Continuing to pray for the right answer,
Can't help but wonder
That perhaps you already know too,
The truth of the matter
You Have indeed captured my heart.

Before I could utter a word
I'm once again alone,
The day almost a mere memory
Standing with uplifted hands,
With the setting sun behind me
I'm reaching out to my Lord
I need Your Wisdom,
I pray for this fervently
As the curtain of darkness returns to envelop the land,
Please bless me with Your Grace and Mercy
Release me from this affliction entirely
Because from it I truly need my freedom.
Copyright, December 2001

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